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  1. I am over on the Eastern Shore. There are places in the Miles River that can be fished from shore but it is only good the first two weeks in June or the first two weeks in October. Surface lures like a Super Spook work well at daybreak and dusk if you fish them right off rocks and rip rap. I am going in by boat and it is dicey getting close enough to cast right next to the rip rap without running aground. Anywhere off the golf course (Harbourtowne) is good at those times. Last summer I could not do well unless I went well north of the bridge to the chumming fleet. Things picked up after Labor Day and I had one the best Fall fishing seasons ever. Once the bluefish go away I like using a Tsunami holographic shad in chartreuse/silver or pearl spot on a jig head with a Z-Man skirt. My buddy pours jig heads so we started using SPRO type heads last fall and did well in addition to the shad heads with doll eyes. When the bluefish are around it is either a Z-man shad on a jig head or metal. My new favorite metal is a 3/4 oz Lil Bunker in chartreuse.
  2. If your dad got a Judge Chesapeake he got a great boat. The Chesapeake is made in a 24 and a 27. They are the same boat made in the same mold except they moved the transom 3 feet in to make the 24. The only reason they make the 24 is that there were some places that require boat length to to be under 25 feet. The 265 is the same hull as the Chesapeake 27 but with a newly designed topsides for a center console. I don't have one yet, but will before long.
  3. I think the hull design is as important as the length. A deep v - somebody mentioned a down east style - works well. I have been out in some really nasty Bay weather in a buddy's 18 1/2 foot boat that handled it well but was very wet. You need foul weather gear in his boat most of the time. Most of the boats in slips around me are 22-23 foot Boston Whalers or Scouts or Grady Whites, so that must say something. I have a Pioneer 222 Sportfish and have some home in some really nasty stuff that wasn't there when I went out. The next boat is a Judge 265 that Judge just started making last year.
  4. There are fish up in the rivers. This was just outside of St Michaels last weekend. I could keep 4 because my wife was in the boat. We had two rods out trolling and a fish hit one rod while two were on a bucktail/spoon tandem on the other. The other rod almost got spooled. I had to put one down and tighten the drag on the other then get back to bringing in fish. My wife obviously needs to learn some fishing basics but the only reason she was there was to take pictures of harbor. The photo of the sonar unit does not have the best shot of fish underneath it because I was busy with other things at the time. Went down to one rod with bucktails and teasers on a spreader bar to eliminate the Chinese fire drill..
  5. I fished Sunday out of my boat. Ran from St Michaels at 6 AM to Buoy 78 south of the Choptank and played bumper boats with the charter boats in the Rod and Reel tournament. Buddy said he got fish back near Poplar Island so I went back up the Bay. Had to clear two tandems that snagged bunker and got all twisted up. Almost got run over by a Hinkley picnic boat named Magic who was probably texting while his boat was on autopilot. Dug out my horn at the last minute. He heard the blast and slowed about 50 feet behind me. Picked up a 41 inch fish (finally) at 6:40 PM after we had taken in all of the boat rods and two of the board rods on the starboard side. She hit the last starboard board rod. Got back to the dock around 9 PM.
  6. Hi Dannpakk. Opening day did not ahve many boats after about 10AM. Everyone got disgusted and went home. I took a picture of the water up to Bloody Point from Poplar Island at 1 PM. There was not a boat in sight. I should have taken the hint and gone home too.
  7. I fished 12 hours opening day and the day after. Water was cold. Not even a knockdown. We trolled from Bloody Point down to below the mouth of the Choptank on the East side and the west side. The wind came up bad on Sunday afternoon and we had a dicey time getting the planer boards in. Worked on yard last weekend and will give it another try next weekend.
  8. I use them for trolling for stripers in summer and fall on Chesapeake Bay. For Spring Trophy season you want something bigger but once the big cows are gone in mid-May most of the fish are schoolies. Lots of dinks and a few fish in the 20-25 inch class. I put them on an ugly stik 10-25 pound rod. Every now and then we will pick up a bigger fish in late fall - something like a 30-32 inch fish and it handles them fine. We use them to pull tandems - a Tony 17 in Summer and Tony 15 in Fall with a bucktail and 6 inch shad on the short line.
  9. I have the Randolph Ranger frames with prescription lenses and have three sets of clip-on lenses - amber vermillion and bronze. Kay Ohye uses nothing but bronze lenses. He even used them in his famous shootout for the Maryland state championship that went on until almost midnight.
  10. I had a friend in South Carolina who owned a beach house. A hurricane not only took his house but also his lot. The entire property was gone. Then about 10 years later he got a tax bill from the county. His lot had come back. The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away.
  11. HI Biggie and Fishguts. I am another Jersey guy who is still in New Jersey but has a weekend/summer place on the Eastern Shore. My wife likes the Eastern Shore better than the Jersey Shore so we bought a place in St. Michaels. I am usually fishing by myself but could use some company.
  12. Please PM me when you get back in May. Enjoy the cross-country trek. Everyone should do one. Every now and then I drive out to Idaho instead of flying.
  13. I almost forgot - if you are talking about the Rt 50 bridge, I have a friend who owns a place on Bolingbroke Creek, which is the first creek above the bridge. The creek is full of catfish - some really big ones included. For Kent I - If your boat is not repaired you are welcome to fish with me. I am in St. Michaels.
  14. For Kent I: Do you catch flounder at Bloody Point?? I caught small flounder in the Miles River last summer. MY buddy from SC where I fish seriously for flounder tells me that where there are small flounder there will be larger flounder but I am skeptical.
  15. The Monday after Thanksgiving I went from St MIchaels over to the Western shore. There was no sign of anything in Eastern Bay but we did well over on the Western Shore. We did pick up one 28 inch fish along the ledge below Bloody Point but that was a bit of a one-off. The screen showed nothing before or after.