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  1. Definite. I would rather it was the Mausoleum, for old times sake.
  2. What a effing dump. Hunter’s team plays there this year instead of the Garden. He might hold out.
  3. Moving targets are hard to hit eddy.
  4. The sheets are starting to look like nascar rides with all the ads. It wasn’t bad enough when they covered the boards with signs. No, they had eff the ice up too. KHL uni’s are right around the corner.
  5. Gilmour with a nice apple, on a Phlyer goal.
  6. Brendan Smith...2018-19 Masterson Trophy contender.
  7. Eff Hank and Eli. Both of them should have been sent packing this summer.
  8. 45 year old scumbag on Gitland threatened to kill an 11 year old kid cause the kid beat him at Fortnite on-line.
  9. Heedle and Lars and the other rookies look like babies.
  10. Korkers over your sneakers will be nice.
  11. We got this ED.