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  1. The ride is a little harsh with the 5100s now . Fine on bumps and depressions but doesn’t like the likes of railroad crossing and such. Will skip if going side ways across sharp hit. The 5100s replaced 4Runner KYB a strut plus assembly which replaced the original GX electronic shocks . The 4Runner KYB is a stiffer spring than the GX and performed great and according to Tire rack about 10% stiffer than the Oem 4Runner spring. It’s supposed to restore about 1” of suspension droop from tired springs. Between the KYB spring and 5100s set at third notch I get 2” of lift. The stiffer spring and preload from the shock lift may be why I feels harsh. I’ve thought about dropping 1 level on the 5100s to see if that improves ride. I did have an issue with the 5100s , first trip out to the woods the adjustable locking spring clip collapsed on driver side. Entire suspension spring and shock collar dropped around the bottom of the shock tower. Managed to drive 12miles home with no driver side front suspension and didn’t bugger up tie rod or cv axle boot. Shock tower was fine and just got replacement clip and collar and good to go. Done about 2k on it since but still nervous every times I hit a good bump. I’ve only done the 4600s on rear of black Gx so far. Had not had time to do front yet. Was going to try 1” spacer with the 4600s when I do front . Did the tire and wheel swap and noticed that the tires I bought with rims were actually 265/70/17 so bigger tires than factory originals. The orp rims were only $400 on Facebook marketplace , did them and new wildpeaks after hitting a car battery on turnpike at 80mph. It punched a hole through the inside wall of my rim so perfect time to upgrade. I beat the snot out of my GX , NYC roads and woods and just over 160k miles in last 4 years since I got it and it never misses a beat.
  2. For me it’s all about the longevity of the power train . I’ve a 2006 and 2008 Gx470 , 250k and 202k respectively. I’m not enamored with the new engines either V6 turbo or 4 cylinder hybrid. Either way I see a last of the V8 2023 Nori green GX460 in my future. But that new GX550 in Nori green appeals to me too. I do like the new LC styling a little better than the new GX.
  3. Got my eye on a sage green one but wifey is asking why I need 3 . Would also like a LX470 too .
  4. Spig just use Anderson quick connects and locate the connection conveniently for your purpose and eliminate difficult reach under the hood.
  5. Just did the ultimate upgrade to my 2006 , bought a 2008 . keeping both . My son is using Black for summer . Silver getting more mods slowly . Just swapped out shocks front and back to Bilstein 5100 and upped height adjustable to 3rd notch on shock which gave me 2” lift in front. The rear air ride levels automatically so now rides level. Sliders are in the garage and waiting for a little cooler weather. Black is getting Bilstein 4600 all round . Keeping it more stock . Next tires on Silver , thinking I go with pizza cutters, 255/80/17 Almost 90k on the present Wildpeaks so maybe before winter. Replacement tires and rims in garage for Black which are stock takeoffs I got on marketplace in better shape than what it came with.
  6. Might want to put some midpoint support under the kayak in the bed , imho there appears to be a lot of weight unsupported in the middle which may stress the hull. Is there an adjustment on the extender so it’s not so high?
  7. That’s already doable , Spyderco does the Mule series , there is roughly 35 different steels in the series. I don’t cut enough to see difference in edge retention in this lot but how easy some sharper and the edge it takes is certainly distinguishable. The M398 stands out as harder to sharpen by far and the LC200 the easiest . Several of these are very similar and I couldn’t blind test them apart. I’m most interested in these for variation in corrosion resistance. Haven't delves into upper end edge retention as most are a bitch to sharpen without diamond sharpeners and are usually low corrosion resistance.
  8. The wood does go with your camo seats better than my grey leather. Ha I suggested a $50 item and you are getting me to drop $1100 on sliders.
  9. Not sure how you feel about your wood trim , I just changed my vent panels from wood to silver grey. It’s a complete unit not just a stick on cover like previously available.Took about 10mins to swap. On eBay and Ali for about $50. Search GX470 or Prado 120 vent panel. Haven’t decided if I will vinyl wrap or used stick covers on for other wood trim yet.
  10. Looks perfect for my dog and my short wife
  11. Those are nice , never seen that pattern before.
  12. I always assumed they were a trolling jig for tuna , have a bunch somewhere , some much smaller so who knows.
  13. Quan do you have a pic of rear driver side open . Being toying with sliders but it needs to be dog friendly . Many I would worry my dog might break a leg or put paw through a hole in top grate if she wasn’t careful. Also is the RCI slider wide enough full length to use as a step to access roof rails ?
  14. Highlander as you know I have both the GX470 2006 and Pilot 2011. The Pilot is very capable and bought with beach driving in mind. And its excellent in snow and rain , however the GX is that and more . I can definitely take the GX more places ie Pine Barren trails with some rough hills and water holes that I wouldn’t consider doing in the Pilot. My GX is a daily driver with light mods , 4Runner springs and shocks front gives 1” front lift , Arnott air bags rear also about 1” lift , 4Runner wheels and 265/70/17 AT Wild Peaks which are a smidge under 33” . I still get 17.5 mpg which is a mix of highway turnpike to NYC and associated 5 boroughs daily. I average 165miles daily. Gas is my biggest investment( blood draining expense)for GX for the last almost 4 years. But I rather drive the GX over the Pilot
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