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  1. Anyone know any dealers ? Is the company still in biz.
  2. great job
  3. Has anyone out there can recommend a fiberglass finish restorer to remove the chalking from the hull ?anyone use floor finish wax?
  4. dyna glo cabinet propane heater can be found in web about 120$ I think
  5. no it is a dyna glow elux will try to post pic
  6. I use the dyna glo that I picked up at hd love it runs on 20#gastank from a grill and has a low med hi setting also a o2 sensor I think it was 120 bucks love it get 3 days round the clock use on low setting
  7. does anyone fog anymore?that should lube it up
  8. does anyone know if and when the work is to be done in breachway?
  9. and cups to ward off the pure of heart
  10. I will bring a case of beer
  11. watch the fuel burn and good hunting you gotto go sometime if we all waited for the perfect day and boat we would never go
  12. use your fishfinder or look for oily patch
  13. anyone use them still used to inthe 80's at seaside
  14. mini super rte 1 charlestown good lunch weekdays
  15. boozers and losers