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  1. Dinghy survives and advances AND gets to dump Yale.
  2. Covering thou no? Louisville on the other hand.
  3. One of the Pollacks I fish with only goes there for what it's worth. Never opened when I'm cutting thru.
  4. At the Saltwater Expo in Edison last wknd the Lami booth had the Skinner rods. They should be able to help you.
  5. Enjoy your stay, don't take the silly stuff too seriously.
  6. Thanks Johnny
  7. Go Abliene, where da fuq is Abilene?
  8. You didn't know. Waders on dry land is the new look. Skunk for me on the kayak yesterday. Saw a few others out and about all skunking with me.
  9. If Judges continues on his current trend of production he's gonna be in the Harper range I would think when eligible.
  10. This @JMB
  11. They'll need that for Judge
  12. Agreed. Even thou they had money ear marked for him I don't think they were in that kind of market.
  13. It's gonna be another Puljos deal in the end.
  14. $430 mill over 12 years.
  15. What does something like that run? The one that was buzzing the fishing ground that I referenced in a pervious post had lights on it like a plane and you could hear it coming from a distance but you could see the flashing lights approaching in the evening long before you heard the drone itself.