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  1. Yeah that younger lineup should have fans looking forward to next year, tho this offseason they need to work on the pitching.
  2. Yeah they both should be.
  3. Just out of curiousity........did you ever get a chance to look at the posts or traffic data you mentioned.......and if so, come to any decision? The votes here are certainly in favor, 75% seems pretty overwhelming.
  4. it's been fun to watch the last couple weeks. If the bats are going to go cold for a 3 game run please let them do it now during the last ten days instead of in the playoffs.
  5. Well looks like the no votes have swollen to a monumental total of 5 with Skiiter apparently voting no.........while the let him back in votes are somewhere around 15. Tim, did you get a chance to look at the old posts you talked about?
  6. Cant disagree about the coaching part...........McDaniels deserves the first game ball for his play calling last night, particularly in the first half when the Pats built their lead. Tho in the end it still was a bad snap on a field goal that was so key to winning.
  7. I dont know Guernsey.........personally from growing up in New England in the 60's I'll always have a soft spot for the Giants.
  8. Yeah I know what you mean when you say Garriga always tries to be the just have to call him on it immediately. I had a couple arguments iwth im where in the end he was the one to say that we just need to agree to disagree...he didnt plead victim, it was more like chess and he was offering a stalemate. Being the victim is also the main whine from the patriot contingent when dealing with G, they dont ever want to admit their own trolling or baiting that leads up to so much of the trouble. Plus, having to listen to stuff like "he infected us" just gets under my skin since its such a they were taken over by an awful desease they had control over called garriga fever.......just another cop out for not being able to ignore him when needed and acting like adults. Can't say I ever saw him as needing to be centerpiece in the sports forum the way you did.....always saw him ,more as sticking, yes almost maniacally at times, to whatever was being said about Romo, the Cowboys or the Patrots. Youre right about his and others behavior being more normal for the PG. I can guess who told you how awesome the forum would be without him.
  9. Good.........shows you how many polls Ive started.
  10. Another yes vote.........think that makes 75% for yes.
  11. Far as Im aware all the votes were counted from regular members of the sports forum Bass..........feel free to point out any that were missed. If people didnt vote by posting in the thread obviously that is a different matter or if they were voting solely due to their interest in another forum their votes may not have been counted.....keep n mind that counting those 2-3 votes from the PG(Knight, etc) would only have made the majority vote greater than it already is.
  12. Is there some kind of timeline to this Tim?
  13. Why if it isnt Dinghy, the gay KKK leader.......welcome back from Huntsville. You can suggest anything under the sun Dinghy, as usual with you nothing is going to come of any of your verbal or written diarrhea As for moving along faster............just when did this become your forum or website? You sure dont have a great deal of seniority in the sports forum for some loser talking the way you are.
  14. Albie, HIllary to my recollection has never apologized for anything...........she doesnt have the ability. Now her husband could apologize as long as he could see a way to wiggle off the hook with it, such as say admitting to sex with Flowers and then going on 60 minutes and miraculously not have the whole thing knock him out of the primaries.
  15. We both know exactly where ........and you know just how happy I am about it. Tho truth be told, was Tanny the GM at that point or still further down the chain of command? I cant believe you missed that either.