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  1. D LeMahieu (R) 3B B Gardner (L) CF A Judge (R) DH G Urshela (R) SS R Odor (L) 2B G Sánchez (R) C M Andújar (R) LF M Ford (L) 1B R LaMarre (R) RF Tallion. P
  2. New York Yankees activated 2B Rougned Odor from the 10-day injured list. New York Yankees optioned RHP Albert Abreu to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders
  3. Here we go with this liar stuff about a member here .. apologizes will be coming before sundown
  4. Back in the 60’s NY we lived one side of town and they lived on the other .we all got along together no problems Until the stupid white people started to shack-up and live together thinking living amongst them was cool . What a mistake . Then there was apartment complex’s which needed their own Housing Cops . It’s a failing bunch with no end in sight
  5. I’ll say ! that peckerhead went overboard and out of bounds playing ...hiding his pecker
  6. Paying for sex... happens all the time , lovely dinner , bottle of wine , jewelry, any man who has been married a good many years and wants to get into the Boom Boom Room has to buck up ... or take things into your own hand .
  7. Rusty Spinner #14 mayfly tails Superfine Rusty Brown , white Zelon Ultra thread 140 RB
  8. Dropping down to 4th place 2.5 games behind Sox ,didn’t look good against a Texas team who lost a bundle on the road . Coming back today needs to make this even .
  9. Just waiting for Blondie to drop some pasta between those 36D’s behind home plate
  10. X Caddis #14 Zelon,CDC ,Tan dubb, deer hair ,6/0 Danville thread tan
  11. IPhone Ketchikan Alaska
  12. Are the Republicans going to do anything about controlling bacon prices ? You know Democrats don’t eat the stuff . Is there anything anyone can do about it ? I can give up Pepsi but not that bacon on my burger !!
  13. I get the Union thing about not working hurt and to allow guys within the organization come up and get some PensionAble MLB playing time status $$$ The organization owns you and and holds guys back from coming up to keep pay scale low , that’s like that in any business . Taking one for the team YES ! But when you’re not producing the fans see a bad entertainment product and eventually move on to another place to spend their time . Both are at fault and we get the stick stick of it .
  14. New York Yankees recalled RHP Albert Abreu from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. New York Yankees placed RF Giancarlo Stanton on the 10-day injured list. Left quad strain.
  15. Socialist Joe Biden’s regime in Washington is moving closer to tax it’s citizens on carbon used vehicles , homes , businesses in states across the nation . While the Capital , White House and other buildings in DC use carbon fuel Here is their own Capital Energy Plant Its another NO VOTE for Socialist Joe Biden Why would they not use green energy themselves ? Plenty of room for wind energy in DC