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  1. That original stuff that used to have all the little fuzz on it was so strong that more than once I broke Bombers in half attempting to free them from the rocks
  2. If you want to experiment try this. Get some round tooth picks, find a small drill bit that's a little smaller in diameter, make a hole 1/8in behind the plugs lip. Next trip using hand and mouth add the water to the lure plugging the hole with a small piece of tooth pic. Subtract by tapping or shaking. Laff if you want but it works plus its not permanent.
  3. Any hollow lure can be loaded, except those with internal weight transfer chambers which do not fair well to the technique.
  4. Yours, sending PM
  5. Yes, both are new never used or carried.
  6. Happy Easter, posted a couple of knives if interested. Regards Rick

  7. I believe the larger is synthetic and the smaller horn
  8. Plenty of life left, no damage $37.50 shipped PP
  9. Two new European Style automatics. Larger is a German Linder stag, SS blade 3.25” $85, shipped PayPal. Smaller is a Italian AKC brand Gentleman’s EDC, SS blade, stag grip, 2.50” blade, $135 shipped PayPal.
  10. Let look, pretty sure I a pair
  11. Those things are a sure fire way to get a hook in your hand. Take the advise of the guys above.
  12. Most my pix are daytime as I fly rod mostly. Shot of fish was in rain so little blurry