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  1. How do you add stuff?
  2. I worked from the day I got out till I retired two years ago.
  3. I lost my neighbor to the Viet Nam war. The first friend, but not the last to lose their life over there. I quit school a year after that, and at 16 I joined the Marine Corps pre enlistment program. I turned 17 Sept 16 1969 and I was in boot camp on Oct 26th. Because I was only 17, I needed a waiver signed before I could leave the country. My dad was dead and mom wouldn't sign. I was furious. I had a few duty stations but I never made it to Viet Nam. I just retired and I own a new home and a new car.
  4. Take it to the assbaby
  5. Yes and no. You are drying not wiping so you have more options. Try it and you wont go back. Think mud butt... eeeeew
  6. When all else fails vote from the roof tops
  7. And where is this place??
  8. My friend hunts with hawks. I sent him this pic. Stand by.
  9. Paper and steel,not people.
  10. ?? I shoot all the time
  11. Ups just dropped off 250 rounds of 9mm to my neighbor. I have plenty thank God.
  12. I just got my new Fios router and extender yesterday and now I get great signal even in my garage. Huge difference for a few $$ a month more. My old Fios router sucked.
  13. Buy more ammo
  14. My supermarket is 1/4 mile away and the shelves were empty in two days. I put in a Brondell bidet attachment so toilet paper is not a problem. I'm never going back.
  15. We'll never flip Jersey. Too many free stuffers live here.