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  1. I think this thing is around 800 lbs
  2. I only have to move it about 5' and turn it. It weighs a ton and It's on carpet. Can we lift and slip a plastic slider under each leg and go for it? I'm reading all kinds of nightmare stuff online.
  3. I carry my Shield in a IWB Kusiak leather at 4 o'clock and after it broke in I forget it's there. I can wear it all day.
  4. It's only 6 months old. Brand new house. I think some junk may have got in the lines. I want to take them all off and clean them. HOW DO I GET IT OFF????
  5. To hell with the shower heads. Does this thing unscrew???
  6. Get this thing of my faucet. It started running slow and I thought just screw it off, clean it, re install and done. I know it has to be easy but I can't find anything online. Special wrench maybe?
  7. I stand corrected Henckels are 15 and Shun 16. Sharp stuff. Almost took my thumb off.
  8. My Shun are 17 and I think Henkels are 22
  9. I got a set of Shun knives for my retirement party. Hint.. Don't use these things after a few JDs on the rocks. These things are sharp. Ask me how I know
  10. I slid off the road down a deep embankment in 2ft snow in my Explorer. I had 4wd so I got out and started shoveling a path out. State cop stopped at the top of the hill and asked if I needed a tow. I said, hell no I'm driving out of here. To that he said lets do this and grabbed a shovel from the back of his car and helped me shovel a 20x8ft path and I drove out slinging snow and mud everywhere..
  11. I just bought the Husky mats for my Equinox and they're great. Fit like a glove.
  12. How did we get so far off track in the, illegal immigrant caravan thread
  13. I read somewhere that people that have tons of cash like yourself, usually end up bored with the everyday stuff and end up doing crazy things. Like blowing sheep, then having a sweater made from the wool.
  14. You're such a dick