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  1. The guy hired to use the sawzall was going to be questioned by the Saudis but a mysterious car crash last night ended that .... guy is dead. Sounds very Russia to me .
  2. What’s coming ? Another Y2K
  3. Was it in the water they drank ? Trump was Bloomberg was Giuliani was must be something more to it .
  4. today's sidewalk interview w/ Trump's lawyer vote Democrat "Listen, here's my recommendation. Grab your family, grab your friends, grab your neighbors, and get to the poll, because if not, you are going to have another two or another six years of this craziness," in a brief interview outside of his Manhattan home. "So, make sure you vote. All right?"
  5. Manafort showed up in court today ( for his sentencing dates ) in a wheelchair. Supposedly could not stand on his own two feet . Don’t think it will work . just thought the bathrobe appearance might have been better .
  6. The corners are strong right now & CF is having a fantastic series , things are lining up nicely only thing that might not hold it together is contracts , the $$ is crazy not to turn down .
  7. That’s a very hard thing to do decades of different way how the game is played , more night games now . When it comes to hitting the advantage is to batters now with a lower pitchers mound of today . Lynn played for a lot of different teams I did not see ,TV today you don’t miss anything . Can we compare stats ? I just don’t know the difference between the two . Sport for the long wind of I don’t know . Can you compare the two ? Thanks
  8. Jr. Griffey was my non Yankee player I followed until then no one really did watch closely but Andrew Benintendi I followed from his 1st game , He does everything just the right w/ calculation , adjustment , hope he has a long career
  9. Just getting there and being part of it is all you can ask your team to do . It's a win win even with a loss .
  10. absolutely Yes put it down , I'm driving 1hr and 15 min on I-95 Saturday if winds are not going to be favorable not making that reach is a guarantee , not here to enjoy the view , it's about catching , 8' spinning rod w/ Mirrolures / Swimbaits are going to pick off those bass hanging on the oyster / mussel bed. Maybe I'll get lucky and try both
  11. The 10 rule are all valid points of importance . The last elections were won heavily by women and cross over Democrat support . If people are making money and job security remains the same plus no additional military involvement he will get re elected .
  12. I thought he could have been a rental this season and would have helped out and a good addition for sure .Going into 2019 he’s not needed. Even with DiDi injury . Torres can cover SS very well . That’s the move I would do until DiDi returns
  13. Nothing wrong with two men being in bed together ....is there? A man knows what a man likes .
  14. Teddy Cruz will be soft on any position ... when a man makes fun of your wife ( the Donald ) during the R presidency race and gets way with it .... Washington really beats you down .
  15. All it takes is a good agent ... good “ Shtick “ also helps .