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  1. Hasn't been crowded for awhile
  2. They get caught, just don't get really busted. Usually just a warning, if they think you won't pay your fine, or will claim a language barrier problem to the judge, they get off free and clear. Kinda disgusting
  3. Because they almost always get off with a weak warning....and they know it...No speaky-no ticky
  4. Landings would be considerably larger the last 2 years if the DMF had not chopped the rod and reel permit holders catch by over 80% for no good reason. Chopped from 30 fish to a measly 4 per week.
  5. Would you blast a bow hunting video of your spots to thousands?
  6. They work very well on your taget
  7. Maybe a little...the Area 51 mayhem started a month before comm season
  8. But with enough moderation, the truth can be hidden.
  9. Prob skin himself, ain't that hard. And there are still skins being fished this day
  10. Learn Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Then you can at least understand most of the people.
  11. Have fun getting skunked
  12. Isn't it illegal to target these sharks? If so, why should advice and techniques be handed out?
  13. How many years were you preaching to fish at night, plenty of room? I think they all finally listened to your invite.
  14. Nice job
  15. Most of the fish are dead already.