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  1. you have to be out of your ****ing mind to pay $8 for a blue claw crab
  2. Sandflee


    It's mighty fine breathing weather today
  3. His first non Cameo movie was Conan that was 1982 he married a Kennedy in 1985 Im thinking that influenced his "Investments" cashflow
  4. Agreeing with Spaz is a mandate on any of his threads
  5. LOL it's what led me to the career Ive been at for 25+ Years
  6. all these guys that were giants are now handicapped Arnold seems to have overcome that
  7. She's a Kennedy he's not stupid $$$$$$$$
  8. best way to train a dog how to behave is with another dog. Always felt like our Bella taught Rebel how to be a good dog and Rebel has trained Brooke
  9. Pretty Funny Skept was tag back in the day when i used to write a throwey for the memories Jimmy
  10. Before squaring off.... Damn he's leaking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XcWlIPOLis
  11. we have one that I get on my camera (on the deck) when we aren't here Ive seen him definitely 2 miles away same cat pretty easy to identify it
  12. some cool videos of them doing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krNiFOy5Lvo
  13. Hey Rocky why not just get your commercial license?
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