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  1. Another insane feed right up the street this morning. Couldn't keep up on the SUP as they moved south though. No albies for me. Bit more swell in the water and only supposed to build with the wind so that probably does it for albies from the stand up board.
  2. Surfed a few hours ago and started to see the birds coming together not far off. Ran back to the house to grab the SUP and my crate setup. Still blowing up after a 1/2 mile paddle. Lucked into two really solid ablies. One on the albisnax and one on the epoxy. At one point I was hooked up and the bait decided to hide under my board. Watched the fish destroy them right underneath my legs.
  3. They’re still out there
  4. Going to close and list elsewhere
  5. Bump will take reasonable offers
  6. Can't recommend live bait enough for rod and reel. The difference in interest watching these fish underwater between a dead peanut and a live one is amazing. They really light up and get excited with live baits. You can always just jump in and shoot them. Until you shoot a few or the big bull in the school they are fairly curious fish often swimming right up to the spear.
  7. They can be finicky. We found them far and in tight. Also managed to find a nice wahoo. All fish were speared.
  8. I have two Shimano Triton 50W on Shakespeare Ugly Stik Trolling Rods. Reels are in great shape other than some cosmetic corrosion. Both function as should and are loaded with couple hundred yards of 100lb hollow core and a 100+ yards of 100lb momoi mono top shot. Reels are single speed. Rods are a little rough but function and have all roller guides. 5'6 rated 50-130lbs. Local pick up/meet up only. Asking $650 obo.
  9. Heading further out tomorrow in search of mahi and hopefully a couple tuna. We'll be looking to spear them on the pots/buoys rather than rod and reel. We did really well 3 weeks ago but the pots were hit or miss. The pots in deeper water near the Glory Hole were best. We had dead peanuts and some fish were interested but if you really want to see them go crazy bring some live ones. So fun to have your buddy throw a couple right at you and watch the fish charge them.
  10. Its so tempting to paint it a color or do some combo with the top cap nonskid but I can't decide on any one color. I figure going neutral/monochrome with the black leaning post will look clean. Rub rail is white with chrome insert.
  11. Plenty of sweat for that part. That stage of the boat was right around those super hot days in late July/August. Garage was brutal even with a couple fans. Just broke it down into sections between the supports and usually worked early AM's or after dark.
  12. Yes hoping to have it sprayed and save myself the work and frustration of it being imperfect after all this time and effort. Likely Awlgrip 2000. Matterhorn white hull sides. White cap and interior and then lay .down nonskid with Kingston Grey. Fairing the gunnel walls was a good bit of work. Irregular surface so it is likely still wavy but it is smoothed out well and will hopefully look pretty decent post paint.
  13. Officially have owned this boat for a year. First splash since redoing everything is coming within the next couple weeks. Recored the top cap so officially can say it is a wood free boat now. Been working on details and getting any holes cut/drilled. Console is ready to go. Need to sort out mounting the leaning post. Bit more fairing on the top cap. Sanding the exterior of the hull to prep for paint. Then it's all just rigging once it returns from paint.
  14. I'm an LBI based photographer. I'd post my website but I believe thats frowned upon on this site.
  15. Diamond jigs work great, but there have been many days with bass on sandeels when I outfish most I'm with using the 7" Hogy protail eels.