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  1. Ah man ! He hung that pitch
  2. Abortion is the answer ? Seems like a lot of America wants it
  3. Joe Joe talking tonight , saying plenty of nothing but no solutions = Washington
  4. Who is our closer now ?
  5. Really hope he don’t take Monty out , he needs good head medicine , one more AARON !
  6. All good enjoy the game
  7. Your list of boys that never ends
  8. Paulie you look beautiful must have been reading my posts
  9. I drop grandkids to school every morning and pick up afternoon the schools are open to bad things happenings , the teachers are NOT for security , they are educators not security guards , the school boards are failing and politicians are useless .
  10. Here come the old BS by our politicians “ our prayers go out to the families………..
  11. Ok my take on this , JD was a dick and TA claims in is own mind as the modern day JR . You have to read the S . I. article to believe his ego ( I really enjoy the way he plays the game = he is that good ) . The one day is a joke , it’s a new world of white on black talk talk , I’m about one more BS the MLB Comish . does & say Pluck watching and fish 200 days a year . Baseball and Yankees always brought our family together at the table and still does but it’s washed down
  12. So you know he planned on smuggling 4 others thru the Mexican / US boarder , forgot to mention that ?
  13. D LeMahieu (R) 3B A Judge (R) RF A Rizzo (L) 1B G Stanton (R) DH G Torres (R) 2B A Hicks (S) CF M Andújar (R) LF I Kiner-Falefa (R) SS J Trevino (R) C Monty P
  14. Let’s see how they handle this : ISIS Operative's Plot to Kill George W. Bush Over Iraq War Foiled by FBI The suspect allegedly traveled to Dallas in February to surveil Bush’s residence. want to know how he got into the country ?