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  1. Maybe an Independent study of this country’s direction , should not make much sense at all
  2. Yes she did as I’ve been following it more than usual . Logan (who worked for CBS now on FOX ) did a very well simplify explaining of the plot . With these things The President needs support within , hope he has enough on board to carry this thru the end
  3. Thats good , stab & shoot a cop , burn the town down , have a funeral in Brooklyn , have a memorial in Spring Valley but refuse a temperature check , thats good enough for me to head your campaign for political seat . When do I begin ?
  4. Would have to ask for legal advise here on SOL as there seems to be a lot of talented folks reading the PG ,being a North American Aborigine I see no advancement moving forward in the future . What would be your choice ?
  5. Only a man knows what a man likes
  6. It’s seems like bringing family into the board quite often here is being overlooked again . FDM - Family Don’t Matter
  7. He did mess up on that move ...again
  8. That maybe true but size does matter when your catching !
  9. Barry is a double agent, safely living up in Massachusetts with the rich Vineyard crowd .
  10. Try spending a few decades in the ghetto and The stupid white people will learn most unarmed black men are murdered by blacks
  11. Oh ! he has the “cream puffs “ nuts twisted like no other ...” It’s great stuff “ I say
  12. ... but he does have the best catching rate on the board
  13. You have the same thing as not all blacks agree with the kneeling durning the National Anthem in fear of being call an Uncle Tom by there own
  14. I do understand why the blacks are kneeling , it’s because there are bad cops out there but not all are bad . Only the weak whites will fall to the knee but most of us don’t buy into being disrespectful to our nation’s flag . I only kneel when I go to Church not for any other reason