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  1. Will take outcast
  2. No got a generator like most prepared people
  3. A couple from tonight’s walk the first 3 scared me enough to only touch with a stick. Are #4 webcaps ?
  4. I got it with the 5ah battery , batteries on their own are very expensive . I’m waiting to see what Christmas deals are going to be out there to see if there is a good combo package for trimmer and weed whacker. That would give me an additional backup battery. I don’t think there is anything special about chain , standard Oregon should fit , same with bars . One safety warning with electric chainsaws, protective chaps don’t work the same on them . They are very high torque and won’t stall like a gas unit.
  5. Not gonna happen , if I’m going to go out being poisoned it will be Tequila, lots and lots of it…
  6. I’m out in the woods usually 5-6 days a week if I can help it . Short 1 hr walk tonight . Shrooms everywhere and one toad stool .
  7. Found on my walk in the woods last week . It’s roughly 18” across.
  8. Solved all my chainsaw problems , no more busting a gut yanking cord, no mixing oil , worrying above poor running or clogged carbs. Got me one of these.
  9. Thinking of picking up a set of these , cheaper on the bay than the river.
  10. Buy another beater and run it until the market returns to normal . Market is nuts I could sell my Gx470 for more than I paid after putting almost additional 100k miles on it .
  11. The free oil change is just to get you back to dealer , gives them the opportunity to sell you service when warranty expires or any non warranty service they think you might buy eg $100 cabin filters $40 wipers, tire rotating etc Every time my Pilot goes in for free oil change I get estimates for $3000-4000 for work recommendations by tech on his “free” courtesy inspection.
  12. I’ll take those two shipped for $14 .
  13. How much for top two shipped in envelope?
  14. Why can’t Q7 be used on the beach? The Quattro drive system is an awesome one should have no issues with beach.
  15. For a full blown rod and cooler rack most guys swear by Reynolds Racks out of Delaware.