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  1. At what point does the average citizen say F these guys, its sickening the power or corrupt political douche nozzles and the beat just goes on.
  2. aren't they burning down the farms of any white farmers in S. Africa?
  3. They all wanted to sleep with the Admirals son
  4. Hope you deleted the photo, wife may not be too pleased if you saved it
  5. It is possible that the two yutes...
  6. What if it's rider is someone in a human weight class?
  7. you have Wheelie bars on a trike?
  8. McCain is the only Prisoner of War in history that was permitted conjugal visits
  9. Revelation for you tella tubbies, eat a Beef burger and do a few situps
  10. Bring lots of props, foam core, board illustrations, model cars and a giant stack of paper in a folder maybe do a demonstration with a piece of sheet rock and a sledge hammer
  11. Turkey Burgers and Tube Steak go hand in hand
  12. Might as well eat a To-**** burger
  13. they buried him with a copy of (Sammy "the Bull" Gravano's book)
  14. Turkey burgers are for fat bodies
  15. Crazy the prices on some of them $2500+