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  1. Makes sense.
  2. That was just a passing fad. Its all over now. Now the rack on Bernadette.
  3. Listening on the road yesterday I thought that 1st HR was Harper till I realized he swapped spots with Segura in the lineup.
  4. Parrot Hogan. $75 shipped PP
  5. Good luck with everything.
  6. Now that's a damn shame. Yup, she doesn't talk like that off camera.
  7. I'll consider but gonna let it sit for a little bit.
  8. Bump, price drop $85.00
  9. Looking forward to seeing responses. A good DWD is hard to beat.
  10. That thing was in one hell of a throw down.
  11. I'm gonna go with no hot chick ends up with the short nerd. At least for more than 2 yrs anyway.
  12. Bump with a price drop. $40.00 shipped.