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  1. Simple solution to the problem...cull the cute seals . FishHawk
  2. Is it me but this site has way too many ads. FishHawk
  3. That is one of the reasons I don't like fishing in the dark. It's like casting in a closet. FishHawk
  4. It's all about enforcement to make any regulation work. There aren't enough wardens around to enforce the laws. When was the last time you were checked? FishHawk
  5. Bottom line you could make a case that everyone is racists. You never see the press print examples of Black Racism against Whites. A lot of this has to do with White Guilt. FishHawk
  6. Careful out there in the mud it could cost you. I know I've been trapped twice and the only way I could get out once I broke the suction was to crawl out. FishHawk
  7. You don't need extra long rods as the fish will be right at your feet
  8. Solarez. is the only way to go. Once you use it you'll wonder why you ever used Tuffleye. FishHawk
  9. You know what is going to happen.. the company will hire only part time workers after this and those full timers will be on the short end of the stick! I used to work at that place years ago and the shop steward did nothing all day but drink coffee. FishHawk
  10. Pelosi has cleverly played the White Guilt Card on Immigration. Trump has played into her hand. She uses the humanitarian card to show how Trump is being too tough on immigrants. But what is the Democratic Plan for boarder control. She doesn't want a border wall and will allow hoards of people to stream into the country illegally. More Democratic voters for sure. FishHawk
  11. I was in the Bears Den a few days ago and I noticed that the price of Capes and feathers have gone way up. I wonder why? FishHawk
  12. Let's hope that this is a new trend in marking fly lines. Most of the manufactures are using a color coding system for marking their lines which leads to confusion. fishHawk
  13. Airflo lines are printing grain weight on their skagit lines for one.
  14. There are some big money billionaire behind a lot of this. This will come in the wash. FishHawk
  15. I am glad that the line manufactures are starting to print the grain weight on their lines. Most helpful when one misplaces the box that they came in. Also, T&T rods are now rating their rods by grain weight which is another improvement. FishHawk