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  1. I'm just hoping that I'm one of the old guys in the next generation rather than a young one in the last.
  2. "Nobody will pay to fish for fish that don't exist" TimS. That about sums it up ! Until we can all admit that the fishery is in trouble nothing is going to change. Even now the AHats are working on arguments to promote the weakening of thresholds. From "Fissues". Can't dunk ? Lower the rim.
  3. Twice I have had a "screw eye darter belly hook" release on me. Not exactly serious fish either. I wrote to the manufacturer who never answered me. I almost took those right in the face at night. I still fish those old screw eye plugs but I always remove the belly hook and front screw, coat the screws in Super Glue or an equivalent and then reset them. I'll take through wire all day long.
  4. Not to mention that Maryland and New Jersey modified their 25% downward with conservation equivalency BS which is garbage. Maryland's argument....the fish leave all season and all they are left with is they reduce the fish size and kill those inside the bay. Friggen brilliant. And then we have NJ whose argument is largely that the bass migrate past them, so they just set up their own rules. More crap. Very sad and very greedy.
  5. Just a random thought about these big structure changes. We regularly hear that SS Sandy changed many locations and no doubt this work will changes something along the immediate north and south sides of Montauk. Isn't it logical that new structure is also being created closer or further away ?
  6. Not a lot of room in the fort for that big stuff. Love to know the plan before I buy the CH pass. Anyone ?
  7. Probably should add a "visible rods bent" measurement. There are days when a couple of hundred casts and two fish would make you a stud.
  8. People forget how big a 25 to 27" fish really looks. It's easy, when you have not caught a 28" to 32" fish in a long while, to over read the size of a fish. Most guys fishing the same beach I do are referring to the bigger fish they are seeing as 22" to 23" fish. They are actually 17 to 20" fish but in comparison to all the 13" rats they look bigger. Forgive them, it's easy to fall into the rat trap.
  9. Probably the easiest way would be to take your desired rod and reel set up to a football field at 100 yards.. Cast away. If you throw past the goal posts you can measure that with a tape easier than measuring the whole layout. Or a soccer field...I believe they are 110 yds.
  10. I like the word "need" in this case.
  11. Bob, You continue to amaze me. When I was a mere toady I fished the SD, all over it. We were happy to catch White Perch, Tom Cod, Small ( mostly ) Stripers, Bullheads and the biggest eels I have ever seen to this day. Never even thought about gearing upwards and having a chance for some big bass. Still, it was good fishing.
  12. Ocean and Bay.
  13. Every time I drive the Ocean Parkway I think about all that "long walk" beach from Jones to Tobay. Never been in that stretch.
  14. Boat......Live Bunker Beach..Atom Little Neck Popper
  15. Black