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  1. Trump should just focus on his accomplishments and move on. He's his worst own enemy.
  2. Keep fighting. FishHawk
  3. This is a serious issue. Some say it's catch and release done improperly that is part of the problem. FishHawk
  4. Mike thanks for your help it gets a little confusing but you have cleared it up . FishHawk
  5. With all the fuss about two handed rods one of the biggest questions is what type of line set up do you guys use? One of the most confusing aspects of this set up is the leader system? Do you use MOW tips on Skagit lines? It seems very confusing ...can someone clear this up? For example, give us your set up for fishing stripers at the Inlet on Cape Cod . FishHawk
  6. This problem caused me to loose both the flyline and a huge striper which snapped the line like it was a tread. FishHawk
  7. The corn lobby is big and they are difficult to defeat . FishHawk
  8. The gel takes a little bit longer but not by much. It is great on foam . Give it a try you'll like it. FishHawk
  9. Now it's out in the was all about votes in the first places . The Dems won't rest until they get the illegals able to vote. FishHawk
  10. For Silvers anything in Pink. A small Pink jig will work and I use an 8wt rod. FishHawk
  11. I find Solarez to have the less tack of the other products on the market. Loon is not that bad but I'm told that it will yellow in time. FishHawk
  12. I use it for my surf candies . It's excellent...give it a try.FishHawk
  13. The Liberal media did not give this story any coverage. FishHawk
  14. Super Glue Gel is the way to go. FishHawk
  15. Take a look at the TFO Clouser rod. That's what I use in my yak.