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  1. Chubby should have just sent the guy’s luggage to the wrong airport.
  2. Once he gets a word or phrase in his head, it takes a while to be flattened into a state of white noise. This one won’t have a long shelf life.
  3. Can’t even take the train to a Sunday morning brunch in NYC without getting shot and killed.
  4. Worse than a Seal thread. Much worse.
  5. Good luck Albie.
  6. You are Biden’s Gunga Din…his best water carrier. A shill.
  7. Full dumb ass mode at 8 am. Aren’t you embarrassed about yourself, at least a little bit? <Rhetorical question, no need to reply.
  8. Scum of the earth.
  9. What do you think of these two rising stars of the left: Deblasio and Adams?
  10. Maybe try your neighborhood for a couple of weeks as a shakedown?
  11. “Overlining” is what they used to call that.
  12. Skippy
  13. Camera or a cop hiding behind a parked truck….what’s the difference to you?