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  1. When the **** hits the fan, guns, ammo, drugs, sex, food and water are your go to. Cash, gold and silver will be worthless.
  2. I moved it to the lot next door so lets hope it doesn't go to the street. I had a monster snapping turtle when I was a kid that had to be 20 lbs. Nasty sob.
  3. I just found this guy hanging out by my sil door in Florida. She lives in a condo with no real woods around. Can ya eat it?
  4. If it was my house it would be gone one way or another.
  5. Because it's huge. It's what they had to work with back in the day. There are 4 of them down there but this one is in your face big. I lived in a old farm house as a kid and the main floor joist was held up with what looked like 6" trees with the limbs chopped off .
  6. The last pic shows the top of the block about 1/2' away from the joist, and 1/2 wood and shims jammed in there to make up the difference. It's been like that for 100 years. He's finishing the basement and this huge block wall is right in your face when you come down the stairs. A 4" post would certainly look much better.
  7. Here's some pics. There should be a footing under this but if not we could add one. Question is, would a 4" cement filled lally column work in this application?
  8. I'll check it out today and get some pics.
  9. There's another post like it, maybe a lil smaller about 6' away. I'm going there tomorrow and I check it out.
  10. Maybe I can put a bigger floor plate?
  11. So what are my options?
  12. Whatever the block is sitting on now. It's a concrete floor.
  13. Question for the contractor guys. My friend has a huge 14x14? block wall in the middle of his basement holding up the center beam that is 3- 2x10s or 12 didn't measure. The blocks come about an inch below the beam and they slid wood and then shims to make up the difference. Question is, can we brace the beam on each side, knock out the block and replace it with a cement filled lally column?
  14. Check out River Pointe. They have 5 lots left and once in a while a re-sale. Renaissance and Knoll were built 18 years ago so most of the residents in there are much older.
  15. The people in my area are mostly in their early 50s and still work. Some of the older places near by are full of the walking dead for sure.