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  1. gorgeous weekend in Cottageville, SC
  2. those are to dress up his real feet
  3. Moon rock given to Holland by Armstrong and Aldrin was a piece of petrified wood
  4. Yoko Ono
  5. ORCA
  6. Bjork
  7. I have a Remington 870 that i use for both Turkey (Smooth bore barrel) and for Deer (Rifled Barrel) last year I mounted a scope 2X7X32 for use during the Long Island deer season. headed up for turkey this weekend. Should i keep the scope mounted? or mark it and remove it from the picatinny rail use the bead sights (turkey load already sighted on beads) and then remount it and re-check for zero at end of turkey season?
  8. if its an App you wouldn't be eating it with the ribs
  9. 6-900ft with cranking a 4/0 Senator F that lol
  10. Drive the suburban to San Anita and load it up with dead horses
  11. Charocal also wicks moisture Expert Tip: Keep a bucket of charcoal near your Harley and your chrome won't oxide/rust
  12. CrapTake's fixed it
  13. Take a dump in the backseat
  14. Hit the arborio rice with just white wine before you start the wine/broth mixture make a difference
  15. need the older 16A bomber from the 90's, has a fatter tail section then what looks like an A-Salt on the bottom right
  16. checked the other evening (saw 1 crab) hopefully its a good year i'm dying to make a big batch of Blueclaw Bisque
  17. Put a Pergo floor in that Biatch
  18. Probably for a lack of working Sunroof for 6 months
  19. Code Red is the only acceptable Dew
  20. Some schools Ketchup is a veggie
  21. So who’s the guy in your avatar? And any on welfare? We’re collecting data
  22. Yep busted him blowin Michael Waltrip
  23. We can blame Dale Earnhardt Jr
  24. I don’t eat any of that ****, ever
  25. We’ve seen your grill McD’s May be healthier