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  1. Romie is my homie just hit da ball !
  2. I count 7 players not home grown
  3. We had the most balls leaving the park in 2018 where did it get this team ? Watching from the couch . You need pitching to win and you have to give up to get it . Cubs gave up Torres for Chapman and did they win a ring ?
  4. Lets just hope your theory is right and we don’t face L pitching as we are .236 BA that’s a problem with this team .
  5. Would like to see SOMEBODY come inside for just once , candy a$$ rotation. DJ LeMahieu (R) 2B Luke Voit (R) 1B Gleyber Torres (R) SS Clint Frazier (R) DH Brett Gardner (L) CF Gio Urshela (R) 3B Mike Tauchman (L) RF Austin Romine (R) C Cameron Maybin (R) LF Happ. P
  6. Had an 1/2 hr to kill this am so I snapped at the chance . To me one if the best search baits is the Zara Spook walk the dog style presentation. BUT not everyone has the same sound close but not the same . Produced the 1 LM 4.4 lb healthy looking green fish .
  7. With 1/2 the season almost over guys should be stretched out by now . But with this group it’s not happening. Green is coming along looked good on a positive note
  8. Ok back to 1/2 game in1st place over TB with the Red Sox 5 1/2 back . Again every game has meaning until someone has a comfortable margin between teams . After Chicago it’s Rays , Astro’s Blue Jays and Red Sox . . Got to figure out this pitching . I do believe an ARM not arms ....it’s coming .
  9. He needs to grow up that not talking to the press did not go over , could be sitting on a powder keg ?
  10. 1B/ LF we will see if he can hit here because some have and some have not .
  11. Ok on the rain delay it will be that other team who is playing St Louis.
  12. what about the Mafia ? don't they get those people on tax evasion ? of is that just the peckerheads former employees ?
  13. it was all drop shot this afternoon for a few hours , sunny , blue sky ,WINDY = VMC Spinshot Drop-Shot Hook , yes a lot of knots but it did not stop the chewing ended up with a hand full of LM one could have gone to the scale no SM which is usually gets them going , Junebug color 4" I have had this assortment bag for years think I paid $3 bucks. Had one miss on the top water so i knew they were there and hungry