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  1. No hair, you want a small profile. Eagle Claw 254 in size 2. Short shank with large eye for split ring. Comes SS or tinned
  2. That's Capt.Vinny Vetteri of Katfish Charters in the photo. It took a entire bunker while live lining for Bass. Hole is from a gaff.
  3. If you'er slipping the butt between your wader belt and waders the Fuji 19 (while the most durable) can hang up sometimes while the PVC thin wall caps offer less restriction.
  4. Brown's in Town--
  5. That's certainly a rare one Ted, shame it was fished.
  6. That's P R E T T Y !
  7. Capt. Vinny Veteri of Staten Islands KatFish Charters weighed in this 16.6lb monster this past Wednesday. While live lining for Stripers she downed a whole Bunker.
  8. Possibly Point Jude ?
  9. Yes, Hg loaded
  10. S So very sorry Charlie my comment was made in jest and in no way directed toward you. Sorry Rick
  11. sure someone will break the rules and PM you a offer
  12. Yes, known as a Hybrid Surfster. Has value.
  13. 1 weakfish, 3 smoky joe, 3 chrome black all bumpy finish new unfished
  14. I have 7in old bumpy sides new Hg loaded $100 PP for three
  15. For many years I Tagged for ALS in Sandy Hook NJ. They estimated that out of every 100 fish Tagged 2-3 would be recaptured. I recaught a schoolie one summer that I had tagged six weeks earlier at the same spot.