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  1. surprised he did it they have been fairly stern with that law
  2. while high on Meth
  3. Operation doesn't seem very efficient "The methane lost to leakage is worth an estimated $2 billion, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, enough to heat 10 million homes in the U.S." but NASA studies are BS and is likely funded by the Russians too
  4. Poor guy had no access to a camera and a printer
  5. Sha Na Na > Oak Island
  6. So your reaching for just above 50% odds? Sound like ****** Magic
  7. There are no chance if it’s random question is how many hearts or non hearts remain?
  8. Gotta respect a guy that’s worth 50million yet his wardrobe is just 1 denim shirt
  9. Poor Red just realized he hasn’t been eating gourmet his entire life
  10. Natural lite
  11. I’m done working for today
  12. It’s like a hunting camp staple fireball, bird dog, Hiram Walker
  13. Coors Light takes that title
  14. SKYE Vodka < Fireball
  15. Drink not food agreed