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  1. 525 pp ready.
  2. 500 shipped pp
  3. I will take it.
  4. No even Zeebaas?
  5. Lol got it guess no shipping thing for u. No biggie lmk if you change your mind.
  6. Here is my Torque 2 can post more pics if you want
  7. Got silver Torque 2 Im in Florida tho
  8. Pics? I have 1 I might trade with u. Location?
  9. Im talking to somebody here at local to buy his vs100. Thanks
  10. No sorry Im keeping my Zs only looking to buy another 1 if you want to sell me your Zs? You know you cant fish with all your Z at sametime...
  11. I hope I can find me a Zee with small body as well lol.
  12. What are you looking to trade it for?