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  1. Thanks received! Excellent trade.
  2. Shipped and delivered the sunglasses. Have you shipped the trade yet?
  3. Those are really great looking. Probably too fancy for me. I would rather go quantity over quality. Got any older ones that have seen the water in a long while?
  4. same
  5. Yes. I got some metals that are too big for me. I like the pics in your avatar. I am always on the hunt for poppers, hopkins type lures 3/4-2.5oz and your avatar pic baits.
  6. Thanks but looking for smaller actually.
  7. PayPal me so I am compelled to remember to bring the mold. Pm sent.
  8. I will be in Rehoboth Sept 12 if you are not in a rush and wanted to pick them up. 25 is accepted.
  9. Offer accepted. I will be in Rehoboth starting Sept 12ish. If you can wait we can meet up if you want to avoid shipping.
  10. pm coming
  11. For sale: DO-IT Model 3409 pyramid 5 and 6 oz molds (note handle repair where i replaced the screws) DOIT Model 3354 jig head mold Would trade for egg sinker mold in the 1/2 +/- 1/4 range. $35 each plus shipping from 20817. Will split.
  12. Stradic FH4000 with extra spool. budget 100 shipped. PP or venmo.
  13. If the 1, 2 3 4 still available I will take it.
  14. With some much discourse and aggression going on in the world, I turn to this board for a respite. While this is the land of free speech, do we really have to bring the aggression here? There is a way to communicate, while educating and not flame throwing. I am not preaching, I am just thinking, if we are respectful and teach those who are either younger or may not know the "best" way to safely release a fish, or follow the regulations, it will accomplish more. Look at my avatar, it is 10 years old. I was giddy as hell catching my first snook on a fly. I put the fish in danger getting a pic. Stupid, yes. Would I do it now, no. Did I realize what I was doing at the time? prob not. Hindsight gives me the benefit of 20/20 vision.