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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  2. Awesome trip I'm sure. Thanks for the pictures. Alaska fishing is definitely on my bucket list.
  3. I can remember when I was 7 or 8 years old and a couple of my friends and I were collecting and comparing the fishing tackle we bought at the local five and dime. I've been hooked on fishing ever since my father took me to catch my first fish at 4 yr old and I am 60 now. I like talking about it, reading about it, listening to fishing stories and last but not least, fishing! I have the addiction to fishing tackle. Everytime I go fishing, I stop at the local tackle shop and buy more things I don't need. I'm hooked and have no problems with it. I think most fishermen have the same addiction.
  4. I was into some stripers years ago when I was first starting and I was using A 27's and I kept losing the fish and losing my lures on the cast. I was baffled and thought maybe my braid was shot. Took my rod to the great guys at Grumpy's and they checked the top guide with a q-tip and I had a crack in the top guide. They fixed it, no more lost lures or fish that afternoon.
  5. Don't worry, Al Sharpton is on his way and speaking out. He'll fix the problem.
  6. I think you might have better luck hooking up with strippers than catching any stripers right now. Follow Tim's instructions and you will find that this site is the best one around and some of these guys are very knowledgeable and will give you great advice.
  7. Unfortunately dirtballs come in all races. Don't leave anything unattended. That sucks for sure.
  8. Hands down the best site ever. Very well run and extremely fair. Don't forget Crazybellringer! That guy can bring some humor and the man can catch fish for sure!
  9. I think Highlander and Levari both have it right. I have been a painting contractor for almost 40 years and never expected a tip. I have been tipped before and I gave it to my employees who were also tipped. If the surf guide works for himself, his fee is his fee and probably doesn't expect one. I am a very good tipper for the services that expect it, even when I get bad service I still tip them. Having said all that, tip him if you want. Hope you catch some fish.
  10. The money is in your account. Thanks Bob!
  11. I'm still interested at $160.00. If accepted, PM your PayPal address and I will take care of it tonight. Thanks.
  12. I can come up to $160.00 if that helps. Thanks again for considering.
  13. I would offer $150.00 respectfully of course, for all three. Glws and thanks for considering.
  14. I only have the 1oz mag darters. I collect the troublemakers and if you decide you want to sell them, I would give you what it would cost to buy 4 of the mag darters. Just an idea, thanks.
  15. I'll take them. Please PM me your PayPal address and I will take care of it tomorrow. Thanks.