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  1. Jack Lyons Ltd , probably home based business tying rigs at his kitchen table or out in the garden shed
  2. Look like mackerel feathers , in Ireland the mackerel come in close to shore so can be caught by surfcasters . The above rig would be cast out with a lead weight on the bottom and retrieved hopefully through the school . When the mackerel were in double and triple headers common and not unknown to get 6 on a cast. Could also be used dropped down under a boat and jigged. Atlantic mackerel in Ireland run bigger that the mackerel I have seen here. I have caught some in the 3-4lb range . I targeted them with individual lures similar to Ava jig . Like fishing for Bonita or False Albacore My grandparents house was about a mile from that address in Cork city. The price on them 4 and 6 , 4 shillings and 6 pence, is what is called old money , which means they predate 1968.
  3. Quigley and Advanced conversions start at $11k. Dealer conversions I saw cargo vans around $38k and passenger vans $43k for complete 4x4 vans.
  4. Pasted the first Quigley Nissan that I have seen on NJ turnpike today. Looked like a work van as it had ladder racks . Anyone seen one on the beachs yet? It piqued my interest so had a look and it seems that Nissan dealers are doing 4x4 conversions with Nissan parts too.
  5. 15 Ande, didn't know any shop still spooled with it, very springy line, strip all the mono and respool with braid.
  6. Almost snagged a pair of imprex on eBay for $80 . Have also though about these but not sure if nylon/plastic are tough enough to handle manipulation and leverage needed to remove hook from fish. Kind of a hobby for me to find alternatives ways and gadgets to do a task. As we all know once you stick surf or fishing in the name of an item it doubles the price of it. Pliers $50 , fishing pliers $100 , medical pliers $1000.
  7. I have tried the beryllium pliers , same model p108 . I put latex tubing on for handle grip and drilled handle to add a lanyard. Drilling beryllium is tough as it work hardens and potentially dangerous as beryllium can be toxic. They are not corrosion free , readily forms some form of copper oxide , look at the green at tip of handles . The jaws have had similar but it cleans off easily enough.
  8. Century Kompressor ,goggle Century blanks and check out advanced fishing .
  9. The top one is the classic John wrap , I have some identical to in both clockwise and anticlock wraps . Not sure if I have any in the lower style wrap , Jr did wrap some like that I think and Jr also used a flat spiral like beachmaster . Then of course there were those wrapped by Mike which are not necessarily a collaboration hat a tat plug. Sure miss John and his plugs ,sadly never got the chance to meet and fish with him.
  10. Have a bunch with different uses Titan from UK which has lasted about 13 years so far , use on sand beachs and the occasional boat trip , has hood so if it heavy rain I bring it. Mustad hooded pullover from U.K. , lighter version of Titan Aquaskinz Raptor , latex neck and wrist gaskets , use on jetties , have fallen into water couple of times and stayed bone dry and it provides some flotation when coupled with surf belt. Neck seal ripped after about 6 years . Will repair neck at some stage Stohlquist Freeplay , latex neck and wrists , replaced aquaskinz. Just got a light weight Kokatat Paclite , neoprene neck and wrists, wanted something lighter for fall but can layer up into Febuary if needed or wear the Titan or Stohlquist Like rod and reels there is no one does everything surf top . I prefer non hooded most of the time but will wear a hooded at times. Buy quality and it will last , Guy Cotten makes a bunch of excellent tops too.
  11. The tail wrap does not resemble most of my Habs , John did a distinctive 1 1/2 wrap with a long straight wire stub flat against ass of plug . I have none of his poppers to compair however.
  12. Ill take pencil , PP,ok ?
  13. Good Lord , all those big fancy words by OP and it's just a damn fluid cooler
  14. As you can tell I not a did have white head, I though they developed white after first year and based on small size I wrongly assumed it as a young bird. Quick google revealed it had to be at least 4-5 and small size indicates a male. Going to wrongly assume it was adopted by Ospreys who thought it to dive bomb.
  15. Yep hit like an Osprey , it actually hit and missed a fish about 30 yards south of us first , we were watching it in a tree overlooking the creek . After missing first fish it flew to a second tree just north of us and repeated the dive bomb out of the tree and this time snag a trout about 15" . Looked like a young bird still learning to fish on its own.