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  1. In my opinion Political Correctness contributes to the divisions in our country.
  2. I think you'll get a lot of short strikes with the fish hitting the tail. Maybe consider putting a stinger hook near the tail. FishHawk
  3. When I was on active duty we had an lieutenant whom everyone disliked. The sergeant told us to respect the officer and not the individual. I guess these are different times. FishHawk
  4. What gets me is the double standard. Imagine if these insults were made to Obama there would be outrage by the Left. FishHawk
  5. I like Tibors Everglades ,Signature 7/8, also an Everglades. I also like Nautilus
  6. It's not about the wall but exclusion. The Democrats are the party of inclusion. Trump made an error when he said I would be happy to own the shutdown if I get get a wall. This is about the 2020 election. That's why the Democrats made a fuss about the Syrians not being allowed in the country. The Democrats dropped the Syrians like a bad habit. FishHawk
  7. I use the 400 depth charge and it's a great line. There were issues at the splice but it since has been corrected. I just sent my defective line in a got a new one. I guess that's why the price of lines are so high. FishHawk
  8. T&T Horizon II 10wt..
  9. What line do you use for poppers? The recommendation that I have gotten from a club member is a Tarpon taper. There is one problem with this...I fish in the colder waters of Cape Cod. Is there a cold water line that is configured like a Tarpon taper? FishHawk
  10. Hmm , when the economy was humming it was Obama's economy now that it has fallen it's Trump's economy . Interesting observation. FishHawk
  11. The internet has contributed to the demise of magazines. I took a look at some and they are slick but they can't compete with the internet. FishHawk
  12. A very important thing is to make sure that there are no little valleys in the backing which can hang up your backing and cause it to be trapped and cause a break. I know from experience that this can happened. FishHawk
  13. Simms for me. I use them in AK and Cape Cod. Check out the guides ...most of them wear Simms that tells you something. I use flats boots in the salt and haven't had any issues with them . They are light weight which helps when your fishing the Flats. FishHawk
  14. The colors look a little too bright but the fish will be the judge . Also, you need to get them on the bottom but you can easily compensate for the deer hair floating body. FishHawk
  15. Good cork is a huge problem. Take a look at some of the factory rods and you'll see poor cork grips. Have fun building the rod. FishHawk