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  1. @HugeDinghy
  2. Rocky Bleier documentary should be good...espn talked him into going to back to Viet Nam. Haven’t seen the whole thing yet but what I saw is pretty good.
  3. No idea, but it does.
  4. Fry up a small piece and see if it is too salty. If it is, wait and try it again in a day or two. If it’s not, smoke it.
  5. I (involuntarily) got it once, ages ago but it didn’t last long. Sucked, big time. Before that, when I was single I wasted good money trying to get it. * I worked with a guy who got it frequently, and real bad. It took about a year to get the cause diagnosed as an ear problem...canal or something was effed up.
  6. NYY looked good tonite.
  7. Tanaka looks like the suicidal guy in the geico karaoke machine commercial.
  8. Quite a slide...Newport to Monterrey to Atlanta to Woodstock to Altamont.
  9. Michael Shrive was only 20 at the time and put on a show for the ages. TYA was on fire too.