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  1. I dont think the thugs in compton and harlem have anything on some of you crazy fishermans. I think the people fishing in snow and catching are the real G people...Insane and mad respect lol. I was wishing i can fish few weeks ago when it was like 35~ out but blamed the weather but wow, some of you are crazy fishing in snow or even 30degree or lower...Props...
  2. Alberto knots is one of the strongest knot and most efficient. Meaning that it will just get tighter and tigher until the strengths wears out.
  3. You can always get blank jigs online or on SOL commercial seller and tie your own to whatever amount of hair you want to put on it. I tie mine with many different ways for small and large profile and make it large profile if i want it to sink slower etc. A member on the commercial sales section sells great pretied bucktails too. TOP quality. Another thing is SP minnow's and bombers are great way to start. Cheap and very effective. Than you can spend away on some good looking plugs that you would be hesitant to throw it in the white water.
  4. Will i be extremely not welcomed if i stopped by to say hi being the only asian there probably and I dont know anybody there also lol and off course my recent ebay stupid move i made but really want to stop by and say hi and maybe make some friends. =)
  5. The dog might be jealous or the baby mightve given her food few times and dog thinks she is the "cookieman" who gives her treats aka her own food, so cute lol. This is what happens with my dog and she is only a small maltese lol. She is so protective and food crazy that if someone that she thinks she is more dominent of than the person, she would try to take her food and bark and imtimiate the person but if you train it a bit with some loving im sure the dog will do just fine. Dogs get really protective and jealous at first especially with new borns. Your baby needs to show "aura and energy" LOL baby will soon have it!
  6. Really depends wher you fish mostly but for moving water darters work great. In most ocnditions SP minnows are very easu to work with. And at night needles are pretty much a log just floating that slays fish. Bucktails a must in white as well. I would start off with plugs under 15~20 bucks and after you get the hang of it and not lose many lures than get some nice big metal lippers.
  7. Merry christmas and thank you!
  8. Happy holidays thank you!
  9. HEy, im looking to buy a after market knob that would fit a zeebaas and van staal reel. What size or kind of fittings do i need to look for when looking for knobs for the ZB or VS ( not the handle just the knob)>? Looking to get a knob for a bailed and bailless zb22/zb25 size reel. Any nice aftermarket that doesnt cost a ton for a knob? I like the ZB offshore round knob but just looking for a alternative before i get the OEM knob for a better price if i can. So..... Does anyone have a aftermarket knob for there VS or ZB reel, if so what do you have for what size reel and how do you like it compared to your previous stock knob? How much did it cost you? I currently have a 2 VS reel which i think ill stay stock knob with one round knob and one square knob so thats ok. Now for the ZB reels, i have 4 zeebaas reels that all has the ZB OEM knobs on them, all of the kind ZB offers the (oval,circle,offshore round). 3 in size zx22 (1 bailess and 1 bailed and 1 in red that doesnt see use in both rotors bailed and bailless for my collection) and 1 in size zx25 (bailless) However my problem is i recently got another bailless ZB22 reel but it came with a ZB oval OEM knob. I HATE IT. So i want to replace that with some circle knob like the zb OEM one or the round ZB OEM offshore knob type of knob but dont really want to cough up $100 bucks for a ZB knob. So if anyone suggest a differnt brand knob for a fraction of cost and with same or better touch would be great. I thinking to get 2~3 knobs so if someone has a type or a size of knob that will fit perfectly please let me know. Anyone who has a differnt brand knob on there vs or zb please share what your setup is please. Also if anyone knows what fitment i need to buy for the zb knobs would be much appreciated. Or can i buy any knob that has the same size hex nut size not the handle only the knob part im looking for. Sorry im kinda clueless but want to upgrade a knob with the after market. So bottom line, i HATE THE OVAL ZEEBAAS KNOB and want to get a circle ZB knob or the offshore circle type knobs that is after market for a fair price and switch up all my zb reel's knobs. Sorry for such a long type. Friday night!!! Thank you
  10. Isnt that the golf ball thing? The extension used to pick up golf balls that you can pull out like that and you attach the net? I just get closest to the safest rock i can get on and grab leader and wrap around my gloved or clothed hand and wrap it in and pull out. Depends on how fast that distance is i change my leader length. I dont eat stripers so i never gaff them and i almost lost a rod and net trying to net with one hand while rod on the toher hand.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Cast Away Awesome man, thanks for taking the time. I have a 9' and 10' now, and don't see myself ever going longer than 10'6. I think the 22 is gonna get the nod as it seems like it'll do it all. And as you said, I can always get a spare spool/rotor and upsize in the future. Youll never go wrong with a ZB-22 imo. =) good luck!
