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  1. I just checked the kayak. I can get access as far as my hand will reach under the seat. I could mod the front and put a hatch in to mount it in front. Seems like I would want access to the forward area to mount anchor trolly system. I figure I could store the battery for power in there and feed supply to lighting system. Either way gonna have to fish wires from back to front or front to back. Looks like mods are coming.
  2. Newbie to kayak fishing. I just bought a peddle kayak and am planning on using the duct seal to mount the transducer to the hull. where should I mount the transducer? As far forward as possible or as far rear as possible? Advice appreciated. Any advice on battery is also appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I ended up using the advice to make sure that the contractor did it properly. My wife did the contract and it included the plumbing work.
  4. Sadly this made me laugh. Sounds like my local fishing spots...
  5. time crunch. no one is available....
  6. We are converting our single vanity to a double vanity. I know how to do the supply plumbing to the fixture. How do I do the drain plumbing from the sinks to the wall? Picture of current vanity drain to follow. Thanks.
  7. Special trip for wife to Fairmont Puerto Rico mid April at 6063 Isla Verde Avenue Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979. I heard tarpon fishing near the airport is some of the world's best. Recommendations on DIY fly/spin and fly guides appreciated. We won't have a car but I will have a variety of rods. Thanks.
  8. Pulled the trigger on an echo 4wt trout spey last year with same thoughts^^^. I have it rigged now but need to work on casting. Seemes like it will be much more efficient for wade shallow water bay fishing.
  9. Went out with a great guide in HH. Well actually Beaufort. Nick Boyd. PM his number.
  10. Delray Beach FL end of March. Inshore fly light tackle guide and any DIY help appreciated.
  11. Can you give some details on the balls above? Think fingernail polish would work? Where'd ya get the balls? Thanks.
  12. Not a contractor. Pre-Covid flew 75k miles a year with 60+ nights in a hotel. Flew 1 airline, 1 hotel brand. Credit cards for each. Family of 5 took a 1 week vacation every year for 10 years for <$500 to Cabo, USVI, FL, CA and other places. Triple miles on the airline card, 5x points for the hotel stays. I figure the savings was 4-5k per year if I had to go out of pocket (which I would not have) for the vacations. Cash back was not as beneficial for me.
  13. Rod was built by Franky fedullo he is a long Island builder.
  14. This is a fast action rod. BTW it is the weapon Jr. The rod is at the beach so I don't have the weight and I don't know the build. Will ask the original seller.
  15. I have a 7 6 that was cut to 7 2 that i bought this summer of here. Great rod just dont need it. Sell it for what i paid $400. Here is the thread...