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  1. Glad something is back open in that spot. Short walk from the spot we stay and was missed during this summer's trip up.
  2. Don't wear this one much anymore with insulated and Gore-Tex options now. Size XL In great shape with one small hook hole that's been patched with Gear Aid to keep it fully waterproof. $50 shipped.
  3. Couple projects ongoing. Finally replaced the scary axle/springs/wheels. Won't mind making some longer trips now. Also finally getting rid of any old blisters and paint and prepping for barrier coat and new bottom paint so she can be moored rest of the summer.
  4. Never tried for them but during last years April tog season I watched a whole school stream into an inlet under me. Had to do a double take as I thought it was school of bunker swimming by in the murk.
  5. I have the freesalts. They're on year 2. Held up fine for me and I don't always wash them or take best care. I have the lugged soles and also have sheet metal screws as studs.
  6. BTW NJ black fish is open to February 28.

  7. Just another troll. I attend plenty of town meetings up and down the island and am involved with many of the towns as well. Must be above my pay grade though. Not to mention the causeway is a state run road so why would the towns be making such a decision?
  8. Right because the towns would decide that. Enjoy the fantasy land you live in.
  9. RUMOR HAS IT. Care to post where the rumor came from? I'll call BS on that one.
  10. You might want to check the season for NJ.
  11. A fisherman with a reasonable take. You are a rarity @CWitek. This issue has taken a turn straight into conspiracy land and no amount of information or evidence will change anyone's mind. It's unfortunate and I rarely have the energy to engage in conversations beyond this.
  12. That works for me. Its just sitting otherwise. Thanks
  13. Spool lip is in great shape. Overall the spool is very clean with newer line. Its just that bail arm and reel foot that the finish went to crap on.
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