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  1. Stick to anything you want. But you don’t read well at all. You might have tunnel vision. I said the sentence previous to the one you bolded.
  2. It’s mostly gone. Enjoy what’s left of it.
  3. First game is in the morning. They had an opening ceremony tonite. Callahan was supposed to be there for a meet and greet, maybe Eruzione too. Flutie and The Hail Mary was 39 freaking years ago today.
  4. I know we need them but I hate them. The Yellowstone is the longest free-running river in the nation.
  5. No wonder the card I sent you came back! I was thinking the worst.
  6. Sorry man..how long were you in?
  7. An 18 year-old council member in Lawrence,MA is looking to lower it to 16. After that, a 16 year-old council member will try for 14.
  8. Do all lives matter? Here, I’ll make it easy for you so there is no escape misunderstanding: A: Yes B: No Other answers will be discarded. Go…
  9. I bet zack has a friend who drives out to the country and cuts down a live secular tree every year. And then has a big party while decorating it, almost like a Hanukkah party.
  10. And if they’re any good, either won’t be at the party or will stay out of earshot of any convos like that.
  11. Lefties are looking for incarcerated felons and 16 year-olds to vote?
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