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  1. The reel has been sold, please close the thread. Thanks stripersonline.com
  2. Sorry, I already got an offer for $600 cash locally
  3. Yes, China made .
  4. Celloman2639, No I will not ship and I will never sell it for $500. Thanks,
  5. Hi Lamiglasmike, I got the VS200 back in winter 2012. Thanks. [ATTACHMENT=13435]image.jpg (286k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=13436]image.jpg (240k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  6. Hi gnuisance, Thanks for asking but I already have a vs150.
  7. I'm selling my mint condition VS200 silver for $600. It will include the original VS box and bag. Captain Craig C. from VS re-greased the inside of the reel this past March 2014. I'm located in PA just west of Philadelphia, PA. I only want to deal locally and cash. Thanks...
  8. Good looking xterra, I also have a 2012 pro4x xterra!!!!
  9. From the album Got a new ride

  10. I'll take for $230 local pick up. (If the other buyer backs out)
  11. I'm in.
  12. I'm in
  13. Will definitely stop by!!!!
  14. WTS my Ron Arra XSRA 1205 Rod 1 piece for $180. Great condition..
  15. yes, Salt Water License is needed and it's free.... here is the link for the license.. http://www.nj.gov/dep/saltwaterregistry/index.html