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  1. Come on Willie ? Randolph did the pre game and post game on YES last night . Today he’s wearing the same suit as last night but different shirt tie , handkerchief. Come on man ! Your a Brooklyn guy
  2. So am I I know a few of guys on the site here I fish with .
  3. funny but true , I fished from Canada to South America & its them Jersey fisherman stand out in my mind the most , how they just coming in without question ...the world according to them people
  4. He don't rest Judge last night after he fell on his wrist the night before ? Dig Dong ! Joey G did it frequently with Jeter then have him play a 9 game west coast trip every day .
  5. Yep he did it ! Brett Gardner (L) CF DJ LeMahieu (R) 1B Gio Urshela (R) 3B Didi Gregorius (L) DH Gleyber Torres (R) SS Cameron Maybin (R) RF Mike Tauchman (L) LF Austin Romine (R) C Thairo Estrada (R) 2b Paxton P
  6. not sure of the odds but " according " pre game interview he said one of the two day games Judge would sit . Happy it's not on Sunday nite ESPN . Thats was the word " Classic " & the time length was good too 2;39
  7. Not everyone enjoys a pitchers game , I happen to like it . Both starters pitched very well Civale is a name that’s going to be remembered yes part B team but this guy is raw , it is an important game in my eyes because it equals the series up and proves teams go flat . Agree confidence is huge . Both teams are banged up pretty good if they meet again it might be different lineups on both sides . If Boone sits Judge tomorrow his head should be examined, how many kids coming to the Stadium to see # 99 wearing his shirt on a Saturday day game .
  8. # 11 is playing like a young-in
  9. Just finished your article in the Sept / Oct Eastern Fly Fishing mag . I still enjoy the mail delivery edition. Great read as always .
  10. Here it is D LeMahieu (R) 3B A Judge (R) RF G Urshela (R) DH D Gregorius (L) SS G Sánchez (R) C G Torres (R) 2B B Gardner (L) CF C Maybin (R) LF M Ford (L) 1B Tanaka. P
  11. You have to the 1st to admit Judge ( been saying it for weeks ) pitchers have him figured out . He’s a completely different batter . The injuries have enough time to heal but if the player pushers the results get worse . It’s like a bad cut don’t take care of it early it gets infected , perfect example # 33 absolute feeling is to move him now and get his game and stroke back in his head and body . Only time will tell how the office handles it Hey be happy he’s back in the line up then move forward from there
  12. I was talking about the series were are in now . It’s only the 1st game lets let things play out in general before we move Judge to the 5 th slot to work things out
  13. So if the Yanks take this series , What does this all mean ?
  14. Must get 5 or 6 a day and don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number . But if I’m board I’ll mess with them especially those off shore phone calls . whats some of the one liners you give these people ? , you know just busting their nuts .