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  1. Closing to list elsewhere. Thanks SOL
  2. Going to use the cleats for a project around the house. Everything else is available.
  3. Random extras that came off my new to me boat. Selling off extra parts as I redo it. All items located in LBI, NJ Stainless bow rails from 18' C hawk. Well made, could use some polish. Don't meet in the middle at the bow. $100 pick up only, can get some additional photos but they're off the boat now. Stearns throwable. Couple stains but in good condition. $5 pick up only. 4x 8" stainless cleats. Clean and in good shape. $10 each, pick up preferred. Humminbird PiranhaMAX4 Fishfinder, transducer, mounts and wiring all included. No box or papers. $50 shipped. Stainless steering wheel, something inside rattles, upgraded to 3 spoke wheel. $5 pick up.
  4. Bump before listing elsewhere this weekend.
  5. Okuma Azores 90S, spooled with I believe 100lb PP braid and 100lb mono top shot. Upgraded carbon drag washers, Gomexus knob. Light scratches from hooks or boat. Never caught a fish on it. Used as a back up. $100 shipped. Think I have the box somewhere still. Star Aerial Jigging Rod, used but in great condition. Hook holder bent up as it gets in the way while jigging. Landed a number of 50-80lb yellowfin last weekend no problem. Just want something with a bit more lifting power and length for my style. $75 pick up preferred but have a tube. Add $10 for shipping. EXJS56XH Spinning 5'6'' 40-100 Mono 50-200 Braid 5 - 12 Extra-Hvy 9 8'' EVA 12'' EVA w/ Rubber Gimbal
  6. I don't think you're accurate. 10K and 14K are likely similarly sized for Shimanos, take a look at the Twin Power. 18K is going to be 20K +.
  7. Where in Monmouth? Functions as it should?
  8. Preordered the 18k. Hopefully see it semi soon.
  9. Definitely a matter of preference as far as stiff vs. flexible. I prefer stiff. My favorite although a little small is my 5.5" petty knife that came with my knife set. As mentioned above the knife should almost scare you its so sharp, thats these knives in my set. Not conventional and not inexpensive but it makes quick work of most of what I catch sans large tunas.
  10. I'm in. Thank you!
  11. I order the Decoy Castin Singles off eBay. Super sharp, heavier duty hooks. Been my go to for tuna plugs and been getting the smaller sizes lately too.
  12. Bumping this thread as I have a lead on a 15’ skiff. What motor did you wind up with on this? Any insight into how you reinforced the sides/bottom after removing the seats?
  13. I'll take it for $37. Busy weekend so apologies if I don't reply right away.
  14. That works for me. I'll take them. PM me and we'll figure out a time and place.