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  1. If you own and want to use a kayak u need to be responsible not just for yourself but for everyone around you. I see ppl who don't want to use the pfd, uncomfortable is the most common reason I hear. Then you owe it to yourself AND your family to find one that works for you. And they don't buy dry suits because they are expensive. Well then the responsible person says I cant use my kayak till the water warms up. It's that simple. Sorry for the soap box rant. But we'll be here again saying the same thing in 12 mos guaranteed.
  2. No PFD and assuming no dry suit? Terrible. I wonder what the situation was that caused all 3 to roll.
  3. Why do the 600 the week before Memorial Day wknd? At least that would have felt somewhat normal even if fans are not in attendance.
  4. Been practicing max social distancing and switched over to freshwater and fished local with nobody around for the better part of April. But did switch back to salt and got one of these Friday night after sitting thru a downpour, felt very satisfying.
  5. Yes sir I did.
  6. 15 pgs to get caught up on and I noticed right up front Adams is definitely going soft. That was a lot of Chatty Cathy nonsense going on. Local SSP is a noob, that's a good one . Adobo has mastered the skill of posting gif's, . A new game popped up, Where In The World is GeoffT. Oh and the age old kayak vs surf debate still runs strong. Carry on boys. You're doing great. Oh and I tagged a bunch of stripers last night and even caught a previously tagged fish. My social distancing skills were strong, I never saw another soul. Just me my cigar and nobody.
  7. More restrictions, specifically parking, at another of the popular fishing areas as of last night. But the local PD removing ppl Sat night suggested that was coming and so it did.
  8. I cant get to my kayak.
  9. I blame Adobo for this trash heap of mixed messages. My report, stayed in and away for the sickies wandering the shoreline.
  10. Dont worry he cant catch anything.
  11. So did the stores start with curbside or are they still allowing ppl to enter like normal?
  12. Asking and answering your own questions now I see. This lock down is having a bad affect on you.
  13. Trying to help the OP keep his thread on topic.
  14. Right now its a town by town thing. Some are more clear on their plan while others seem to allow the officers on duty to decide how they want to handle it based on how they feel that evening.