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  1. Would do two slims and a Jr for the plug lab and the mystic
  2. I didn’t care for the mackerel swimmer in the bst , it looked kind of distorted shape , it might just have been the angle of the photo. If he is hand painting the details like on this herring then he is an incredible artist.
  3. What is the mackerel glider?
  4. Is the Ocean master considerably faster action less parabolic than your old rod ? Softer rods are easier to hold reel spool
  5. Have you looked at 4080 t slot
  6. Kevin so sorry to hear about Mary’s illness. My thought and prayers are with you and your family.
  7. IIRC across some of the St Croix lineups they produce the 9’ in both a moderate and a moderate fast action , I know the mojo was like this as I had the moderate which was rated 3/4 - 4 and the stiffer was rated 1-4 . Many people like the moderate but hated the stiffer model. I think they have the same in the Legend series. Trade the rod in the BST if you can.
  8. C303
  9. Done little more image searching on web and looks more like a male dog tick larve hence the small size so far no sign of redness around bite but going to keep eye on it . Was concerned it might be that new Longhorned tick now found in North East
  10. I’ve done a few Atom repaints with same paint And some red fins which I can’t find right now
  11. Bit the wifey , I can’t determine what species . Small about 1/2mm across from woods in central Jersey .
  12. Both the Pinzgauers and Volvo are probably more than you would need to access any fishing spot here but more off the beaten track locations around the world would have merit. The Pinzgauers is actually quite compact. I used to see them and other off-road and expedition vehicles frequently when I worked in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I posted some of the stuff I saw up there on here before , that was back around 2013 when I was there I believe.
  13. What’s your guide spacing on the 12’s runners.
  14. My sister worked here until owner died. It first listed at $150m but sold eventually after a few years for around $30m . Often the initial asking price on these super premium homes is just a stunt to get them on super exclusive international lists to attract billionaires looking for a vacation home or two. The owner of this one lived here alone , he also had a large horse farm in Kentucky, Vineyard in France, something in Egypt and Monaco.