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  1. Traded to excessiveangler. Thanks!
  2. Stradic back up. Stradic and Quantum Smoke available.
  3. That works. Shoot me a PM with details. Thanks JLew. Quantum Smoke still available.
  4. That I can do. I'll actually use that rod as my go to is a 10'6 1-4 rod so too close to this TFO. PM and we can figure out when/where to swap. Thanks!
  5. No problem. I just hate having a like new rod that I know I won't use. If it was 2-6oz I'm sure it'd be gone. 11' and that light is a little niche.
  6. Something to pair with a 10-14k reel. PE 4-6 range.
  7. Someone pick this thing up and hand me $175. Almost half of retail and it was barely used.
  8. As someone who partakes in both I can let you know that myself and my friends do our best to not interfere with those on the rocks. There are a lot of inexperienced people into it now and it is unfortunate for all of us. I am relatively new but luckily have some of the most experienced guys in the state as my mentors. Understand we are usually drifting and mostly at the mercy of the current. When that is the case and I know I'm passing a group of guys on the rocks I'll kick with the current a bit and pull my float line in. Generally we avoid the weekends as well knowing that will cause issues with more crowds. We also just boat to spots most rod and reel guys can't get to. Trust me, we don't spook the fish either, most of them swim right up to you. And since this is the reports thread, lots and lots of bait out front, albies last night crushing rain bait while surfing, and birds and lots of bait mid day today.
  9. I know a Dewey on the island but he doesn't have a 22 Sea Ox.
  10. I break my reels down every season and clean and relube. Being that its closer to the end than the beginning I'm sure a breakdown wouldn't hurt, but its still smooth and functions. It could use an actual outside cleaning though, hasn't gotten a ton of use lately.
  11. You don't need a big boat, but be smart. We've pushed a 25' panga 60 miles, 23' Jones Brother the same and a 25' CHawk to the canyons. I think my 18' CHawk will be next but know your days and weather windows. Pictured with a proper bend 20-30 miles out on my friends 23' Jones Brother.
  12. Figure out the usual spots. Make a general loop that takes you from marina, over the popular areas, then keep your eyes peeled. The other way is to develop a network of friends willing to call you in on the radio. It's a hunt for sure, you'll burn a lot of fuel and not see anything for many trips. But the ones where it all comes together will keep you hooked.
  13. I'd do $110 shipped. It's in amazing mechanical shape and a spare spool.
  14. Both Quantum Cabo's sold. Thanks Harry for picking them up. Shimano Stradic and Quantum Smoke still available.
  15. That will work for me. I'll PM you to coordinate meeting up.