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  1. The Reddington is a low end reel, but even a great reel won't help your casting Personally i Love the Bauers
  2. you don't fly fish do you 5/6 it a trout rod
  3. Saltwater 9wt salt and pond 7/8
  4. Last night did a Mediterranean pork stuffed loin Garlic, spinach, feta and sundried tomatos glaze with Balsamic, dijon, garlic, lemon zest not my pic but it's awesome
  5. US in process of releasing monkeypox vaccine from national stockpile for 'high-risk' people,
  6. Same here, circle hooks only, bait fish and J hooks no bueno
  7. WF floater (easiest to pick up off the water) or Intermediate (personally think easiest to cast but not to pick up) get rid of the shooting head that’s a whole other technique in casting 20+ years only thing I’ve ever used a shooting head for was casting 14” bunker flys
  8. So… out of the ICU last night, today walking on her own to and from bathroom, had a sit down shower and looking like no need for in patient physical rehab we can have them come to the house or goto a facility just need to get her to eat without the nausea
  9. Good lord ya garnished with parsley before cooking
  10. Timmy Downer
  11. I predict a clouser to the back of the head is in Reeds future when he gets a crosswind onto his casting side
  12. He needs a good foundation to grow from you want him flailing away and painting the ceiling approach for his full Fly Casting career?
  13. Trader Joe is for Millennials and hipsters
  14. he's the one who picked it up. and it's something that takes time to learn and be proficient and when you succeed it blows away Regular fishing
  15. and he responded (you shouldn't have backlashed then).