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  1. Good luck on your new adventure! I am sure you will have some good fishing down there.
  2. You should be good until Memorial Day.
  3. Nice looking lure! Is that a surf howdy type and who makes it? Used buy those for bernzy and have bought one from Big Fish, not sure if he still sells them. Great lures.
  4. Wow that is ridiculous and sad if true.
  5. I would go for the Penn SSVI 4500. Nice reels that have some sealing and reasonable price.
  6. Just buy bigger ones, as mentioned above will probably change the action.
  7. For early season I pretty much use Cocahoe Minnows exclusively.
  8. Yup best actor on the show, outstanding.
  9. Great show, one of my favorites. Micky was a nut.
  10. And come on there are some good characters. The actress playing Ruth does a great job.
  11. Yes Ozark is great. If you have Cinemax Banshee is really good.
  12. Could actual be a tight game. Ohio State impressed me, that RB Sermon is a beast.
  13. Yup most likely but I hope not. Big ND fan, current line is Alabama by 17.5. Sounds about right.
  14. Thanks I think that is a single stage? Do you get wet snow? Hesitant about single stage from what I have read given I get wet snow a lot.
  15. I was surprised it was that close. But from what I have seen I think they are the clear favorite to win it all.