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  1. hope things work out and you get to enjoy it
  2. at least paper companies when harvesting a natural resource have the regenerate the forest by planting tree's, what does the commercial fishing industry do to replenish the resource?
  3. did the DR 2X before trying Mexico, nearly the same price and the staff in Mexico was by far more friendly and the food was superior to the DR
  4. I would venture to guess that the amount of $$ spent in tackle shops this year is way down, remember you cannot put a bass on the dinner table if there is none available to do so. dont get me wrong i enjoy a nice bass filet as much as anyone else and in years past if i wanted a bass for the table I could accomplish that 90% of the time, now not so much i'm more likely to land a bunch of brown sharks then I am a keeper bass
  5. Thank you for taking the time to clarify that. we can all agree we had some banner years in the past and dismal situation currently, but we all have to make sacrifices, sorry but its a public resource and thereby belongs to the recreational fisherman as much if not more than the commercial sector, and perhaps they fill the void by targeting seabass and scup or other sustainable species, because they "do this for a living" doesn't mean we owe or they are entitled to anything. and one could argue a healthy recreational industry supports far more financial opportunities.
  6. most reasonable anglers are will to sacrifice striped bass dinner for the good of the overall population, however no PB or Commercial interes is will to sacrifice a paycheck (which is understandable) until forced to do so. and unfortunately for those sectors that's whats on the near horizon whether enforced by law or by nature herself, the current trajectory has that outcome inevitable
  7. yes and they will continue to ask for more until Increasingly Difficult turns into Impossible
  8. certainly works for the vast majority of hunting
  9. that's a terrible analogy, you suggesting bass will be sold on street corners? lol
  10. yes, but we are talking the non-removable kind
  11. eliminate the market and you will eliminate the market poaching
  12. yeah i'm sure that's the only day such an incident and fake VTR report was filled out, I guess the DEC were just lucky that day
  13. and here i thought all southern dogs were toofless like the owners
  14. how do you scale the performance evaluation on lets say kindergarten students, first graders, mentally challenged, special needs?
  15. we have an accurate collection of data, it's right here on SOL, a collection of fisheman from all walks of life, some who fish frequently and others on occasion but one thing we can gather from this first hand data is obvious, they is without question a decline in the available bass. so one can take there surveys, the statistical numbers, their year class data, there inaccurate VTR's and the rest of the scientific garbage and come to terms with the fact they have done a disservice in attempted management to all