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  1. Many more people die in the US from the flu and thats not mandated
  2. just the ones with the measels
  3. Jesus shows up in Mysterious ways
  4. The point he was making is you will enforce the vaccination of some even if it is against their religious beliefs (Likely this group of Orthodox Jews has not been vaccinated for generations), but at the same time would allow 100's of thousands of central americans to be set free in the US without any documentation of vaccinations whatsoever
  5. Thats when they thought it would be to their advantage
  6. It was nice to see someone showing Hophead how to give some throttle on his new bike
  7. more importantly if a tree falls on Hophead in the forrest does anyone care to hear it?
  8. what's sad is the amount of everyday people reading this report and acting like they are going to discover something Mueller missed. lol
  9. Flipped out that how could Barr reach a summary and conclude on a 400 page report in 48hrs.... CNN and MSNBC managed to post what they discovered in 45 minutes...
  10. Probably more people have visited it in the past few days than ever before, it was also reported someone saw Jesus in the flames
  11. Well thats it no matter what you do to rebuild the awe is that is was built 900 years ago without modern construction, they should stabilize it and keep it as a ruin, still have as many tourists like the roman coliseum
  12. Following the devastation of the Notre Dame Cathedral there has been donations pouring in from billionaires to rebuild, Most churches i gather will be asking for additional donations at Easter Mass, considering the catholic diocese is one of the richest organizations in the world you would think they could easily rebuild no? how much do you think will actually be applied to the rebuilding versus whats donated?
  13. And they all died. touching story
  14. Arab and eyetalians are connected by a unibrow