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  1. My gx has a sight glass on the liquid line , so your SR5 may have one too. With the AC running take a look to see if the liquid is flashing or there are bubbles in sight glass. If there are bubbles present then your system is low on refrigerant. $6 can of 134a will fix that.
  2. Dave it been a while since I played with magging the sx avet , did first one around 2003/2004 and subsequent ones few years later when upgraded gen 2 came out. There is very little clearance in side for a knobby adjustment , you will probably have to counter sink a hole into interior of side plate to allow mag to retract enough to give range of braking. I just did static magged versions because of this and was still able to hit 200 yards field testing a heavily braked reel. I was able to cast these reels with bunker chunk or clam into the teeth of a strong wind. As someone mentioned there is more room in a daiwa salist to knobby mag and I moved onto the saltist as my preferred reel over the sx. I have both knobby and static magged saltists.
  3. Any recommendation for replacement cv's ? OEM or other like brand NAPA
  4. 1/3oz
  5. Pet fish along for the ride looking very cozy on hatch cover
  6. Get two rods , go to Walmart and get a half way decent light rod for Pickerel for $20-30. You don't want to be fighting Pickerel on a striper rod. With the rest of your money get a striper rod sufficient to handle what you want to do , ebay amazon wherever to suit your budget.
  7. I was hoping you'd sell ît in BST for deep discount
  8. Which us why I use 100lb braid for my spinning braid shock leaders . I always had trouble with mono shockers on spinning , the knot always seemed to snag a loop of lighter line on the spool . Now that I use the FG knot I might revisit that.
  9. Did the dockyard trip longtime ago with wifey. Various fish caught including ocean trigger fish . My wife caught a bonefish which almost smoked her reel. They also do an interesting submarine tour out of the same area. Shore fishing I had lots of barracuda and lizard fish.
  10. You seem to be totally hung up on a wrong picture as defining gen1 verses gen 2. All 228 gen 1 and 2 have two belly hooks and a tail hanger. The lure featured in your ad is not a 228 , it's a 190. The difference between gen 1and 2 is the gill design , internal weigh , actual weight of the lure , gen1 weigh 4 3/8oz , gen2 weigh 4 3/4oz. gen 1 say" ACast Magic swimmer 228sk on them , gen 2 say " Magic swimmer 228sk on them .
  11. Except the picture is a 190 Gen2 Mack
  12. First mile or so of Carova beach you should be fine but elsewhere have a tow truck phone number with you. If I recall this series Pathy only has about 5.5" clearance ,which is just enough to get you into trouble but not out.
  13. I noticed that the literature on GC'/s lure says " Size Heavy 4 3/8" " , wonder what that means ?
  14. I just fished one of those 4" size over the weekend kayak fishing a river down in Maryland . I had been itching to try as I wanted to test for topwater pickerel after having fished a lake infested with pickerel a few weeks back up near Saratoga Springs. I found 4" in solid and jointed in my redfin stash. I also want to get some in 3" too.