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  1. Think Vinnie B cornered the market.
  2. You can get brand new Diawa SS 2600's for $130, simple-outstanding drag-great caster, 3-4 for the cost of a used VS.
  3. You need Joe runs Maz Man Charters out of Staten Island, best of them all. He'll give you Rockway, Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook.
  4. Probably selling and repurchasing would be most convenient if
  5. Guess private property or closed section is one and the same. Do agree.
  6. Some fifteen odd years back a good friend and master of the Rigged Eel gave me this photo and swore me to silence. My only info was the location Susquehanna Flats spring time and a 7in Black/gold Rebel, released after photo. The angler wasn't named and no static's were provided. I just stumbled on it while organizing my photo file. One thing for sure, the angler isn't a young ASrod, but I'd sure like to pat him on the back. isn't that a beautiful Striper???
  7. I sincerely hope you headed the warnings, "throughly disinfect you hands after touching and under no circumstances consume any of it's flesh".
  8. My buddy and myself used to end the tide each morning by switching to a popper with the hooks removed, the first guy to lift a Blue out of the water before it let go won Free Breakfast.
  9. Never used it but Amazon has Cadillac Cork Seal for 7.99 . I'ed stick with the U-40.
  10. I'll second Nick Karas in a big way.
  11. Perfection was achieved in 1970 twice, first the LS6 Chevelle and when a Breezy Point Sharpie gave a CO-10 RedFin a Hg enema. Likely was Nat Piazza or maybe Asrod.
  12. Cotton Cordell was a professional fisherman from I believe Arkansas who in a attempt to create a lower cost alternative to the original Rapala Minnow. This was in the late 1950's, a very early example is pictured, note the hangers.
  13. I’m indeed saddened that any of my comments detracted from your intent. Anyone who has ever followed past RedFin threads on SOL will confirm that I’m one of the biggest RedFin champions posting. Do a search.
  14. You know, sharing your knowledge and experiences is what made SOL last 25years.
  15. A lot of guys ignored the F90 assuming it ran deeper like it's little brother. Wrong, it's kind of a 7in RedFin on Steroids, wakes the top. Both by the way Load exactly like there RedFin brothers.
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