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  1. had to secure him , good for both !
  2. I have left the Striper Surf beaches after almost 50 years & making my way the last few years in the Catskills region trout streams . Having to meet a few SOL members on the water this coming season would be great . a pm is always welcomed The last year 2018 the water CFS were pretty high & fast at times difficult but doable with safety . It's always good have someone to be in contact with on the water . Chuck
  3. Like it ! thanks for sharing
  4. fish it like a bucktail = w/ no hairs , it was one of my early years presentations
  5. Ok I’m sure of that . It’s not that one side is the voice of reason , neither side can reason .
  6. correct again , those folks in DC are highly medicated = both sides
  7. correct again , N E. it's just to satisfy the R votes come re- election " I tried " as the Judges will not let it happen , too bad he wanted to do some good things, best he go back & construct golf courses , he don't know Washington politics , he had the wall under his nose .
  8. if you get points by Tim you can consider it free stuff , you might not agree but free stuff is good . It seems a lot of the kids in the neighbor can't accept the fact that they got the points and others have not . Why ? the answer is because
  9. Under the Surftalk Activity = Staff the all star list is there , easy anyone can make a choice ,
  10. I don't give a $hit if they lose but they better make the Pucken World Series eveything else is Bull $hit to me .
  11. Tks simple & easy that's for me
  12. you guys can start one up any way you like.... I'll contribute nice problem to have IF Voit & Bird both rake in Spring Training
  13. usually around 3:30 pm it's a Bourbon Old fashioned , 5pm dinner followed up by American Pickers / tie some bugs on the desk gets one thru these cold winters .
  14. It's a good function to politely turn off what offends a poster here . Heck ! I have the ignore button on a few mods & staff , works out just fine for myself .