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  1. SSN they use #’s from the deceased kid you not, my cousin works in ICE not sure if you remember the bust of 300 illegals about 12 years ago of the Swift food factory, my cousin collared a 5’ 3” illegal who’s SSN was Jimmy Hendrix,
  2. Must say vast improvement, kinda wish I did the receiver in flat black though
  3. Top boxers earn the most, no other sport comes close whats Mayweather? 100million for a single fight However, the purse for the two fighters was expected to be substantially higher for each, with Mayweather reportedly earning over $300 million from the fight 300million for 47min in the ring
  4. The hat is like a switch
  5. was thinking the same, if i goto DMV i need to have a SS card, Utility Bill, Etc.. what do they show up with? and how do we even know if they are who they claim to be? seems an easy way to get a new identity
  6. Bring it back... was actually a decent show to watch, anyone remember it, pretty sure we had a thread on it years ago it was the series that followed a bunch of arm wrestlers there was: The Pro The Has Been The young gun the teacher the drunk etc.. wonder why this football player was looking to get his arm snapped in Vegas
  7. do these plant people know how many furry creatures die in the process of farms harvesting their precious greens?
  8. American Gangster
  9. you think Anti-Vegans would lay down in front of a Combine?
  10. Ive caught skates and cownose rays but that looks like a genuine stingray, may want to watch your feet Roughtail Stingray (Dasyatis centroura) One of the largest of all the stingrays, 7 feet across and 14 feet long.
  11. do your best to make that happen Buddy has entered for over 20 years never drew a tag
  12. Wonder if SoccerOnline forum talks about how weak fisherman are, requiring kneepads and such
  13. Overrated, Karen
  14. I personally have not, My buddy Eddie hunted whitetail with him, he's held in high regard and certainly knows his craft (he's a deer tracker, doesn't sit in a stand) If i'm not mistaken aren't you permitted to accompany the hunter?
  15. See makes complete sense now since the Pyramid placement is based off Orion's Belt