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  1. Yes. Macos has them. Most others probably too
  2. First of the year here in Marshfield today
  3. Sorry Bob
  4. Yup....2 diff guys. Always heard the night guy mid canal
  5. Cow birds have hit Marshfield these past few days
  6. Macos in Buzzards Bay...think 10-15% off to and of month
  7. Red winged blackbirds back in Marshfield this past week. Unfortunately, the hordes of Grackels (sp) are back too.
  8. RIP Marvin. I was his paperboy during elementary school. He had a terrible speech problem and was extremely shy talking to people because of it at the time.. Modest apartment at the time, although it did have a heavy bag hanging in the living room.
  9. Mid April, might not get them for a few weeks. But I would rather get them when they first arrive, they seem to stay all year if you have it out and they get used to it. Otherwise they seem to just migrate thru, staying for maybe 2 weeks
  10. They sell the perky pet at Walmart too. It's my go to, they didn't come to other ones. Get it out early and the Orioles will stick around.
  11. Been hearing a couple Great Horned owls the last few weeks in my neighborhood. Could be the same ones that evicted and stole a red tails nest last year. Got a pretty close looks at the baby owl as it progressed to flight , then disappeared
  12. 0.0 days served. Anything more would basically be an offering to the "peaceful protesters " to please don't riot.
  13. Don't remember the squirrels going after it
  14. From can just screw a jelly bottle right on. Easier than refilling plastic one it comes with. Had a different one first, they didn't like it. Came right to this one. Catbird loved it too
  15. Plenty of commercial fishing in canal last year. EPOs and Army Corp allowed the "natives" to keep whatever and whenever they wanted to fill there 15 fish boat limits. If fishing was good, extra fish were moved to other permits