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  1. Props to Wally’s on the everything bagel, a perfect platform for the lox, cream cheese, onion and tomato
  2. Your like a bull in a china shop
  3. Benjamin Moore i hope
  4. He's got a nice spread The Gates family owns 242,000 acres of farmland
  5. to be fair
  6. Ah the wonderful smell of Cam2
  7. you can just back out like that?
  8. The Super Snake has a monstrous 427cid, 800hp twin Paxton supercharged V8 with a super three-speed automatic transmission. In addition to use as his personal automobile, Shelby drove the Cobra in a running of the “Turismos Visitadores” in Nevada. In February 1968,
  9. no He was famous for being part of the Medellin Cartel and helping Pablo Escobar smuggle planeloads of cocaine into the U.S. That was a big deal because, at the time, Escobar's cartel was responsible for distributing 80% of the world's cocaine -- and about 15 tons of blow reportedly came into the U.S. per day ... for a weekly haul of $420 million.
  10. Smuggling anymore Jung helped Pablo Escobar with shipments into the U.S. George Jung, the cocaine smuggler portrayed by Johnny Depp in “Blow,” died on Wednesday at the age of 78. great movie...
  11. wasn't the whole beauty of the original 427 Cobra is that it had a 50/50 power to weight ratio?
  12. Red wants to look good for Florida
  13. Red, Kayak, Live bait sent to the bottom at the bridges, Goliath Grouper, GoPro please
  14. you don't say...