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  1. Waders with size 12 sandals instead of boot
  2. Hi people hope all is well. I know old Town has great customer service. What about Hobie? Thanks again
  3. Thank you for your input also makes sense to me
  4. Thank you so much for that info of course the salesman want to sell the Hobie said another would negate the guaranty. Thanks again
  5. Hi all. I hope all are well Its been awhile since I've been on the site..Just a question. Do the balloon tires get damaged on gravel. I need to purchase them for my Compass. They are a bit expensive and do not want to waste the money..One of the beaches I want to hit has coarse gravel before you hit the sand... thanks in advance Stay well, Paul
  6. Finally finished my tying area......Well at least for now
  7. Sorry for your loss....Cngrats on the catches
  8. Usually use closures various colors especially a root beer and tan with a bit of white . This one day I used a new Deceiver and happened to be the ticket .Thanks
  9. Targeted with sinking line and a 1/0 green/yellow Deceiver
  10. Thank you so much for reply
  11. Hello all. How many of you use one? I'm making one and was wondering who else made or bought.
  12. Excellent, thanks for sharing
  13. That is so so cool. Glad one of them took to fly....may be the others will come along
  14. You sure it wasn't a British Union Jack flag
  15. Orvis Hydsros SL IV