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  1. *(we don't allow items to be listed here while they are available elsewhere. TimS)
  2. Thanks for the quick insight! Much appreciated! @Wheeler, thank you for the suggestion, i am going to see if there is even enough space between the door. Thanks again Sol!
  3. Hello Sol, I have just recently purchased a fishing kayak and wanted to get a few opinions from those that own a kayak and live in our particular region. Which includes humid summers, salty cold winters (this past winter). My biggest concern with the kayak is storage. Ive done my research online, but again wanted to get a bit of insight from those that live with similar weather patterns as i do within the DMV area. Originally I was planning on storing it under my deck (Outdoors) Hanging on its side, or standing by a mount. But considering the bugs, moisture, and mainly the wind, i did not want to leave it hanging outside all year. How do you all store your kayaks during the off season? I do have a garage, however it is pretty full so i dont see it as being a viable option. If anyone stores it inside the home, how and where? Is it better to hang or mount a kayak? And if a kayak is left outside, what kind of risks do i face? Any opinions are appreciated! Tim ***edit*** Ascend FS12T (bass pro) Dimensions: 12' length 31" width 77 lbs
  4. Baltimore, Maryland
  5. Please consider the vs200 + $50 cash on my end. I am still a broke college student =( But just let me know!
  6. There is a minor scuff on the front of the reel body. Tried to make it more focused, makes it look worse than it really is. Minor wear from the reel seat. Everything else is flawless. Daiwa 50lb samurai braid. Vs200 - Made in china have bag and box.
  7. I have a vs200 up for trade if you are interested. Do we post pics here?
  8. I second the Penns, They provide exceptional service, and can be contacted here on this forum. Their reels are solid, but the ssv might be a bit out of the $100 budget. Take a look at the battles! and if you can find the older slammers, they are still top of the line quality! If you get the urge to splurge, the new shimano saragosas are creating quite the stir and retail starting around 240!
  9. Please expect the pictures sometime tomorrow.