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  1. There are barges, hourly ferries ( the are flying ), a DEP Barge a few times a day ( a large boat ), numerous party boats and all sorts of boats also creating a substantial wake. The channel is not your friend. Other locations are OK but watch the wakes. Lots of boats under or nearly under all the time. Cables, rip rap etc applies under the MPB.
  2. Owned not permitted. Minor correction.
  3. Well tied flies can be found on line in the range of 75 cents to 3 bucks.
  4. They could put every school bus in the state of NY in there and hide them well enough that you could barely see them. I call BS on their explanation. They don't want to police the drag racers in there in the evenings or spend the time and money to clean up each week. My issue is only that a lot of folks fish, shoot archery, launch kayaks,picnic or just generally walk about in there. No harm, no foul. We have more people with free time than ever before and those idiots close a 1,000 + acre facility.
  5. Floyd Bennett was closed as of yesterday. The whole airfield, not just the Ryan Center.
  6. Lots of vehicles there last few days. Look for the tickets to start arriving on the windshields very soon.
  7. What does a 1,000 + acre facility and Covid-19 have to do with each other ? Just curious.
  8. Matt Was is spiked where it was when I spoke to you or did you move past the buoy ?
  9. That might be even worse. Douchebags abound.
  10. Even if you can only get the vehicle make and better, the plate info, the DEC folks will have it on a short list.
  11. Matt Did you check the low water ? I know it was at mid night but the rod / reel should be along that flat somewhere.
  12. Loctite Gel is better than the liquid super glues and only use a tiny dab. That's all you will need.
  13. I suspect that whether we are talking charters, private boats, headboats, the white bucket brigade, surfcasters or commercials there will always be the good, the bad and the ugly. Life works that way. Over the years I have met some people who were terrific conversationalists, funny, and generally friendly socially but flat out sucked in everything else. Probably not going to change.
  14. I have a Terrapin and I would say it's as good or better than reels costing a lot more. I don't have the "service" experience that many on here do in terms of caring for your own stuff, but generally I hit it with fresh water after about 2 of every 3 trips and it's good to go. I also have a VS VF which costs a bit more, but VS pedigree is hard to beat and again like Colton, talking to a real person if necessary is not too difficult.