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  1. Getting a lot of catbird in Marshfield. They love the jelly in our Oriole feeder. 3 Orioles been here for a few weeks. Girl counted 25 different species of birds in our yard.
  2. Most comm guys I know won't fish off days, or don't keep any those days. And the no speaky rec crew will fish every night or day, and most of them take more than 1. 1 for each of the family. Ever wonder why they bring all there kids at all hours?
  3. Shore comm guy takes 4 a week in a shortened season. Rec guy can take 7 a week all year. Who is worse?
  4. No speaky ticky. The out of staters just kill them all by having 20 min photo shoots and weigh and reweighing them.
  5. That used to be every night..everywhere down there. I have only seen 1 rat in last 10 years, and there was a mink hot on its trail
  6. Obviously it's the comm guys leaving that trash
  7. Would finally put an end to all the FB and IG heroes
  8. The videos they post are more harming there image than helping it. Calling a Army ranger a white cracker and inviting him to suck your dick, telling a shellfish warden **** you and your whole family I hope you all die. Facebook post advertising whole or filleted striped bass and shellfish for sale also. Taking everything you can get is not sustenance fishing.
  9. Funny how comm fishing been going on there for decades with no issues until now. Also, what happens when the poaching, littering, trespassing, etc all continue as it does normally before and after comm season begins and ends?. This is just an inroad to shutting it all down, be wary of what you are praising.
  10. So no commercials boating out of Sandwich marina?
  11. Their policy on not enforcing regs on the no speaky English crowd is what did it for me
  12. Already are, and selling them whole or filleted on FB
  13. Too much sense....the new regulations signs at the canal are only in English. No speaky=no ticket in this state
  14. Lots more people looking for them this year. Let's hope they use discretion when they show up.
  15. Sign should be in multiple languages