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  1. Your a good homie ... I respect that .
  2. It’s all showtime ! It was funny we all enjoyed it . It’s something Washington is not used to = The Donald
  3. Henry Kissinger had a vision like no other , when he spoke it was about what it is .
  4. yep tough questions ...he could not answer one ha ha
  5. I watched it and thought it was great interview , starting to like this peckerhead !
  6. Hold those words . You might use them again
  7. Spoiled, greedy , selfish all the above we are. Don’t like to watch other teams and still will not follow the playoff maybe the WS maybe hope the Brewers . As far as others who agree or satisfied I don’t care . Read my lips “ if your not in the World Series the season was for crap “.
  8. You make a lot good points , I pass my tks off for the same reason crowds and 8pm crap weather . One last thing if the Astros and Sox are that superior they are only going to get better next season , we will be rebuilding for another 12 years .
  9. If your ok fine I'm not satisfied but who am i , When Monty went down they dragged their feet to replace him until the deadline , the office knew that they were not beating the ASTROS , they were scared $hitless not to mention Cleveland & the Red Sox , they balked about a chance to win or JUST get to the WS is what a team strides for getting Stanton was a markee name to put fans in the seats , turns out he produced ONLY for us thank goodness otherwise Tampa would have been the next wild Card not us Ha Ha
  10. Joey love man but I don't live in the past ..only look forward , Only thing we can learn from this years failures is that we need experienced FA to compete & that's by good scouting & spending money , what they are holding out for ...? we will see
  11. Andújar is the Sporting News' pick for AL Rookie of the Year. http://web.yesnetwork.com/news/artic...f4wX4C1kmsCU2E
  12. That might be true about Manny we will have to wait and see how long the office drags their feet again this coming season The way I see it . Why would you spend the extra $$$ when you have fantastic attendance at home and on the road . Keep the pay roll low and parking prices up ! It’s really expensive to go to the Bx and watch a game these days but everything is 267 home runs launched for a new MLB record and can't get out of the east
  13. Your a lucky man ... you have a smart wife . God Bless
  14. its an eight day sampling but give you a idea http://myfwc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=87162eec3eb846218cec711d16462a72
  15. WHEN YOUR " UNDERWAY " YOU SLIP ON THE PFD ! enough said especially at night