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  1. Sometimes it's about water temperature, other times it's air temp because the water is already easy to deal with. Anywhere from shorts, to jeans, to a liner under the jeans, to no jeans , just the liner and a fleece ( varying levels ) . Covers me in the northeast from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Exceptions when you are mid winter salmon fishing and the temps are 5 F to 20 F. No cotton. Body or feet when it gets chilly.
  2. There are big ugly guys stripping in the lower lot all the time !
  3. I cut the bend and tip off the fly. A little less weight but realistic air resistance. I use yellow or another bright color.
  4. Just came back from 3 days of Beamoc and Esopus tribs. Good results but most noticeable was that the water levels are excellent for the first time in a long while.
  5. They make the science up as they go. There are hundreds of groins in NJ and every inlet has jetties.They were put in to protect against erosion and littoral drift filling the channels. Overall they were a far better solution than simply dredge and drop, wash away and repeat ad infinitum. Who built all those rock piles ? I now live in NY. NY has it's own issues and plenty of groins and jetties. The current Rockaway Peninsula plan calls for extending existing groins seaward and building several new ones.If they work in NY they will work in NJ. The littoral drift is the same problem in either. There is no 100% foolproof solution. Mother Nature has a big hammer.It does seem however that what NY and NJ had years ago is far better than this new direction. Someone's pockets are being lined.
  6. It's usually just some moisture that got in there.I had a Century lock up. Nothing helped. As we got into early morning December fishing, and considering that I carried the rod outside on a roof rack, stored it outside overnight etc, it never warmed. We had a run of slightly short fish and between the constant exposure to the cold, the flex in the joint from casting / recovering, the whole thing just shook loose. I always rinse the rod tight and loosen it for storage. Never had a problem since. This story is my basis for trusting the cold approach. Don't use chemicals.
  7. Every episode is different. Start with the rubber gloves. Move on to the two big guys working each end and finish up with leaving it / putting it a a cold environment over night.
  8. Not sure but it seems about equal. The ODM is a more moderate blank, so the whole effort requires a different tempo. The trade off is that some plugs like metal lips throw much better with the ODM. Pencil poppers are easier to work and in general I feel like I can pull much more aggressively with the ODM. Plugs like the DSPM I have to pay attention. I end up with a tumbling helicopter if I throw as fast as the Century. Both are good rods and bear in mind that my Century was bare bones original launch model and ODM is a custom rod ( Lou Caruso ).
  9. So I read the thread and the flies look great. If color doesn't always matter should I be able to throw a large woolybugger ? My guess is yes.
  10. Owned a 1265 for a bunch of years. I bought the factory model when they first came out. I have taken loads of fish on it, blues to 20# and largest bass was about 31#. The blue of course was more work. Nice rods, casts very well and in my opinion matched up well with a VS 200. I would say the weight range depending on whether it's a bucktail or plug would be 3/4 buck ( 1/2 if you have some help ) up to 2 3/8 SS popper/ needle etc. I occasionally threw the 2 3/4 SS popper but it was marginal at that point. Did not feel perfect but did throw long on that weight. DSPM, loaded Redfins and most plugs at 1oz + are fine. I still have it as a backup but I fish with an ODM Nex 1, 1-4oz.
  11. I have this line on my 9 wt. I'm enjoying this thread since I fit into the not so stellar caster category and have found my own niche for OBS. Started fishing in the dark more than prior 2 years. Between the wind, dark and occasional rain ( every day lately ) I like the quick single back cast and fire that OBS gives me. I believe it's safer because I'm more in control as long as I'm not trying to throw hero casts. Of course working on my casting skills is a better long term approach, but damn I want to catch some fish now even if they are a bit small lately.
  12. Hey it's a new world. You can't get a license in NJ if you have unpaid child support. I always thought it was a bit weird but I'll bet anyone who does simply lies to them.
  13. Holy Batman Robin !
  14. What's wrong with being a Moran ? Nice Irish name.
  15. Absolutely amazing. Great job on your part and congratulations on the fish of a lifetime. The guy who sold me my first saltwater fly rod, a 9 weight, told me that I could handle up to about a 38# fish on it. I think I had better adjust the confidence level that I have in that rod. Now if I could just find.....