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  1. Durable but heavy
  2. The XL double thick ones are about 5-6oz I think and were reproduced. My local shop carried them before they closed.
  3. agree, early
  4. I believe Bob took over the family plugbuilding business from his Dad who was one of the original Jersey Shore sharpies.
  5. Typically Hg RedFins run between 32 and 36 grams. Its more about how they swim rather than weight.
  6. Shipping and fees included, all new
  7. I have a number of older ruff sided Hg loaded $35 each
  8. Could be missing a washer
  9. Very simple job for any experienced rod-builder.
  10. Thanks, PM on the way
  11. SOLDLarge lever release automatic. 4in blade 8 3/4 overall, stag grips New In Box $42 PayPal shipped.
  12. I'll take them Jay. Seriously, buying not selling.
  13. Van Staal Stainless pliers in excellent condition, whats the going rate???