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  1. great spare for one of the kids
  2. So12ins were cut from the blank, but from where and how much???
  3. I remember being told by an old timer that the Penn plastic spool was preferred for casting as it was lighter therefor less spinning mass.
  4. they contain a lead ball
  5. Was your zip 10308
  6. I visited the Kenden facility in the late 80's and they were still making quite a few items. Dating block tin or lead is about impossible and this is lead. Definitely not a lure but a trolling sinker with a keel to stop the trolled lure from spinning.
  7. It's very difficult to tell the difference between Fenwick and Lamiglass back then. I would tend to lean toward Fenwick based on the blank color. A close up of the lettering just protruding from under the butt wrap would help.
  8. Unlocked 16GB Space Grey, was on T-Mobile service, all original paper work, box, charger, unused ear buds. No damage or scratches, comes with a tempered glass screen protector and 3 maybe 4 cases, $100 paypal shipped.
  9. Albies and little jellies go hand in hand
  10. Plating one ends up costing twice the value of one new jig at retail
  11. I realize that, just didn't want to come across as chiseling you on the price. An chance you could use a nice reel to offset some of the cost?
  12. anybody have one without so many accessories ??