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  1. The 705 is the lefty version of the 704. The 711 is significantly smaller.
  2. That’s why I said it was missing. So technically it’s still a C11.
  3. Just missing the 4 bearing handle. any thoughts?
  4. I think you are right, I don’t think the 515Mag let alone the Mag3 version was ever released in the US. It was released as the Squall 12 or the Fathom 12. I seem to recall that one of the guys from FL acquired the prototype 515Mag from Blackbeard at some point when Neil was still working for Penn and he was coming over to the states doing demos and tournaments. I’m still looking for that one for my collection. I’d love to use that reel on my Nevada 13; it’d be awesome for 100g work. A little beefier than a 5500. Are you looking for any trades?
  5. I’m looking to static mag a 535GS. Can anyone help me out with magnet size and if a cup for the magnet is needed? Best magnet mounting location would help too! thanks!
  6. I’m looking for pictures of a box for a “Florida Orange” Abu. The ones I can find on eBay look to me to be UK issue 6500 Orange Mag Elites with a label added to the box. Just to add, I’m not looking for the 6500 Florida Surf reel box. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Ooeric was selling some a little while ago.
  8. I was asking more for trade value not purchase price. I’ve got some RM’s that I’d be interested in trading if you want to look into shipping.
  9. Is it still in the box so it could be shipped? What value do you put on it shipped?
  10. $40 shipped?
  11. What shape are the magnets in; can you take a pic of them?
  12. Probably not what you are looking for but I have a Primo Synchro with a reducer. It’s a gold label rod which I understand is the 20th anniversary. Ive never cast it. I paid $650 a few years back. I would consider $500 before shipping. It is a beautiful rod. There’s not a lot of Gold Label Zziplex rods around. I would consider a trade from a TRC blank.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I’ve got a BA 1508 so not really looking for that rod. How long is the butt section on that one?
  14. Looking for a Breakaway 1507 and/or a T-Butt.