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  1. Simms Flats Saltwater Fishing Sneaker might be discontinued until the spring next year , unless sizes 8,9 will work
  2. Thanks for sharing
  3. Fly Fishing ..... It all started right here on the site SOL . What better place to talk to guys about fishing the striper surf fly world . Many questions & PM's answered with ,RJ ,Bonefish Dick , Mike Oliver , Herb ,HillTop ,and many others a few Cape Cod trips , IBSP , Long Island trips get togethers . getting together at the NJ Fly Fishing show every years is also a good thing . I owe these guys a lot & the site Thank You all Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah Hook I
  4. 2x's Ever go into an Orvis store the last few years , 1/3 of the store is for animal purchases
  5. Yep Yep can’t say enough about him Hiting to all fields his big league hitting on any team . But these new Stats A Metric is what they look at . People just have to justify their job most of the time . These are humans / people stats don’t calculate
  6. The Boss is snubbed again considered for Hall of Fame induction .
  7. Are you a blonde & D cup ? you got the job
  8. if fishing / catching Fla laws are being violated , then a good summons / fine is called for . Someone correct me if I'm wrong but fishing equipment can be confiscated by police as part of the fine . Wish it just happens a few times and people will get the message . It's not just in FLA but in a lot of states in this country
  9. Ayers told the Donald hit the road Big Guy , look for someone else
  10. Did anyone see the 1/2 time interview ( Army / Navy game ) with the 3 Heisman nominees ? The Interviewer suggested it was going to be so close 3 can be all winners ,that maybe the trophy should be cut into three pieces . Did anyone hear what Dwayne Haskins responded to that was ? lol Had to ask the Big Boss if she did hear what I just heard thru my own ears LMAO
  11. a few pop us came up so i clicked on , have one convincer 12g semi for a long long time & this looks alot better compact as I'm getting older for that one time unexpected intruder . As views ?
  12. He’s smart to wait the years end for the Christmas bonus.
  13. Winter meeting in Las Vegas next week supposedly where some deals can be made we shall see Cashman did sign CC a long time ago during the Winter meetings . Some of the main topics will be : where the players are allowed to position themselves on the field ( the shift ) and batters stepping out of the batters box between pitchers = prolonging the play of game changes will come to everything why not this also ? baseball is entertainment that we all enjoy guess there has to be something justifiable reason going to...... What happens in LV ..stays in Vegas . I mentioned last season my purchases of Yankee tickets games would dwindle for the 2019 season . as it turns out I was overruled by the Big Boss already she has the spring training games tks on Amex. That's what I get for teaching her the iphone.
  14. They do have one Andujar but SB is a thing of the past with this team it just confuses the batter . And some folks want to move this kid ? Krazy world we live in .