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  1. Thank you Bob G hope to meet up and fish sometime peace
  2. I left my rod and reel setup at Bourne bridge parking lot June 27 between 1am and 6:30 am set up is China no twin power 10000 paired wth a trejeo 10 '6" rod please help if any info please message me with any info thank you
  3. Lost rod and reel left at Bourne lot Fri between 1am and 6:30 am leaning on fence at RR boarding platform first post date wrong first post I said 26th it was the 27th rod and reel both shimano twin power matched with trejelo 10' 6"any info greatly appreciated thank you I'm praying thanks again.
  4. (*Edited - if you have any useful, constructive input, please feel free to share But I've already written in 25 different threads that there are tons of changes coming. Thanks for your understanding. TimS)
  5. really hard to catch they have very soft mouths but in the past ive got em on eel s n jigs nice to c em comming back
  6. weakfish known as squeateag nice one