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  1. The one behind her in black wants to smash her in the head.
  2. I temember people laughing at how stupid it sounded. Like when Willie said he didn’t inhale. More dumb than scandalous.
  3. Did you know Duke was offered the Waco Kid role in Blazing Saddles and he turned it down because of the language?
  4. Looks like he’s showing off the night’s haul. He got a tv, a Christmas tree, a fan and some wrapped gift boxes.
  5. Exactly.
  6. He’ll never get elected now.
  7. Thanks anyway.
  8. Geez, loots. i don’t know.
  9. Did he ever say what happened to him as a kid?
  10. He will still be seen as a martyr by many of the lefties, especially the Hollywood types. He still has his job.
  11. Okposo is a mess.
  12. You were duped.
  13. What do you use on your chain after you clean up?