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  1. I was at wally world and found a falcon bucoo spinning rod for $20 and a casting rod for $50 so i picked up both. Looking for some help picking a reel for the spinning rod its a 7'm 8-17lb 1/4-1/2 oz looking for a light setup for 8-10 lb braid.I wand to use it for fresh and light inshore fishing. I am looking at 1000-2000 size reel around $100 like the symetre and the lexa anyone have any pros or cons on these reels.
  2. we travel alot for work and fish everywhere we go. On this trip we can only take one rod and reel each we have about 20 each but we never know where we will endup so im thinking of a good rig that will do things ok in most situations from the bank in rivers,ponds,and lakes from the bank. Hers will be a shimano 2500 solstace on 8' ugly stik m 8-20lb and me a 3000 stradic on a 8 1/2 ft ugly stik m 8-20lb .we will be in the ne from late june till nov.Any advice will help thanks.
  3. I have a 9' and 12' okuma and 2 12' oms one light and one heavy. If i was going to pick out of the rods you listed i think the 10' om 4-8 oz is what i go with. The okumas are alittle over rated the 12' is rated to 8oz but i wouldnt try it with that rod i would feel more confident throwing 8nB on the om light thats rated 3-6 oz. Im hope this helps im sure someone can give you more info on the cabelas rod.
  4. I have a 9' and a 12' longitude both are good for the price i have a sx mc on the 12' and a calcutta 250 dc on the 9' i think both are a little over rated on the top end i throw 4 oz max on the 9' best at 2 1/2 or 3 oz and about 5 max with the 12' and best at 4 oz. Its not a whip with a 3 oz spoon from a pier i could spool that reel with 12 lb xl about 140 yards.
  5. The om is on sale for 129.97 and they have a rod trade in program this year so i got $25 off the sale price for a cheap rod i never use. Final price $104.97 now i just need to find that kind of deal on a new reel to put on it for now a Calcutta 700b will take it for a ride.Trade in program ends today
  6. Thanks for all the advice i went to bass pro today and put hands on the om 12 and some reels. I realized that i don't want anything as big as a hx on a surf casting rod. I'm rust going to put my calcutta 700 on the om 12' 6-12 for now. If that's not a good match for me ill be looking at a avet lx mc or daiwa saltist 50 that would be the max size reel i would want for casting. I don't know how much drag i can realistically use with a 12' rod i guess i need to get the scale out and check.
  7. I am really looking for something larger than the setups that i have already for surf and pier fishing thats why i was thinking of the xh mc. It holds 850 yards of 65lb braid and 22 lb of drag at strike its about the same size as a 4/0 penn its has the mc feature that makes me think it must be at least alittle castable it will not be used with less than 10oz. I may need another rod other than a ocean master 12' 6-12oz but would like to stay over 8'. I am looking at casting around 50 yards
  8. I travel allot so this setup will not be for a specific area i fish from north carolina to florida and california. A kayak is not a option for me at this time just dont have room to carry it everywhere with me. Im really looking to have more vesatility in my fishing gear for larger fish from shore for casting 8n big bait.I have a few rigs for light and med fish but have had trouble with bigger sharks and grouper with my avet sx on a om 12' 3-6. Thats why i was thinking the hx mc for the lime cap and higher drag and when we fish on piers i can put it on a shorter rod but if i cant cast 50 yards with it then i may have to go to a lx mc.Has anyone ever tried to cast a hx mc?
  9. I am looking for a good rod and reel for casting for larger sharks. I am thinking a oceanmaster 12' 6-12 with a avet hx mc but not sure if the reel is to big for surf casting. i know people cast 4/0 penn but i like the mc on the avets. would like to know what your openion is on this setup. thanks