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  1. I drove a 96 Tacoma with stock size wheels and tires for years as my beach truck, it floated on the sand....
  2. RG, no hurry I'm pretty tied up right now... Let me know when you head back south, maybe we can meet up.
  3. Hey RG,do you ever get out towards AI ? RDT build, hard to tell on my phone?
  4. Buckshot/ Capt. Gary Stamm, Reel Chaos/ Capt. Anthony Matarese. Nice guys, top notch fisherman, comfortable Carolina boats...If you can't book a trip with one of them, I could give you a couple of more recommendations...
  5. Pp sent, thanks.
  6. I'll take the Saltist bg 30 please.
  7. Hey Bob, just let me know. I'm usually around...
  8. Meet up around Berlin, Bishopville,AI.
  9. Good job guys...
  10. If you live somewhere that you can get live clams, bring some. Kingfish love clams if you find them, then you have drum bait or dinner. I wouldn't rely on local tackle shops on the MD side for bait. Flounder are still in the surf if that interests you...
  11. Allen, pretty work!!!! Here's one from Saturday
  12. Chris, Marcus and Hunter, pretty work on you're maiden voyage!!!
  13. Marc, I'll take #7
  14. Bg30...
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!