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  1. What's the difference between a Cyclone and Cyclone Jr ? See a plug in BST now listed as Cyclone Jr , did Paul's father build plugs originally and Paul list his under Jr tag for awhile ?
  2. What's all the silver/white tape on the blades for?
  3. SS I'm getting 17+ pure highway and 16+ in and out of Manhattan from exit 7a which includes the turnpike slow down above 11 and slowdown through either Lincoln or Holland tunnel in the morning. I have regular non KDSS suspension , I searched over 6 months before getting mine , on carfax, cargurus and several other sites , in all that time I only saw 3 sports models with kdss come up. If I recall less that 5% of all gx470 build had kdss. Other forums I seen mixed reviews on kdss, certainly has far bigger antisway bar and should be better cornering but I never got chance to drive one . My version corners like a pregnant water buffalo so any improvement would be appreciated. Kdss disconnects for light off road travel but serious off-roading with lift kits the non kdss is preferred . Kdss adds a level of complexity to the suspension which can be expensive to repair and the Lexus service department will require a second mortgage for anything. From now I am keeping the air suspension on mine and changing to new air springs which are going to fail on all models at some stage. I'm doing it myself for $300 in parts , the stealership would be $800-$1600. If I decide to go convention springs in future I can do that myself too, same with electronic shocks to regular shocks but I alike the variable ride control and doing the electronic shocks is straight forward for me to do. When looking make sure the timing belt has been done recently. Recommended interval is 90-100k but many owners stretch it because of the expense and you don't want buy one and have to do the belt in addition to purchase price. Pay attention to front brakes , gx470's eat front brakes and are know for seizing up calipers. Two test drives I did had atrocious brakes and would have needed significant work ,also pay attention to air suspension ,make sure it all works. I missed slow leak on rear passenger air spring which is why I am doing it now. I expected to do it eventually anyway so not too concerned . One test drive I did the air springs where so bad the air compressor shut down on over load , this will eventually burn out compressor which again gets you into second mortgage territory. Get the kinks worked out and basic maintenance will keep these running forever.
  4. I would rather get it dirty like this
  5. Hammerhead looks like one of Dave's .
  6. Dup post
  7. Dup post
  8. FV Is it the lighting in the picture? I thought Mahi had more yellow coloration like below
  9. Never seen one of those before, looks like a blue and blackfish hybrid
  10. I just picked up a 2006 Lexus GX470 which is built on the same platform as the 4Runner , while I like the styling of the 4Runner better, the GX opened up other options. I looked at both for several months and similar age and mileage the GX was usually priced cheaper than 4Runners. GX easier to find V8 , all of them have the 4.7 V8. All GX leather interior , most have navi option which includes backup camera , although picture quality is poor compare to today's systems. 3rd row seats if you need them , I dont and took them out of mine. Mine came with heated seats , remote start , DVD player system , Bluetooth of some sort , haven't really looked at that feature yet. And most GX's have never left dry pavement so not abused too much. Driver and passenger power seats , 2 memory settings on driver seat. While you can get most all that in a 4Runner it's going to be a higher priced luxury model priced higher than regular run of the mill used unit, while it is pretty much standard on all GX's and doesn't run their used price up.
  11. So finally added another 4x4 to the fleet , my son is taking over 99.5 Pathfinder and the GX will become my daily driver , Wifey keeps her Pilot . The GX is a 2006 with 94k . The GX is a little monochromatic for my tastes so thinking of adding bottom trim color with front and rear bumper like the 4Runner below . Might do it with plasti dip in a darker gun metal grey. Also thinking of metallic brushed vinyl wraps for the interior wood trim with looks dated imho. Many thanks to Snake Eater who turned me on to the GX in the first place with him promoting the GX as a very off road worthy vehicle.
  12. Haven't swum yet but me and I'm sure a boat load of guys are going to be flinging them in canal this year
  13. The original predators I had were plastic , your looks wooden so I say Tagger #5 I am leaning towards Lupo
  14. Tim I tried your link and it shows a Linked In breach from 2012 associated with my email , it's entirely possible I used the same SOL password there back then as I was less wary about internet security then. I have since changed my password there no doubt after getting some notification from Linked IN about their breach which I have long forgotten . Sorry for tarring you as source of my password exposure.
  15. Had same scam email few months back, it mentioned it also had my email password , however the password it used was my SOL password which is only used here....