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  1. Yeah, Trump’s overdue for another one of his world wars. He’s had what, 2 or 3 already?
  2. As long as you don’t do any jackrabbit start and stops.
  3. Now THAT’s a grill. Could be the same guy, but one of the Texan caterers has, or at least had a converted plane of some sort. Enormous.
  4. Why-oh, yo.
  5. Yeah, and I saved that pic when I read it but forgot to post about it.
  6. Now that Toto”s back...I’ve been saving this:
  7. Here comes Belmo.
  8. .410
  9. Sale, use or possession of that recipe is a Class B felony in Texas. Eff Johnny Trigg and his squeeze butter.
  10. Lol, thanks...he wanted to use the one his mom uses for work.
  11. I think Weekes hired her mom for something. I know he was pushing for the Blues to do something for Laila.
  12. Overheard my wife chirping at no one in particular (me) this morning: ”Why are there 2 pucks in the freezer?” (she thinks she has me) “Puck shoot at 11. Papa’s taking me.” “So why are they in here?” ”So they don’t bounce. Why, what's wrong?.”
  13. And there goes Toto.