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  1. Closing it down, thanks SOL.
  2. Purchased brand new, never dunked, cosmetically it’s a 10, I have bail, do not have original knob (cracked plastic knob taking it off).
  3. Sorry need to hold at $475.
  4. Last call $475 picked up $485 shipped. Mint with power knob and new Pandora line.
  5. Sent mine in for a full service last week and was returned yesterday. Good communication. I also recommend seeing the shop if you can. It’s awesome.
  6. I’ve used both, in my experience ODM loads and cast better than Carbon. For the money can’t beat it.
  7. Final bump, thanks
  8. Purchased few weeks ago new. Has 30lb Pandora line and new VR power knob. Paid $624, will ship free usps or local pick up. $525 and I sill ship today, thanks
  9. Hello, I have one I purchased in July. Only used 2 or 3 times. I can send a pic tomorrow if interested. No issues, new condition. Pick up Long Island $250 PP or cash, thanks
  10. Hello, Respectfully offer $750. I can pick up tomorrow, I’m also on LI. Thanks!
  11. I have a newer DNA purchased in July 11, 1-5. $245 pick Metro NY
  12. Thanks for pics, I’m going to pass. Found reel I was looking for. Closing thread.
  13. That would be great thanks, where are you located?
  14. Anything out there? Thanks!!