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  1. Listing for a friend. Like New 10wt BVK 9ft 4pc Factory Built with Guarantee $175 shipping included. Test cast only, MINT
  2. Senceable offers entertained
  3. Using a dremil remove the majority of the old swivel. Fit a replacement securing it in place by cross-pinning through the plug body, epoxy pin.
  4. think they did that to bring attention they weren't plastic
  5. Great bait for the spring run
  6. NEW 4 older Gibbs Polaris 1oz, South Yarmouth Mass. production, $60 shipped paypal
  7. Listing for a buddy. MINT Temple Fork BVK 10wt 9ft 4pc $200 shipped paypal. Never registered.
  8. Larry Lures ??
  9. Copy of a Creak Chub Surfster. RePost in the builders forum for builder.
  10. Drill a hole tail to head-insert a plastic drink straw-drop in few BB's and seal. Sound, weight transfer.
  11. Great looking "coffee grinder" at a give-a-way price. Someone's going to score. GLWS