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  1. Shadow has an awesome Schoolie Fly that I know would work. FishHawk
  2. I'll give it a try. FishHawk
  3. We will solve this but it will take more effort and study to crack the code. FishHawk
  4. Tried that...didn't work. They want that small bait ball and nothing else. FishHawk
  5. I tried letting it sink fishing the edges but to no avail. The bait is 1and 1/2 inch mini either sand eels or silversides. Like I said the fish are really keyed in on these little micro bait balls. I have experience fishing larger bait balls but nothing like this. FishHawk
  6. 3 inch diameter. Fish are keyed in to the small bait balls like trout on a BWO hatch.
  7. The fish are keyed in on small bait balls about 3" in diameter. How do you imitate that? I tried fishing the edges etc. Frustrating , when fish are busting and you can't get a look or take. FishHawk
  8. Check the line with a magnifier to see if it has small ridges or lines running parallel the whole length of the line . If it does it is an Airflo. FishHawk
  9. Find a local rod builder who can make you a new cork grip. Ask at your local fly shop and they should help you find a rod builder . This is the best way to solve your problem. FishHawk
  10. Fished with Dick in Chatham several times. Hope he gets to do it again. FishHawk
  11. What are you going to do when Trump gets a second term? FishHawk
  12. AOC and the Squad are Facebook politicians. They react and act just like their on Facebook. FishHawk
  13. I worked with a Black guy and we would have political discussions and when he was loosing he would always play the Black Card. AOC is setting herself up to run for POTUS. Stay tuned. Trump was trying to help out Pelosi but he should have stayed out of the fray. FishHawk
  14. I'm a Tibor guy and they are great reels. I also have a Nautilus which is another excellent reel. FishHawk
  15. The guys in the boats are catching 40" fish and there are photos of these catches as proof. Check out ON The Water magazine and you'll see the results. FishHawk