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  1. Trump and his surrogates lies about everything. He and they feeds the media. It's all they can write about. He's and they got the biggest chit show on earth. Now he's butt- hurt because the media calls him and them out on his and their lies. Can't believe you guys actually think the media is our enemy. Truth to Power. That's the media. Only those abusing power would be afraid of the truth.
  2. Conservatives should be enraged.
  3. Never heard these arguements with Fox News. Ever. Not from the Right. Plus CNN has Trump/Right supporters allowed to express their views and correct others.
  4. Since you put it that way. Bye Bye
  5. Money laundering for the Left? You have proof of this or just anecdotal? What about Fox News? Laundering for the Right?
  6. The media is controlled by humans. Bias is expected. Glad you have Fox News? The problem is where POTUS claims it's the enemy of the people. That's a brain washing tactic used by cults and government used to control the masses. True Constitutionslist should have an issue with this. It's the first amendment. What say you if he started spewing guns are the enemy of the people?
  7. Thanks
  8. Trump is taking a play out of Putin's book to control the people. First. Discredit the media so you can do as you please and then reports are taken as Fake News. Problem? This isn't Russia. Seriously. This guy is dangerous.
  9. Another BTW. 64 views. That's a 400% plus increment. However, I don't think this group will be seeing that show.
  10. You've been watching too much Trump. I'm not Fake News. BTW, you might want to see my thread on Cowboys. Might find it appalling. Others posting their stupid **** in my thread. I'm sure that upsets you.
  11. The butt-hurt is strong with this one. Must explain why he finds joy in it.
  12. If this thread offends you. DeeeeePlooooooRaaaaaable!!!!
  13. If your Trollee becomes the Troller. DeeeeePlooooooRaaaaaable!!!!
  14. Just trying to help. You were at 14. Now 30 plus. You are welcomed.