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  1. I’m headed to Plymouth this weekend or next to put my parents 23’ cc in. I’d love to catch some haddock any suggestions of where to start looking in that area?
  2. What is the material used to tie those bunker. They are sexy
  3. What size hook? How big overall? Im all ears on your glue trick.... if you’d be willing to share
  4. Are the feathers glued on tips facing or splayed out? feathers only as wing or also tail added? 2 or 4 total feathers?
  5. Having some fun with the magnum dubbing but can confirm it’s basically the same as FTD big game dub.
  6. Who can make plexiglass Windshields? I’ve got a 23 seacraft cc. I’m rebuilding and need a new windshield. I’m in se CT Help please!!
  7. It’s happening now but not seeing many fish on them yet. Two nights ago it was insane the amount of worm. IMG_6385.MOV
  8. Last night the sand worm hatch was nuts. But didn’t see a single fish! I hope by tonight the fish will have found them.
  9. Wing/ collars on big fly is the plan it’s why I want it so long.
  10. Anyone know who has white/ pearl magnum dub? I can’t find any... if not suggestions for substitute?
  11. Sexy fly. Did you use Gunners idea of flex extension for a worm hook?
  12. Anyone find them yet?
  13. Yes gunner has a vid on that
  14. I’m mostly fishing salt. these are on 5/0. Wish straight part of shank was on the longer side.
  15. I’m looking to tie some more fly’s on worm hooks. What’s everyone’s favorite’s.