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  1. Let me respond to your questions by asking a question. How would a response with remarks NOT be a burn? Isn't your post a long form question about a specific spot that would otherwise be considered spot burning?
  2. Fun. I see we are back to upside down pics again.
  3. I'm tending to agree. Seems we have ppl on both ends of this matter both doing the same thing with similar outcomes.
  5. Damn that KC is an appropriate one for the moment. Nice selection.
  6. I follow the same launch and pull schedule. Every yr I say I will launch by the end of March to get into the early season action. And it seems colder every March as I got older. Odd how that happens. But regardless I'm never in when I want to be and since I'm not getting younger with each coming March it may never happen.
  7. They are of the opinion more open tank space more room for condensation to form.
  8. It's a recommendation to run 87. Doesn't each vehicle we buy recommend high octane fuel when we drive it off the lot but it also works fine on regular? Just trying to understand the difference between what's recommended and what's acceptable. My issues was water in the fuel. I saw the additive remove the water firsthand so that concern has been addressed. Also, forgot to mention, it was discussed in this thread whether fill up before pulling for the winter or running the fuel down. Both mechanics on site yesterday recommended filling up before pulling.
  9. Two chemicals were used. One was a tank cleaner. The other was a product from USA Fuel Services called gas-shok. The work is guaranteed, and I will be running the boat over next Wed to the marina so they can pull if and service the engines on land. They requested I hold off running it and only make the one run to the marina for the service.
  10. We did about 100 gallons worth of fuel. After filtering it for about 90 mins an additive was filtered in and circled through for another 30 minutes. I forgot to ask what the additive was but will. He showed me the additive. We put a cap full into a mason jar of the bad fuel sample and it cleaned it up immediately.
  11. Fuel polishing completed in 2 hours. Very interesting process. First sample showed clear evidence of water present. 2nd sample after the process was complete showed clean fuel. Next step, full breakdown and maintenance on both engines. This will be next week. @Lou T they said you would need to trailer the boat down here if you wanted service.
  12. Boat is docked in the backyard in Brick. Marina is local in Brick. I'll ask him tomorrow if he services that far north.
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