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  1. Awesome stuff. You and some others on this site always have the coolest plugs. Thanks for the post, always appreciate the knowledge and the pictures.
  2. Hi Kevin, I'm so sorry for your loss. It was evident that she was the love of your life by what you said. It's going to be hard but you have 3 children that need everything you have to give, and you will do it for sure. Sad for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  3. There is a company here in Wilmington, DE named Delaware Brick on Centerville Rd that sells the product you might be looking for. I sealed all the brick or concrete coping around a pool a couple of years ago. Give them a call tomorrow and they will be able to help you. Btw I'm a painting contractor and have been for 40 years and I'm not affiliated with this company in any way, just trying to help out. Sorry I can't remember the name of the product.
  4. Hey Kevin, I'm so sorry to hear your wife isn't doing well. Prayers are sent in the hopes of something positive for her recovery. I have bought from you, met you a couple of times and always enjoy the knowledge you share about the plugs etc. Not that that has anything to do with the prayers, it just makes it a little harder when you know someone from this website. I feel for you and your family and again prayers for your wife.
  5. Good luck and a speedy recovery if you decide to do it. You're a bright guy, don't take an unnecessary chance by putting it off. You have plenty of reasons to stick around for sure. Family, friends, the whole SOL community and more.
  6. You're dad had some awesome beach rides for sure. Very cool and thanks for the posts!
  7. You chose the right site. More information than you know what to do with. The guys on here know what's happening when it comes to fishing. Don't be afraid to make friends with someone that you see fishing. If you find the right person or people, they can be a lot of help. I started fishing NJ Beaches about 10 years ago and I was lucky enough to make friends with a few guys that are incredible fishermen and ended up being my friends. I won't live long enough to know what they know, but it sure is fun learning. Just remember to have fun and you will catch fish.
  8. Grumpys Bait and Tackle, right before IBSP. Great guys, Grumpy is an equal opportunity abuser, very informative and they have always been nice. Everytime I go there, I have to buy something. It's an addiction that I don't want to cure.
  9. He should be embarrassed!
  10. All under the guise of the corona virus. The video states you don't have to opt in and there won't be any personal location data used. They have been tracking us with the cell phones for a long, long time. Samsung has admitted to listening to you through their televisions. When asked why they do it if they do nothing with the information? I say they're probably doing it for us, they get paid and our privacy gets invaded another way. This was 5 or 6 years ago and look, not another word has been said. If it helps lessening the spread by compiling the info and letting people know you might have come in contact with the virus, that's a positive. As far as big brother watching you, there is nothing you can do, big brother is here to stay.
  11. Clean your floor with muriatic acid, wash it off and let it completely dry. Go to Sherwin Williams and ask them for the best 2 part epoxy and whether or not you will need two coats. The epoxy has a pot life, meaning you only have a certain amount of time to use it before it dries. You will be pleased with the final product if you use the right products.
  12. I'm not here to criticize the president, after all he is our president. He deserves the respect like any other president. I'm just embarrassed by politicians in general. All the conversations, pro or con, they make for great entertainment. With politicians it's all about the money. Like I said, it's all entertaining. Sad really but that is how it is.
  13. Chevy Tahoe, tire buddy ll deflators, 20lbs and haven't been stuck yet.
  14. My answer to your original post, NOT ENOUGH people have been released from the hospitals. I wish all of them a speedy recovery.
  15. I'm sure he could still do some damage. People are tough on Tyson. I give him a pass, not that he should get away with anything that he shouldn't. He had a very tough upbringing and succeeded far more than most. His boxing skills were second to none. His life story is compelling and he is well read if you ever listen to him and watched his movie. True, I'm a big Tyson fan and will continue to be. Think about it, he was the best boxer in the world. You take a young guy, give him access to anything, the hottest women, fame, any material thing he could want and he got taken. Not so surprising. Some of the smartest business people get taken, so what do you expect would happen to a young boxer? The sad part is Cus D'amato passed away during his rise to success. I hope to think things might have different for Tyson if he hadn't passed. Check out his show, Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, you might like it, I do.