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  1. Minneapolis mayor
  2. Get off my lawn!!
  3. Lara is on tv now, talking about Antifa tracking DHS and LEO flights, and putting LEO personal info on the street.
  4. So you got out.
  5. They can do this, but the video camera glitched because the boat was rocking?
  6. Some kind of mooslim...they suspect ties to ISIS.
  7. Are you locked in or out?
  8. Chiara deblasio
  9. And here’s the alleged cop stabber.
  10. You see this? Deblasio’s daughter, in an article today about the time he made the cops help her move.
  11. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that he plans to cut $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department’s annual budget and appropriate those funds to programs for communities of color. The L.A.P.D. was set to receive a significant increase in its annual budget from $1.189 billion in 2019 to $1.86 billion for 2020-2021.