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  1. If someone buys the rod I’ll split out the reel.
  2. Sounds good. Sending a pm.
  3. Yes box and bag.
  4. It’s brand new I just recently had it spooled up with 300yds 30lb pp v2. $600 plus pp fees if you wanted to use pp. I’ll pay shipping.
  5. Came with my old mercury I had on the back of my 19ft pointer. 5ft long. Looking to give it to someone or else I’m putting it to the curb.
  6. How about $450.00
  7. Vs 250 used. Mechanically 10/10 looks 6/10. Rod used one time. Pick up in Suffolk county. Looking to get $1000.00
  8. I have a vsb black. If interested.
  9. Going back upstate next weekend looking to do some More target shooting. Having a hard time finding bulk ammo locally. Anyone have some extra? I’m located in oakdale. Have cash or lures to trade.
  10. Hook a bruh up

  11. Interested in partial trade cash/plugs?
  12. I know someone that has a black one for sale but he’s asking like $900.00. It’s in great shape. Ill get some pictures and the bottom dollar he will take tomorrow morning.
  13. What is your budget?
  14. Offer $350 picked up. Only need one handle power knob. And you can keep the line.