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  1. Yeah I'll do that. Sending PM now.
  2. AH darter still available at $70 now.
  3. AfterHours Darter still available.
  4. NP. AH darter still available! $75 shipped
  5. Meet me in the middle at $72 and it's yours.
  6. AfterHours Darter still available.
  7. Sure that works. I will PM w/ payment info.
  8. Ok that works. I will PM w/ payment info.
  9. For Sale only, no Trades please. NIP AfterHours 3oz Solid Yellow Darter - $75 shipped 5 SS Bullet Needlefish - $75 shipped (SOLD) - Redeye White (Lightly Used) - Redeye Black (Never thrown but carried) - Standard White Bullet (Never thrown but carried) - Standard Parrot (Never thrown but carried) - Standard Green/White (Very lightly used) 1 Used 2008 Kevin Gledhill/HCL/BlueShark Lure in Custom Parrot Sparkle - $35 (SOLD) - I used this a few times and it swims great, catches wonderfully. - One hack out of the head from a Bluefish, a few other pointers and slight discoloration - This has a ton of life left in it, fish it or collect it. - If I recall correctly, this is from the first run that he ever sold to the public. All prices include shipping and are Paypal only.
  10. One last time then I will move this elsewhere.
  11. Is anyone interested in the following once-fired (Target) Shotshell hulls? These are all mint, once-fired, stored indoors and ready to go. 168 12ga Remington Nitro 27 (Gold) - $8 452 12ga Winchester AA-HS (some gray AA's mixed in) - $20 373 20ga mix of Win AA-HS & Remington Premier STS - $18 721 .410 mix of Win AA-HS and Remington Clay/Field (Prob 60% Remington) - $50 I am on Long Island so this is local pickup only. My total above is $96 -- $75 is the price if someone takes the lot.
  12. Thanks for the offer but that leaves me too short for what I have in it and considering the condition, amount of use, etc.
  13. I got one from a friend around the time I was looking. Thanks though!