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  1. Bump
  2. If anyone would be interested I could do $190 shipped us postal money order or open to other trades a nice reel or even another rod with equal value of couse.
  3. Id be open to a trade for a nice rod or reel if anyone is interested
  4. Looking to sell a never used kn air intake for 2015 and newer chevy Colorado v-6 engine. Kit was assembled never installed. Price is $200 shipped us postal money order.
  5. How much are you looking to spend?
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  7. What is the action on the rods?
  8. I use casting eggs all the time in jersey and Delaware and catch plenty of fish. Even works really good for snag and drop with peanut bunker around
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  10. Ok just let me know thanks
  11. Going to give this one last try. Looking to trade a K2C 11' surf spinning rod rated 1-4 ounces built with lowrider guides for a blackhole suzuki 9'6" surf spinning rod.
  12. I would say a small size eagleclaw circle hook.
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