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  1. Hey guys, Selling a practically brand new pair of green skins. Size Large. Worn just once! Looking for $90.
  2. Looking for a Tog Rod that can handle up to 10oz. Going to pair it with my Newell 235. I can pick up locally around NYC/LI/NJ. Thanks everyone!
  3. I exclusively fish bucktails and eels on SS jetties. I'll bucktail a rip and once the tide begins to go slack, I'll swap over to eels.
  4. 30lb 832 in Moss Green. Spooled on both my VS150 and Z22. I honestly prefer it over the Super Slick.
  5. I’ll scoop these up. Thank you!
  6. Hey everyone! I’m looking for a Flatlander bag if anyone is looking to part with theirs. Very much appreciated!
  7. I picked one up this morning. I appreciate the help guys!
  8. Hey everyone, Hoping that someone is willing to part with a 9’ Mojo. Please let me know. Tight lines.
  9. I'll use an Alberto to tie on my leader before I leave home, but my leader wallet has only swiveled leaders. When I'm fishing the fall and my hands are frozen and wet, there is no way I can tie a FG or Alberto confidently enough. I rather hook into a cow bass with a swivel on my leader than a struggled Alberto/FG knot any day.
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