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  1. Bump for “Buy Of The Year”
  2. If you compare the three alignment pins on the 145 side plate to a more current Production Squidder you’ll see The newer design protrudes far less than those of the 145. The right ring of a 140-145-146 all interchange on paper but not in real life. What you probably have is a new right ring. Try and locate a older Squidder With matching pin style and test fit. You’ll probably see a difference and solve the problem.
  3. Some years back I vacationed in Myrtle Beach. Decided to take a rod at the last minute on a wim. I had a 7ft plugging stick and some BlueFish Poppers. Did very well much to the surprise of the locals. So don’t be afraid to try something different.
  4. I can’t offer any Sargent’s but do have one pair of very heavy duty Stainless remaining that I was selling for a buddy. 42.50 shipped PP. thanks
  5. An interesting variation. I can only think of four different colours that are “see through”. 1 Grey Ghost 2 Hot Pink 3 Yellow Back 4 Tennessee Shad. Anyone got another?
  6. Loosen the two large bolts below the engine coweling, test drive the boat and push the motor overboard. Once back to the slip report it stolen to your insurance company.
  7. EagleClaw 254 has oversize eye ideal for split rings
  8. RIP Al sad day. I think it was Saltwater Sportsman that ran his life story some years back. What a sad read.
  9. The idea of loading originally was to increase casting distance. Then to load without affecting lure performance. Hg fits the bill, moves freely/quickly and settles into the low point permitting side to side motion without affecting action. A properly plug has very little weight added, just enough moving to the tail to cause the plug to fly like a Dart rather than a Potato Chip. Rather than the “secret sauce” tiny stainless ball bearings work great. Sealing plastic round cocktail tooth picks or handles from kids arts and craft paint brush’s are good. 5min epoxy and file smooth. Enough secrets. Remember you only need a small amount of weight, don't overload or you'll kill the action.
  10. The oldest CO9 I had in my collection, a Cotton Cordell from before Pratco. Note the smooth finish and screw eye hook hangers.
  11. Back when I was collecting I had three different versions of the F80 & F90, smooth surface, ruff sided/bark like surface and lightly embossed surface. One of my mentors swore that the smooth finish (the chrome's and the photo finish designs) were the earliest. A side note; I found that a great replacment for a broken lip can be made from the material Plaino uses for there boxes.
  12. A F-90 has a much fatter body (the cross section). Without better photos I would have to think that the prior owner just bent down the eye in a attempt to get it to swim higher.
  13. Found that tieing direct and using a Black Plug greatly increased my catch ratio during Fire Conditions.
  14. a line from a book about fishing the Cape sticks out in my mind, the author asks his son "how big was your fish, his reply, about Five Dollars"
  15. Two Rebel F40’s one sinking one floating, Bomber 16a Sossin and a second generation Bomber