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  1. Check out Caddis from Tackle Direct $200. My Orvis are finally leaking, that’s what I am go to buy. Not a lot of choices for breathable boot foot.
  2. Here you go.
  3. I would say a little early especially given the colder than normal temps.
  4. Anyone know status of Warwick parks opening?
  5. So far for me just been catching micros. Hoping to get into some better fish soon. Access should start opening up soon that should help with more spots to choose from.
  6. Thanks guys will just forget about it.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Anyone try those t-turn 3 way? Thinking about picking up some. I usually use a palomar knot and tag end goes to teaser. Tangles too much.
  9. Unfortunately this is the reality right now. Hoping Parks/Beaches open up soon.
  10. Hi, have a 9 foot Rainshadow that I broke the first 18” or so. It’s a clean cut. Is it possible to have this repaired? Thinking probably not but maybe something didn’t think of.
  11. Dangerous precedent we are setting with this virus. Same thing in Rhode Island Beaches and Parks shut down for over a month now. But okay to go to a packed Walmart. Ridiculous!
  12. Best bet sell they Slammer 5500 for a Penn SSVI 5500.
  13. Slammer, penn ssvi 4500 too small for that rod I think.
  14. Definitely agree when on rocks. Easy to maneuver.
  15. Seems most prefer longer, maybe I will get more used to it.