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  1. FWIW Peter Lugers steakhouse doesn’t sear with pepper on it just salt claims burnt pepper goes bitter but thats a damn tasty looking steak there
  2. 3 on a skiff? Hope BFF doesn’t stand for Big Fat Friend
  3. Of course I do Red but the point I’m making is they spend free money on a bunch of non essential or necessities, so why should money on drugs make any difference
  4. Parole is a bitch
  5. But they do, drive a Mercedes lowered, 22” rims, new Jordan’s, and using an EBT to buy taco mix
  6. Almost as bad as (next day) FB thank you for all the messages/phone calls and happy birthday wishes pity party
  7. Seriously if the welfare folk get a set amount does it matter if it’s spent on drugs, Jordan’s, or a hair weave?
  8. Not new, maybe just made it down to VA but not new at all
  9. I think he sets the bar really low, any single friends i know that tried those say it's mostly junkies and beat up chicks
  10. 3 different browsers will give you 3 different amounts
  11. Try google flights, I think Tuesday is the worst day to book a flight
  12. hope the prince got the good one
  13. very small percentage get cash (Temp Assistance) and a SNAP EBT i believe is for edible food items no cash withdrawals
  14. Thats work ethic, one of the few race/demographics where a father comes here dirt poor, bust his ass and his kids never have to work and are excepted to Harvard