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  1. @PhilCVG perhaps you can help the OP out with some info. Phil rebuilt mine and it's a marked improvement over the factory layout.
  2. Buck up little camper, it will be here before you know it.
  3. Ronny always took care of me when I was in the shop. Will miss him. RIP Mr. Bala.
  4. I hear ya. 2 yrs ago my buddy and I walk out and we see this extremely tall fella out there. We both knew we had not seen this person before. I mean 7 foot tall. As we got closer we realized, it was another friend of ours on a small step ladder that he carried out there.
  5. How to pass the time now. My buddy who joined me on daily outings decided to buy an xbox.
  6. Back in the day it was great. Than the big fish left and never returned. Or at least an occasional one would surface once in a while.
  7. Hectic paints a good scenario. If you have a problem with the system and want to do away with it than a reasonable alternative needs to be suggested to avoid arguments and problems that come with that.
  8. 4 please.
  9. Thanks D, thanks JMB. Monies coming!
  10. Stormr gloves
  11. Unreal. Hope this doesnt get swept under the carpter.
  12. I get it and a part of the reason I dont participate anymore. I had a hard time walking past people and seeing the look on their faces. It wasnt something I felt good about. So than what's the solution? I just stopped.going to these kinds of shows but for other reasons than just this one topic.
  13. I get that too.