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  1. One for the barbecue, got the ChugBug in the gills. Many this size chasing the Bunker to the top. A afternoon to remember.
  2. ——-top water action on poppers bottom of tide. All released.
  3. ——-top water action on poppers bottom of tide. All released.
  4. Select three medium sized and polish em up. All hair to one feathers to another and a tube to the last. Block Tins are fun, swim great, catch and don’t go to deep.
  5. To avoid stickyness and mess purchase a length of heat shrink tubing cut a two inch section slide into place and shrink with a hair dryer. Lock nut will stay in place, it will be smooth and comfortable plus easy to remove.
  6. Got to include a Hg loaded 7in RefFin
  7. SE's are like gold since the bankruptcy last season. My guys have new SoCals but no 26 or 29in. Or 26in GT which are nice.
  8. Depends on so much, most Tins that are used by Surf Fishermen (Hopkins-Kastmaster-Crocodiles) and the like are used by Freshwater Fishermen as jigging spoons vertically. The Hopkins performed best for me but for shear numbers nothing could ever match the Eva Diamond Jig.
  9. New or used
  10. Although I no longer have these thought a picture would help for reference.
  11. Where are u located and what model SE r u after?
  12. The big mouth popper Blue/yellow scales looks like a CCBC the Mac bulgeing eye popper maybe a GooGoo eyes
  13. Funny, I’v got plenty of 5in Rebels and fished the 7in Norman lure some but can’t remember a 5in version. Can you post a sample picture?
  14. I would give serious thought to purchasing from a local full service dealer rather than via the net.