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  1. Yes try Ocean State Tackle
  2. Check out Star Paraflex 10 6 nice rod with medium action in your price range.
  3. Sept and October prime time. Pick up some Hogy Epoxy jigs.
  4. You could try Continental Bait and Tackle in Cranston. I have not used them but heard they do a good job.
  5. Agreed very scary and sad. Putin wants to relive the past.
  6. Good luck with everything!
  7. I am considering the same choice either Spheros 6000 or Penn 5500. How line lay on new Spheros? I have a Penn 3500 and line lay is perfect. Have an older Spheros and not as good.
  8. Nope it’s delicious.
  9. It’s really crazy. This is a big part of the supply chain mess.
  10. I thought for sure she would get raped in that scene. Her boobs did look nice in that dress.
  11. Yeah their broadcast does suck. CBS does a much better job.
  12. Miss the days of just being able to walk right out thru the lighthouse grounds. Now you have to get all mucked up when it has been wet not to mention a little treacherous with the mud in the dark walking the trail.
  13. Good to see the Spheros coming back down in price. Probably will get one next year, great value reel.
  14. Haven’t tried too many but wife bought Tony Roma’s baby backs once. I thought they were pretty good.
  15. Wow. Did better in spring. Oh well I will keep trying.