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  1. Wind is rarely in a good direction, even when it's right behind you. Seems that way.
  2. Lousy weather may help too !
  3. You already know this but, the money always goes elsewhere. It doesn't matter what state or if it's federal. Gambling, Tolls, Social Security,'s all tax and spend. There is never any accountability. Does any state ever cut it's spending, staffing, pensions, all the stupid programs for monuments, birds and special events...not to mention education handouts and welfare cheats ? Nor does the federal government.. On and on it goes.
  4. From Long Island...Are 35 mph winds funny ?
  5. Wait till one of those dead chicken ceremony leftovers is found in a Deal backyard.
  6. Start with Gibbs. You can't go wrong.
  7. In the old days you could drive around the "end" at Montauk. Things do change. Not sure if driving on the Hook would be a good thing.
  8. With all due respect what we have is "techno speak BS". Over fishing=we are tking too many fish. Over fished=we took too many fish. Much simpler but the ASMFC has no room to slip and slide in those simple terms.
  9. You may be right but it will never approach some like the "Monthly Fishing Report" or all of the "What's Better ?" threads.
  10. Still the walking can be long distance, and sand is all soft. From the 9 Gun lot up to the beach is a haul, and then going east ( at least to the ropes ) or west, hmmm ? Or North Beach ( when going left isn't roped off ) can be a hoof. Most of the other areas are much closer to where you park and there is plenty of parking. The place can be downright spooky late at night.
  11. It's a worldwide problem. Not enough fish left, too many people. There may be some pockets where that's not true but overall it's what goes on. When we run out of groundfish we are doomed.
  12. Unpopular idea but I care not. No fishing on the breeding fish, C&R or otherwise.... DEC to shut it down from X date to Y date, no compromise until we have fish in all slots, in abundance. I also happen to do some fly fishing and regarding the garbage along the shores, I see far less ( almost non ) in creeks and rivers not far from NYC. Compared to what we see on the beaches I have to wonder about the fishermen we share our spots with.
  13. Question is how far up along the east facing Hook can you go, allowing for the Plover roped off areas. ? And how far do they extend around the tip. ?
  14. The fish ain't laughing !
  15. Totally different casting as I am learning over the past year or so. My baby double haul is OK all day long with a 4# to 6# in a river, but my timing is forced once I get out into the open air with my 9#. Forced as in, I had better get working on it. Great advice above.