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  1. That was tight Surfrat.
  2. I didn't want to snag the whale.
  3. You didn't miss much other than 1 afternoon of Albies. and a few other scattered fish here and there. The ledge is where the most fun was had yet again.
  4. So it was RI and South County and you skipped your friends in Montauk?
  5. Looking likely that the family will be welcoming it's newest member into the world (not mine) and the 27th is a target date to meet her. Will be there for the fun if this changes.
  6. Sheistys big catch.
  7. I think Mike was referring to you not mentioning him among the SOL people you met yesterday you Stooge. Now let's get back to all the new guy bitching. It's quality humor.
  8. Sorry yes, Just not comfy with the merc. I saw some $7 jointed's on the way out to Montauk over the weekend. After discussing with the shop owner I'm going to give it a whirl loading one with bird shot.
  9. The inlet is scheduled to be closed form 12-1:10pm and 1:40 - 2:20pm on Sat. for a tug o war for charity.
  10. Going Colts for week 7. Fishless - Bears, Rams, Chargers, Panthers, Vikings, Colts
  11. I'll leave em to ReelSharp. Thanks.
  12. Hey tunnie just got back from vaca. What are you asking for those?
  13. I know I do.
  14. That's the strangest looking balloon knot I ever saw.
  15. I'm only in if Marty's in.