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  1. Dough excellent catch pics and report . I under stand fully about your ReCon on resivours on takings that beauty along the shoreline. A lot of time went into it. Thanks for sharing
  2. Funny thing about letters and the White House… they prefer EMAILS… HA HA
  3. Will the Socialist in Chief make them receipts public.. you know bipartisan like ?
  4. Does Joe Joe ask Z to show any receipts on the $$ billions of US taxpayers dollars he receives ?
  5. Oh why not make the die hards happy in NJ they deserve each other !
  6. What’s up with Joe Joe and the bull horn … only 30 strikers showed to see him
  7. Bidenomics told the Saudis they will buy back the reserve oil they released when it got back to $75 bucks .. guess what..
  8. Ask the people in Chicago if they give a $hit about Jan 6th , 438 Homicides this year alone = the Biden World everything is fine
  9. If the peckerhead don’t win .. it just means voters just don’t give a $hit what happens to their country
  10. Always weighted with “shots “ I believe sound is a very important part of catching ANY species of fish .
  11. If I lived next door to the kiddie toucher the wall on my side would be about 3’ higher that feeder box & hydrant looks like a violation to me … think so ?
  12. Pretty high percentage of young women are crossing pregnant - work done by the cartels.
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