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  1. OMG must have been 25yr ago. Could have herd two bugs effing as Charlie waved that guys Haskell around.
  2. As I recall the exhibitor was a young man who said he worked for Stan after classes. He had a display of prototype lures as well.
  3. Been on SOL since 2004 and remember that guy's display at Harrisburg, never recall it being discussed before. Same show that kid picked up a guys Haskell Minnow and was waving it around saying "hea guys check this out".
  4. I remember reading a story in Twenty Years on the Cape by Frank Daignault about becoming tangled in a gill net while out on a bar. Very scarry.
  5. Often your best bet is to dead drift a fly and wait
  6. In our case, I just replaced the VS washers with Penn HT's for a Squidder. The diameter was very close. If larger just trim with scissors to match adding a light coat of reel grease.
  7. Thought I'd share these photos. Bait balls are often mentioned when talking Palagics, but this season the NY Bite experienced a massive amount of RainFish resulting in a few days of truly memorable Albie action. The schools pictured here were the size of houses. Zoom in and enjoy the feed.
  8. Few years back my buddy acquitted a VS with a sketchy drag. After inspection, it occurred to me that they were very close to some Penn HT 100's I had for a squidder. Not having anything else I used the Penn's. That was five seasons ago now his favorite reel.
  9. Try imparting a kind of half-hearted pencil action with a pause now and then. Erratic is good.
  10. did you take length girth on the big un??? awesome catch by the way
  11. My buddy has a 406HS manual p/u says its dam good condt. Would 50 paypal shipped be acceptable?
  12. I'm located in Staten Island, NY
  13. My nephew just sent me this pix. Taken last night on a SP Minnow during the incoming SH Area. Weight was on a hand scale and released. Lifetime achievement, congrats to the angler.
  14. Can you post a photo of the lure?
  15. Hard to find back in the day, impossible today. Fisher XO6998 Graphite 15-25 blank Fuji Ex High single foot Hardaloy's, #20 Fuji seat, 13in Butt built using 5X Flour 1/2 cork rings, 11in beautiful intricate Maltese Cross wrap. Originally 8ft 2in trimmed to 7ft 6in all from butt, tip untouched. Rod was designed to use 4000 size reel with brade, casting RedFins and Bombers but will throw 2oz as well. Rod landed 45 1/2 using 12 lb StrenI. $400 paypal, will ship at buyers expense. (side note; cosmetics in exc shape very easy job for any rod builder to refit one of today's newer guide designs if wanted)