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  1. Thanks for the offer really looking for a 200 size.
  2. Thank you for the offer really looking for a 200 size tatula have several type R's already.
  3. Looking for a daiwa tatula 200 Lefty baitcast reel anyone have one to sell?
  4. I have a custom K2C surf spinning rod 11' 1-4 ounces very nice rod if you would be interested.
  5. Interested in the clarus any chance you would ship?
  6. Checked on shipping little too expensive for a 8' rod. Thanks for everyone that looked. Going to close this up.
  7. The rod is a one piece. I would have to find out how much shipping would be to trade for the wild river.
  8. Open to trade offers. Would be interested in a nice steelhead combo either casting or spinning. Also a nice jigging rod a reel is a possibility.
  9. Any interest in a trade for a custom K2C 11' surf rod for the century?
  10. Price drop on the K2C $220
  11. Bump
  12. Price dropped to $30 shipped