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  1. I would go with Spheros in that price range. Great reel!
  2. Thanks, wow that’s a big shad.
  3. Almost looks like some kind of hybrid bass?
  4. Sorry at work and tried to do it quickly. Will try later.
  5. Anyone know what this is?
  6. Tica’s are good rods for the money. Can’t go wrong. Very durable.
  7. Fished Wednesday and got a bunch of blues but no stripers.
  8. Just curious did you recently have a break off and that is why you are asking? Last season I was using Power Pro 50 but got broken off when fighting an Albie. I used to use Fireline, considering going back. Never had that issue once with Fireline.
  9. Check out Aquaskinz Raptor
  10. Bingo. I work in manufacturing and it is sad how much product we have moved production to Mexico.
  11. Sorry no I only throw lures.
  12. I have the Star Paraflex 10’6 rated 3/4-4 very nice rod with moderate action. I don’t think I would throw over 3 oz with it though. When I was looking I originally was thinking of buying the Mojo but the Star won me over because it has a lifetime warranty.
  13. Shimano made a mistake not offering the smaller Spheros imo. I would have bought one without a thought as I have had great luck with the 6000.
  14. Decided to get the Penn SSVI 3500 at 12.1 oz. Felt the Slammer was a little heavier than I wanted.
  15. Just pulled the trigger on this reel.