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  1. ^ last night was fishy as hell, fished from 1030 to 4 am. Hooked up to a good bass around 11 who once hooked went on a 9 or so second run and then the hook popped. After that it was deserted until early am like 3 am when there were some real small blues wacking a mag darter. It was like i could feel the hits coming every retrieve because everything was feeling very good, but the hits never came...
  2. Goldy don't feel bad, I fished more nights then I didn't in May and i had one bass all month. Butt tons of bluefish but one lone bass. By this time usually I would have put together a pretty decent season. This year was way off and the fish are and were not in the places they have been in years past. And when there were bass in those spots they were slim pickins. There where no "bites" that i could find or pattern. Very unusual year. April was decent...
  3. Ill also note if one of the guys in my circle hits in another spot while im somewhere else or on a night I took off. I log info from about 3 peoples trips on any given night sometimes. I dont get into detail too much about there trips but ill log there success. Any info helps down the road.
  4. I've had racoons try to take my fish while I'm on the other side of the car. Could've been a fox.
  5. I actually noticed that after i originally posted this.
  6. Ill take a picture next time i go out so you can get a better understanding
  7. The current torque handle is rubber, and every time it gets wet i end up with black grease/ oil all over my reeling hand. for years now.
  8. I honestly always wished they started using different handles.
  9. Thats a shame. It would be my next reel. How about putting handles like the slammer on a torque. The torque handles are garbage.
  10. You are severely misinformed. Proven big fish plug time and time again. And will pull fish at times when nothing else will... for decades... Maybe put the hooks back on and give it more than a couple casts.
  11. Does the slammer III come in a bailess version or have a bailess kit available?
  12. Let the rod load properly and make sure the guides are lined up?
  13. Im pretty sure that point already did produce the early cows a couple weeks ago now.
  14. Im still waiting on plugs from some shlub of a member from like 3 years ago. Is that too long?
  15. The day you stop hitting that spot is the day the fish show up.