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  1. Midium Mercury load monster ready. $35 each plus 4.95 shipping & fees PP Friends Two or more free shipping
  2. Sweet BOKER Auto made in Solingen Germany New has never been used or carried $95 shipped P as PP Friends
  3. Sometimes a PencilPopper worked violently in their mitts will piss them off and induce a strike.
  4. OMG you've got it bad !!!! Very impressive.
  5. I love catching Bass on poppers. My favorites are floating poppers such as a ChugBug. I tie 3-4in bucktail in white so when the plug is floating at rest the wave action sort of waves the flag. It's very rewarding teasing up a Striper and watching him play with the lure. Enticeing a strike of a motionless plug is very satisfying.
  6. Exactly. Nylon thread without color preserver turns translucent. Guide feet appear as they are glued on top of the thread, intricate Diamond Wraps appear almost plaid in appearance.
  7. Syringes and tips sold for loading Ink Cartridges are readily available on ebay. Look for blunt tips. Syringes to dispense Child Medication work as well.
  8. Try and find DZ's article on loaded RedFins I thinkin SaltWater Journal. Wealth of knowledge.
  9. If you a sacrificial RedFin try grinding the tip of the lip and shorten it 20%. Replacing the tail hook with a 1 1/2in hair flag gives a nice presentation.
  10. Each Bomber as length increases so does weight and durability. It's common to find the larger sizes swim a bit higher that the smaller. Example F-90 Rebel vs F-80 and 7in RedFin vs 5 1/4in. Not sure of Bombers.
  11. 30 assorted 5 1/2in Rebel floaters mixture of new and used all desirable Color’s many in original old boxes. These run slightly deeper than a RedFin about the same as a Bomber. $135 shipped PP Friends
  12. The beauty of the RedFin design is that it rides high, but to each his own. To get it a bit deeper try wrapping the hook shanks with soldier test floating in a bucket of water or heating the under side of the lip and bending it toward the line tie a little.
  13. Long A 15a 41/2in, 16a 6in both 3 hook, 17a 7in 2 hook Long Shot Bomber versions have a internal weight transfer system
  14. Don't remember the cost but I used clear tubing I picked up in a Pet Supply.
  15. I've found this combo effective. Using a 1/2oz Cripple Herring as a projectile remove its hook add 20-24in of floral carbon trailing a small (1 1/2-2in) freshwater rubber of choice. The Cripple Herring is heavy enough to cast but not spook the target as plugs do and be sure and Crazy Glue the grub.
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