  12. I wont be suprised if it was one of close friends or someone you know thats stealing ****. Also could be a group of crackheads stealing fishing equipments after knowing some reels cost a arm and a leg. Thats why i would never stick a zeebaas sticker on my car. I always leave my loud ass alarm on and leave my Cop family member Gold badge out on the dashboard (looks like a cop badge lol) and i have my shield on my windshield as well which probably scares some of these hoodrats from touching my car. Dam just thinking about someone stealing my fishing stuff gets me boiling. I hope you recover it and find these skumbags. Fisherman's are not a nice person to **** around with. US fisherman's are pretty hardcore and crazy at times lol. Hook that sucker if you findem with a octopus 10/0 and catch and picture and jail.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Cast Away Thanks bulrplehaze, do you use the 22 on the 10'? How have your experiences been? I use the 22 on the 9'6 slingshot and 10' legend and 10'6 predator. They fit perfect and balanced for me for all those size rods. But i did first get the 25 size because i planned on only having 1 ZB reel so i got the 25 thinking ill scrafice a little weight and have the bigger stronger 25 rather than the 22 but after getting the 22, its a bit more comfortable and less wear on yourself than a 25 which is why i use the 22 now. But the 22/25 you cant go wrong with either one. I really think 22 is more than enough for all surf application up to 11 ft rods. I dont like anything over 10'6 so i never tried the 22 on the 11 but im sure the 25 will fit better on the 11' rod. I did try the 25 on a 9' rod and it was a bit overkill but at 10' rod the 25 wasnt so bad and felt pretty well balanced. Hope this helps. I went from ALL vs150 vs200 vs250 to all ZB now. 1 thing you should know about the ZB's are the interchangable rotors. You can get a bailed rotor and handle only and have yourself a bailed reel and bailless reel. All zb models use same body 20/22/25/27. 20 and 22 shares same rotor size and spool is differnt size but interchangeable, 25 and 27 shares same rotor size and spools are different but compatible with each other. So 20 and 22 difference is only the spool. 25 and 27 is only the spool. 20 and 25 is the rotor and spool body is same etc.
  14. I have the zx22 in both bailed and bailless and zx25 bailless and i barley use the 25. The 22 fits all/most my needs and than some more. The 25 isnt much bigger or heavier either but just the 22 size is so versatile and not a small reel by any means and more than strong enough to pull cows in, i love it. Isnt as small as the vs150 and not as big as the vs200 so fits me perfect. But the 25 size will fit the heavy type of fishing as well with rods 10' and over IMO feels normal, if i go 9' rod with the 25 it feels a bit overkill but the zx25 fits most needs as well too. I think you should def try it out at a store before getting one.
  15. couldnt find any bass so went to my old togging secret spot which i never went to for 2 years since i was so addicted to surf fishing but had a blast with my girlfriend and a another couple. We were slaying the togs with crabs we caught at long beach ny between the rocks for bait lol and took it down to belmar area. 26"! being the biggest was hell of a fight. Didnt have my surf belt since i went togging but i bet it was well over 12lbs. Lost over 20 sinkers and used all half of a 5 gallon of crabs. Had about 30~togs total released all except 3, all over 20" we took home for some sashimi and stew. Me and my friend who fished for the fisrt time had a blast. The two girlfriends of ours just sat there wanting to go home LOL so we got them more beer so they can shut up which worked.