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  1. SC I admire your attention to detail and engineering/design. It should be very obvious to any fisherman reading this thread why you achieved success in our sport. Early on after catching the Striper bug I was reading a instruction sheet that came with Rapala plugs at the time giving hints about tuning there lures via bending the line tie. It immediately occurred to me that if this was important enough for a manufacturer to include this in there packaging I should check it out. The filter return in my pool provided a valuable test tank. Another never discussed and very often overlooked problem area are the molded in hook hangers found on plastic plugs. More often than not they are so tear dropped in shape nothing could swing freely. Every new plug put into my rotation received a reshaping/rounding with a Ice Pic so the split ring never hung up. Common to find these all twisted after a good night.
  2. Saw the Cormorants coming up with narrow silver baitfish, appears to be Herring.
  3. I found substituting the Limerick with a Octopus via a split ring increased my hook-up ratio noticeably.
  4. Caution --- if you don't see it shrinking almost right away stop. You don't want to risk damage to the blank. If you can't remove a grip to apply a new section of shrink you could wrap with paracord or have a rod builder wrap it with thread and epoxy.
  5. I found many times that the bite dropped off at sunset then picked back up after a hour or so. As if they were adjusting to the light change.
  6. Solely dependent on the bait in the area. But if active at a particular spot I always try a popper. Amazing how often it works. Almost like they react as if they've trying to protect there food source.
  7. The washers purpose aside from alignment of the spool to line roller is reducing friction as drag is pulled. Most spinning reels have a washer about .018-.020 inch. About the thickness of a matchbook cover. I made mine by punching out blanks of various food storage lids. Any thin plastic/nylon type material is useable. They can be easily cut with scissors as well. A heated nail can be use for the hole. Just remember to trim off the edges you want a smooth flat finished item.
  8. It should cast fine like that but if you want a flat pattern reduce the under-spool washer by .008-.010in
  9. Many Mitchell models came new with both shallow and deep spools. Maybe this helps ???
  10. It's a bunch of fun plugging with a LevelWine. 7ft 12to25lb Rod, Abu 5500, 17lb Stren Mono. Learning how to successfully cast a 5 1/4in RedFin with a baitcaster is eventful. Backlashes and Braid don't mix so bring two set ups so you'll have a back up once the Braid Birdnest's.
  11. ^^^^^^up^^^^^^^up^^^^^^^^
  12. No damage at all, PMing my info. Thanks SOL
  13. I would generally charge after 2 1/2 days but I'm not a gamer.
  14. Systematic use of my hook file and crushed barbs did more to increase my catch than anything else. My buddy used to kid me about my plugs having Velcro on them.