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  1. Falcons this week for me
  2. Hey Plugger can you post up pics of the ware. I'm interested in seeing what you have.
  3. Thanks KK but my fat head really needs XL.
  4. Sorry kayak I realized after I replied that it was Plugger who put up the offer to sell. My bad.
  5. He caught too many quality fish on the front end of 2018. The back end is just natures way of balancing the Shiester out.
  6. Where ever Shiesty isn't?
  7. Damn u cant figure that team out.
  8. Looking for Costas size XL if anyone has a spair pair they would like to move.
  9. Spot burn.
  10. Distasteful post reported
  11. Well well well look what the skunk dragged in.
  12. Atta boy, we'll break this streak at some point. Might come in 2019 but you got moxy.
  13. Wow, that's all I got. Wow!
  14. I was trolling u.
  15. Why would he throw fishing rods?