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  1. They are used by the guides in Montana jumping in and out to the boat. But all you need is one over the top wave and you would wish you had the standard wader. FisHawk
  2. Why not take a casting lesson ? Your local flyshop should put you on to the instructor or perhaps they offer them. It will be money well spent. FishHawk
  3. Well, who is going to do that? It has to be a elected current Democrat . Some of his VP candidates have tried but they have failed. Nancy tried but it backfired on her. By doing it she has gone into the mud and it failed.
  4. It has been brutal the last couple of days on the Cape. WSW wind was a real killer, right in your face all day long. But my T&T Vector was up to the task. This is what separates saltwater anglers from the sweet water guys...casting into the wind all day long. FishHawk
  5. I like both Sci Anglers lines and Airflo. I had a lot of trouble with RIO as they tended to tangle but perhaps they have addressed this issue. I don't think that I would buy RIO because of the problems I have had with the early versions. What I'm afraid of is fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I have lost confidence in the product. FishHawk
  6. Why not ? Again this is all political BS. It's an election year so everything is on the table to trash an opponent . Stop falling for the bait. FishHawk
  7. Orvis now owns Scientific Anglers line company. They make good lines , that being said I'm like Airflo lines.
  8. Just wait this is only the beginning. It's election time and the blame game has started. Hmm, wonder what Joe would have done?I know get people in the situation room and talk about it and while he was talking more deaths could have been saved. FishHawk
  9. I got one Keeper on the Bay Side a couple of weeks ago. Now there a lot of dinks and the larger fish are around 22-24. FishHawk
  10. Any problems with wakes from power boats. In my yak some power boat guys think it's funny to buzz me in my yak. FishHawk
  11. You can use an intergraded line on your rod and not be too concerned with the spey lines. Just make sure it is the recommended grain weight for your rod. I have done this with no problems. FishHawk
  12. If Trump wore a mask none then this would not be an issue. FishHawk.
  13. Great reel hand made before the advent of CNC machining. One of the reasons why the reel is so pricey. FishHawk
  14. Try these guys: fishermensheadquarterscom. They are in NJ perhaps they can help. I ordered a part from them and getting it Monday. FishHawk
  15. I've been shopping the Bears Den when he first opened. Great people . I aways like to support my local fly shop. FishHawk