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  1. Only a handful of Stewarts still opened compared to what used to be. The one on 37 just before the bridge closed and a 7-11 opened in its place. Makes you wanna vomit in your mouth. And now the 7-11 is gone.
  2. No Pork Roll spot burring over here.
  3. Everyone went from gushing about the fish they caught to gushing about a breakfast sandwich they ate. WTH is going on around here. And Cases is the best.
  4. And don't forget the Goya Fling which traditionally would have happened last Sat. Hopefully we get back to those very shortly.
  5. That's what the flings are for. Food Fling, Spring Fling, Fall Fling, Christmas Fling. Did you attend any of those? If you did than you would know your online friends are a lot more boring in person. And uglier 9 x's out of 10.
  6. So what were saying is just hit the new Popeyes I take it?
  7. Closing up shop for April. May is open. See ya there.
  8. There's different lens colors for different conditions. Blue for bright light and open water but is also the most common color for surf guys too. I think yellow is for low light conditions like dusk and dawn. ..
  9. I get the impression the line is for case purchases to take home. Or you can go inside and order a pint.
  10. Damn that's got to be chaotic.
  11. We think time flies but it goes by even faster than we realize.
  12. How fast does a line that size move and how early do you need to arrive to try and make sure you're at least half way down that line or better? I'd hate to do make a run and find out I want to bring home some Julius but never actually stood a chance at getting some.
  13. We rescued Dempsey 15 days ago. As loveable as any dog I ever met. As mischievous as any dog I ever met. Lol
  14. Well that's a shame. All in the name of progress they say.
  15. Ahh, so reading is in fact fundamental.