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  1. Save it, you'll only get more frustrated and your message will not resonate with those who refuse to even consider it.
  2. Damn who knew the skunk was intercontinental. You're like a superhero.
  3. Watch it or I'll come shut the bite down on yous guys as well.
  4. Franco's lazy trot to 1st aside it wasn't gonna alter the outcome last night but it still shows that the team does not respond to whatever it is Gabe tells em behind closed doors. The intermittent lazy play rears its ugly head at the most opportune moments.
  5. Nope gulp.
  6. We all miss Seven #'s.
  7. Sold to Silly. PM coming
  8. My #1 is all the idle chit chat about fishing that goes on around here. I mean when is it enough already?
  9. I have this feeling that if they sneak in and are 1 and done that will be considered satisfactory and all parties will remain on board.
  10. What's the record for the most forums a member has been removed from while still being able to participate on here?
  11. Won Olympic Gold back in the day when it seemed to matter more.
  12. Tried for the kings Sat at sunup Sat. 90 mins of nothing later fishing a 3/4 of a mile stretch of beach I opted to switched tactics to fluke and got a short. I qualify that as a piss poor outing.
  13. Important contributors everyone one of them. I still miss Seven #'s.
  14. Thanks for the offer Jameson, was away for the weekend. Split the difference and do $55? I'll package em up and get em out in the AM.