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  1. I just got home from spending a week at the Outer Banks. I fished three days at the LITTLE BRIDGE which is located between Manteo and Nags Head. I fished the South side of the bridge and caught six hickory shad. The shad were plenty and the ones I caught were 14" and weighed about 2 lbs. I also caught two stripers and they were 14.5" and 16". I had better results when I fished between 8-11PM. I used char truce grubs. The other three days I spent fishing the Kitty Hawk Pier. The Blues were thick and I was catching them and hickory shad on plastics: white grubs, white fluke and white/silver fluke. A fella at the pier taught me how to tie a two grub rig. I caught one speckled trout on a 4" white grub that was 14" long. The specks were being caught in the wash from time to time. A local caught a 23" trout on a clear with a light purple tail. I also caught 6 puffer fish on a 2 hook bottom rig with 2 oz. weight. I was using shrimp. I only fished with shrimp for about 2 hrs. I wasn't interested in catching puffers so I didn't fish with a bottom rig long. The water temp was around 56. IMO once it gets up to 60 in a couple weeks I think the bite will be on. I'm going back in three weeks for a few days and look forward to doing some more fishing.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by surffshr They had some nice reels real cheap They sure do! I don't even want to say how much by PENN Battle 4000! VERY VERY good price! I couldn't believe it!
  3. I'm in the same boat you are....I have a 30" inseam as well.
  4. How tall are you? I'm right at 6'. Are they neoprene? Do you have a pic?
  5. I went to Bob's bait and tackle in Duck,NC today and met Ed. Ed works at Bob's and was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It's nice to go to a business and feel welcomed. I purchased a Penn Battle 4000 and a Daiwa Emcast rod after visiting with Ed. Keep up the good work Ed, I'll be back to do business with you again!
  6. great info! I'm on the Outer Banks, I got in last night. I'm going to use this info. and see if I can locate a good place to fish. Thanks for passing on the knowledge.
  7. Do you still have this reel? I'm looking to purchase a PENN BATTLE 3000 for casting lures in the surf at teh Outer Banks of NC.
  8. I'm still trying to purchase a Penn Battle 3000. Please let me know if you have one you would like to part with. Thanks
  9. I just purchased a Penn 6000 a few minutes ago from a SOL member. Now I'm wanting to locate a Penn Battle 3000 to purchase. Sorry KD just purchased one. Do you have a Penn Battle 3000 you would like to part with?
  10. If you will take $75 shipped I will take it. I live in NC.
  11. Bummer... I'll pass.
  12. I'm very interested...if its the airweight i will take it
  13. I'm looking to purchase a Penn Battle 3000 and a Penn Battle 6000 or 7000. I thought I would check her first before I purchased them at a store. Does anyone have a used in good condition Battle or Battles they would like to part with?
  14. I will take the pyramid sinker 4,5,6 oz. mold for 30 shipped. I live in North Carolina. This is exactly what I'm looking for.