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  1. That might explain why pozidrive drive works so well for Scooby. @scoobydoo I use a mix of Whia and Wera
  2. Red one , Blue one , Tan one , Camo one and her’s,
  3. Wish it was a carp
  4. Have you considered a GFCI breaker instead of outlet. They trip at 30ma instead of 5 so less false trips with damp conditions.
  5. I’ve never run premium gas either. I believe it’s one of the benefits of the VVTi is that it can handle lower octane gas.
  6. Company I worked for in 09 had same bright idea. After adding service cap they had to beef up suspension as it couldn’t handle weight . Thing couldn't get out of its own way with the weakest V6 I ever drove. And it saved 1mpg verses the F150 which they replaced.
  7. Quan , storage space is limited in GX , and the rear cargo net is useless . Some ideas for a little storage in back . Rago cargo rack and some generic Jeep molle bins from Amazon.
  8. Lupo , big brother to these 6” ones. The sparkles can be very light on some.
  9. Looks like clone of mine , I’ve put 135k on it since getting in 2019. Only repair was the alternator in all that time .
  10. The finger hole is fine , compared it to a bunch of other finger hole knives I have before purchasing and it fits fine and I have large/X-large hands.The handle is a little small and ergos not the greatest for me but that won’t change with a size 5 as the only different is the finger hole size. Only have it a week so haven’t used much other than a quick check of the blade sharpness which was shaving sharp.
  11. Just got a Swick 6 too, always worried I would lose my Caspian and have no backup. The Caspian goes on my belt . Now if only Spyderco would do a Caspian 3 in LC200N. The other two knives are stuffed inside my plug bag as backup.
  12. Agreed , it’s seems to pivot around the hook and has more Pikie like tail wag than side roll of a symmetrical built Danny.
  13. Couple of shots for comparison BM large Danny, 6” Danny, Lil Guy , Tattoo 1oz surface swimmer Danny and 5/8oz surface swimmer, BC Danny, LilGuy, Surf Asylum(clone of small Danny P , Tattoo.
  14. Those are Lil Guys , as much as I like the 6” BM Danny I’m not the biggest fan of the Lil Guys for a smaller model . I find them to roll out easily. I much rather a Tattoo small Danny . I’ll attach some pics later for size comparison
  15. The turtle cove is a repackaged gear aid tanu knife . Currently $30 on Amazon