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  1. Ocean and Bay.
  2. Every time I drive the Ocean Parkway I think about all that "long walk" beach from Jones to Tobay. Never been in that stretch.
  3. Boat......Live Bunker Beach..Atom Little Neck Popper
  4. Black
  5. When has it not been a windy weekend in 2018 ?
  6. Dark spot...Piece of an old dock most likely. The sand eel invasion seems to have originated from a website posting a pic of one found on the beach. Must be the lead invasion team.
  7. I track temps unscientifically. Two weeks ago we were on seasonal average. Right now about 1-2 degrees lower. Don't buy into the nonsense, just get a line in when you can and karma along with persistence will get you there.
  8. In Breezy Point we refer to that as the NJ Turnpike.. Somewhere around Jones / Long Beach the bass point their noses at lower Monmouth County NJ and never come inshore. Granted there have been a few short lived good innings but if you are covering the honey do list, working, or missed it.
  9. Morrell large size foam box. Cheap and they float. Fits about any vest or hip pocket.
  10. I'm on this one. Agree 100%. Only thing I would recommend as a variant is throw a bucktail that has an extended profile and some flash. Needs to be about the size of the bait and retrieve it very erratically. Not necessarily fast but big rod movements. Never found a peanut run I had trouble with but I'm particular with the bucktail I use. If you want the name, PM me. Can't promote here.
  11. Yellow Darters in Montauk, Green Needlefish at Block Island. Both work at night. White bucktails at night too. So tell me why I need all these colored plugs ? About the only time I really mess with colors anymore is when the water is brown and I need something to stand out. Black and Chartreuse both seem to work.
  12. We have all heard it before...color is for the fisherman. Presentation, action and profile most times.
  13. Bob For a strategy with a fly rod / sand crab set up. I'm thinking I should just do a short flip into the wash and let some line slip through my fingers as the back wash tugs away. Sounds to me like that's the way to present them naturally, as opposed to casting over the waves. ??
  14. Just added mine. How long does it take for a post to show up. Seems like there is a delay ?
  15. Too many steps