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  1. Its probably spooled 6 Brazilianians by now.
  2. It's been pretty dead. Hardly anyone fishing...even less fish. Despite being called the best run in years by a local shop.
  3. Stripers can shrink 1/2in as tail dries.
  4. Def not an inside job.
  5. This........most stick to msrp, or not too far from it
  6. The fact that any herring survive the cormorant infestation is remarkable
  7. Macos may have them for the weekend
  8. Macos still has some 182 Floating in mac.
  9. Tastes like chicken
  10. Savage has one comparable to the 182...not floating, but slow sink
  11. Savage is gonna be having there own version now. Not sure how many sizes they doing
  12. Plenty of boats on the rec seabass grounds ain't reporting the 100-200 fish they take daily either. EPOs make a big deal of the few busts per year then. They could easily bust dozens of boats daily.
  13. The number of fish actually weighed for the spring and fall tournaments were actually very small. Month long fall tourney might have been 10 or less usually. Might have seen a high of 12 for spring weekend one.
  14. Nope.....was an average player who couldn't crack a starting lineup. Trade to Sox, miraculously gain a new physique, and now a HOFer. Was fun watching him roid rage in the dugout though. And there should be no DHs in HOF. Made up position that only half the league uses.
  15. Hopefully Clambellies chimes in...He knows a thing or two on that subject