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  1. While you'll never know for sure unless you uncover a label under the grip I'll base my opinion on the color represented in the photo. My money is on Fenwick. Lamiglass yellow is more orange tint where Fenwick yellow favors a lemon tint. Guides used were popular in the early 80's.
  2. It's said that when Sturgeon jump they are ridding themselves of parasites. Seem favorite spots are SandBar edges near deeper water. I had the pleasure only once, bright sunny August afternoon, anchored the boat and just sat watching the show. Went on for better than a hour untill the Tide dropped off. All sized from Baby's up to six footers one little guy got me wet landing within arms length of my CC. Of course no camera just great memory.
  3. You might try stick on lead dots in different areas and observing the changes. Another experiment would be testing using mono rather than braid to see if it rides higher.
  4. All of the above are effective and constructive treatments. But, I've always found several applications of warm moist saliva absolutely magical.
  5. Many a modern day reel owner would be delighted with that line lay. My first Mitchel had a bail like that.
  6. obviously none of you have been cut by a gill plate.
  7. Forgot where I found them but I had plastic test tube with a screw top, worked great. Might have been blanks for soda bottles before they were formed into final shape. eBay has plenty of choices.
  8. This is a successfully proven variation. You can also bend the spoon between the screw and ring changing the depth. Plus a drop of CrazyGlue on the hook shank to stop sliding.
  9. Its quite sharp already.
  10. Small Boker Auto not much larger than a book of matches. Very slim solid deployment 2in blade liner locking fast. New in box, $64.95 shipped paypal Boker Plus Shamsher G10 VIDEO
  11. Easy fix. Drill a entry and exit hole, blow out with compressed air, seal with round tooth pics and 5min epoxy.
  12. Will result in fewer hook ups plus lure will ride higher
  13. The little lever fires the blade. See video
  14. Small Boker Auto not much larger than a book of matches. Very slim solid deployment 2in blade liner locking fast. New in box, $64.95 shipped paypal Boker Plus Shamsher G10 REPLY OTHER THREAD ABOVE
  15. My buddy has a magnetic rack which worked quite well. We drove all over Marthers Vinyard never moved a inch. I believe it sold for about $140. There is also a vacuum mounted system by SeaSucker you could check.
  16. Magnetic Thule fishing rods roof rackRod Actually a SnowBoard/Ski carrier TransportMagneticRod Transport
  17. Try Bears Den Fly Shop web site
  18. I remember a very simular lure sold under the Spro label.
  19. Find a local estuary or creek that holds small bait fish such as killies or speering. Observe how they swim and feed. They never swim in straight lines without variations. Up-down left-right stop-start fast-slow, unpredictable movements is how to successfully use artificial lures.
  20. Take a look at TFO rods. I don't know it they offer what you're looking for but they make a nice product priced well with a great warranty.
  21. Light coat of UV cured acrylic for a small repair.
  22. I might add dressed trailers. Various sized O'Shaunesy bends dressed with Bucktail plus some with feathers, white-blue-chartreuse-black and some split rings. Productive way to aid a slow bite.
  23. Good old China quality