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  1. They still hitting 'em behind the Whirly-bird place?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by WHeher Haha yeah, I don't think it is a secret to anyone any more though. yeah...true. I remember back in the day when i'd be the only one out there.....if you closed yer eyes you'd swear you were fishing for bones on the flats.....only got hairy once when I got to close to the edge of the big H and the nearly took a bad swim. I speak in "code" cause I don't wanna spot burn...LOL! Were you SW F/F when Johnny P. had his shop there? That man was(is) a guru to me.
  3. Those deadhead minnows kinda look like BobPops Siliclones to me. Great Job!!! Most def gonna catch fish!!
  4. That fly would work real well at that "Birdy" spot......"wink, wink...nod, nod...say no more!"
  5. Hey BobPop, when you print the next batch of thePopFleyes book, can you install lowjack in it...LOL!! I just bought my 4th copy...I keep lending them out and they never come back...LOL!!
  6. Social Studies teacher here. I'll send ya a vice or two. I actually just taught a lesson on writing a proper essay by tying a fly. Was a hit, by golly wouldn't ya know it there was a marked improvement in their writing! Send me your addy and I'll make up a care package.
  7. Great job!! Very informative!!!!
  8. PM Sent!!
  9. Pm sent
  10. WTB Flatwing Saddles in olive, yellow and white. Lost all my feathers in Hurricane Irene and it seems that most if not all shops are sold out. They don't have to be new(just not excessively picked over). I mainly tie Rhody Flatwings. Thanks for looking!
  11. Thanks M. Saxatilis.....I use rabbit on Skok's Blind Crab....just something about BBuzzi's fly makes me think I may be able to increase my catch a bit. Now, Skok's blind crab will always have a place in my box( caught many a fish on this fly!)...just thought it was time for a rookie phenom...LOL! Hopefully he'll read this nd point me in the right direction. Thanks again!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jnicosia I guess you didn't see my giant tube poppers that I actually used last spring and they pop like nothing else. I got 3 big bass casting to the out side of the bunker pods and ripping the popper then let it sit for a bit the rip it again. I can cast these on a sage Xi2 12 wt using a SA 13wt saltwater floating line. Basically these are offshore popper heads i got . The hook is what Bob suggested . 8/0 to 10/0 trey combs or Gammy SL12 which is basically the same. Super job!! When I do mine, I burn a hole through the center and insert a red coffee straw as the "tube" .....cheap and effective. I don't know if the little red adds anything to it, but I like it..LOL! Also look in any craft store (Mikes or AC) they have foam "marshmallows" the same size(maybe a tad bigger, but just barely) for alot cheaper....they seem to be a bit denser and really tie a nice Banger. Only drawback is that they are all white, but i'm sure you can color them. Once again, GREAT JOB!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by TheEveningRise I like all the ideas everyone has had. The only thing I disagree on is if your going to use a foam popper head, you do need to cup the face of the popper. I am not saying that the flat front will not work, but you will work 3-4 times as hard fishing a fly without a cup on the face of the popper. The cup simpy moves more water. Go ahead and try it yourself and you will agree. Thanks, Nick DelleDonne The Evening Rise www.TheEveningRise.com ummm....I would disagree with that. The Bob's Banger has been the go-to for probably 20+ years. Bangers work great! no need for a cupped front. This fly is supposed to be super simple to tie and easy to replace(since it is not glued on hook. If have fished in an area with Gorilla Blues you'll see why. Cupping the foam cylinders would change the whole effect of the fly!
  14. ttt
  15. I like to use a wide office rubber band, with a "V" cut out and knotted for knuckles...super durable and alot of movement. They take pantone markers and sharpies real well.