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  1. It was good.
  2. Pfft king of the 2 beer commandos is more like it.
  3. Pinkies out.
  4. Nah that was a beetch move. He should have popped him closed fist in the temple.
  5. So you're saying men can act accordingly? Got it.
  6. Gave this a shot over the weekend. At $25 a fourple I won't be buying this regularly. But damn is it good. @LBI SurfRat how was that blueberry saison. Was considering brewing that.
  7. He was trying to keep up. #Fail
  8. Did that hit? Too lazy to go look. I hit on 2 USFL games.
  9. Restoring the roar would suggest it was once established. In our lifetime.
  10. Sacrifices must be made it you want to get away from people. I think I may be ready to go for it. Even if it means standing behind Red at the supermarket checkout counter. Or having Red ring me up. The register does all the work and if you use your card you don't have to worry about Red miscounting change.
  11. 1st mistake, sneaking out, 2nd mistake, her making a bad situation worse. It was obviously an accident. Nobody needs to be driven into the ground for something they already knew was an accident. This court finds you both guilty.
  12. Who's fish it this?
  13. Just when I think you cant get any worse you out do yourself.
  14. Hmmm me thinks not so fresh
  15. Being available and working are the same now?