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    Live, work, and fish on the Vineyard. Have a wife and kids and two dogs. "I'd stand on that rock"
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    Fishing, disc golf, Family
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    Land Surveyor

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  1. Gonna open back up if anyone is interested. Drop price to $130
  2. ok. Message coming. Thanks
  3. wanna do $75 to cover the additional shipping costs? I'll ship in a small priority box.
  4. i can split that out. Message coming.
  5. All weights are rigged, Used ones only thrown a couple times: Habs Sr 2.5 oz used Habs Jr 2.2 oz used Habs nightngale 2.2 oz new Habs Jr 1.1 oz used (middle swivel snapped) $110 shipped PayPal
  6. I have an aqua skins dry top in good condition if your interested.
  7. Tattoo squid (2.3 oz) thrown once or twice. LIfishinVT (1.4 oz) is new. $48 shipped priority box
  8. Payment received. Thread closed. Thanks SOL
  9. ok. That works. Pm coming
  10. Only thrown once or twice each. $48 shipped in priority box
  11. pulling this offer. Going to list in WTS.
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