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  1. Effin Rooney
  2. MORGAN!!!!
  3. Laff with a statement goal.
  4. $lats is here to help
  5. I like Oshie. Especially this week.
  6. He got him good, might have left his feet a touch.
  7. Worth every minute. Attaboy Buchy
  8. K’andre out for the summer.
  9. Barron scared Oshie
  10. Who sharpened the rag$ skates tonite?
  11. I see R,’s laughing at the hypocrisy, not blasting Biden. Nancy and Chuck were seething over Trump’s signature on the checks. They would have impeached him if he wrote a cover letter like Joe.
  12. Pierre sucks...I hate his voice.
  13. Do you think Nancy and Schumer will denounce Biden the way they did Trump, or just be hypocrites?
  14. Strominator