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  1. My interest unlike the few previous posts on the "wind farms" as a fossil fuel replacement and our over zealous need to do everything electric. Fossil fuels will run the world for well beyond the next 100 years. Even the wind farms consume oil, present recycling problems etc. Nothing wrong with cutting emissions but our useful idiots in DC are shoving it down our throats without the needed planning and due diligence. Look for the money trail. It's always there. As for the whales. No one has a real answer because the teams doing the necropsies are still working on whales and dolphins from 2021 and 2022. Hit by a ship is definitely a real cause of death, but not necessarily the root cause. There should be a big pause right now.
  2. Like most things government, when there is a pot of money reality / honesty goes out the window,
  3. Doesn't sound too painful. Liking retirement I guess. I spend most of my fishing time in and around the west end of Long Island. Generally speaking all of this terrain is NYC or very close to. If all I had to worry about was a gator or cotton mouth life would be grand. The local denizens of the dark around here, in most of the back bay areas, carry unregistered guns, illegal knives, and all sorts of weapons of individual destruction. They are also keenly interested of relieving you of your equipment and vehicle, to sell and buy drugs. Wonderful animals. Although I rarely get to fish from a boat, I get it. All of those flats, mangrove forests and islands in Florida look really appetizing. Maybe some day, "and that day may never come" ( Godfather ) I will get the calling.
  4. As a good friend reminded me years ago when he was about 71, RIP a year later. "We are now sitting in the first pew". I was cranking along until I hit 72, then a twitch here and there. Now at 75 I have as many medical professionals in my contact list as I do friends. Not for sissies.
  5. Black will show dinks, silver or gold not. Some guys like the stealthy look black . I don't think fish give a hoot unless you hang a light on it. I have a bunch. VS and VR's... One gold, the rest silver. All three colors look pretty cool if you ask me.
  6. The PCB Hudson scare did as much to bring the levels up as the moratorium. Nobody wants bass, poachers go away. Life for commercials gets tougher etc. When they, the guvmint, suddenly decided that we could enjoy more PCBs than originally touted, it was game on to an extent.
  7. I have bone and yellow in both sizes. I'm a sucker for new things if they look to me like a winner. I need the fish to adopt that attitude. I've caught a few on the smaller bone but haven't given the larger ones much chance through last year. Somehow I have morphed into a being a bucktail nut. About 80% of my time is spent with bucktails. Sometimes that lesser motion of the swarter will outfish the real wiggly ones IMO. Why I also always pack a needle or 2.
  8. Maybe it's the roads that ought to be inspected, not the vehicles. Where's all the infrastructure money going ?
  9. I like to put it on the rod for feel. Buying a $250 reel is very different than an $800 reel in terms of getting it exactly right for what you like.
  10. I believe that most of the time it's not going to make a difference. Every so often it does, sort of like flash making a difference occasionally. I have few wounded bucktail jigs, ie, one eye. My favorites.
  11. My wife told me that all the guys in the local OA Home fish a few times a week. Then she mentioned toilet bowl fishing. I had better keep my bad behavior to a minimum.
  12. Can someone tell me if tis is a problem on specific sizes of the VSX 2 manual pickup. Thanks.
  13. Nothing concrete yet about the 2023 sale dates.
  14. Staying home may be an option now, but I'm not so sure it will in the future. Getting up to the St Lawrence in the tidal areas on a straight line is about 800 miles from home for me. A lot further on the ground, and then it would require a lot of trial and error. The learning curve has always been an enjoyable part of it all. But ! Nowhere near your trip but still not a shorty. What we have here is a spring, April through June, fishery and the fall return as the fish head southeast to Virginia. That's usually mid October through Christmas, but there have been years when smaller fish were in the surf as late as mid January. That's almost always on a sand eel bite or the one year that we had a late run of herring around Christmas. We met briefly in a diner one morning in Chatham. You were guiding a young team of brothers that day. I fill my striper chasing down time with trout. I particularly find the really small streams to be a lot of fun, but the larger versions up in the Catskill region are challenging as well as fun. Unfortunately the adventurous fishing days are gone by for me. A couple of rocks to the head can take care of a bit of reckless fishing. I'm just hoping I can still handle some long walks and strange hours, not to mention a tough fish, for the next 8 years, The ASMFC is now considering commercial transfers from state to state, ensuring that they kill as many fish as they can. I'm hoping they leave enough for us surf rats to enjoy the seasons.
  15. Both Brooklyn and Queens are technically on Long Island. All I can say is that the rest of Long Island has it easy.