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  1. Probably not what you are looking for but I have a Primo Synchro with a reducer. It’s a gold label rod which I understand is the 20th anniversary. Ive never cast it. I paid $650 a few years back. I would consider $500 before shipping. It is a beautiful rod. There’s not a lot of Gold Label Zziplex rods around. I would consider a trade from a TRC blank.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ve got a BA 1508 so not really looking for that rod. How long is the butt section on that one?
  3. Looking for a Breakaway 1507 and/or a T-Butt.
  4. Abu 6500 with a QTC cage and mono mag.
  5. Just a question about Zziplex rods. I’ve got a Zziplex Primo Synchro with a gold Zziplex badge. It’s the only gold badge I’ve ever seen. I’m just curious if it’s something different that Terry did. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Charleston, SC. I’ll take it at $215. It’ll be good next to my Gambit and Phantom. Still trying to find my old Nemesis! PM me your PP info.
  7. Would you do 200?
  8. Can you tell me the distance from the butt to the reel seat?
  9. Who built it? Are you interested in any trades?
  10. Done! PM me your PP address and I’ll get the payment out to you.
  11. I’ll take this. What’s the best you can do for this and the Abu?
  12. Now I’m getting a pop-up on the bottom of the screen and the one on the right lower corner of the screen.
  13. Close this please. I was lucky enough to find a new one locally for $150 from someone who had a warranty replacement.
  14. All of the ones I’ve been looking at online have been $75-100.
  15. Yes, first gen, looking for 42mm.