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  1. Selling together. GooGoo Man pencil carried but is great condition. 7.5" apron. 2oz. 2 x J Jaget metal lips with wooden collectors box. Asking $170. Prefer payment via PayPal.
  2. Last price drop to $225 shipped firm.
  3. Price drop to $235 shipped.
  4. July 4th weekend price drop. $400 for both shipped.
  5. Dropping the price to $450 for both shipped.
  6. Reel still available
  7. I have 2 965 for sale on here if interested.
  8. 2 used Penn International 965 loaded with 30b power pro. Handles ungraded with power handle. Will include original handle in sale. Interested in selling as a pair for $500 shipped. Paypal preferred.
  9. New never used Accurate Fury narrow 4:1 Silver/Gold. Asking $255 shipped. Prefer Paypal.
  10. Lureman - sorry was offline for a bit and took the first offer at asking price, did not mean any disrespect toward your interest and offer. If Jameson wants to pass it to you and you like to purchase at the asking price then I am fine with that.
  11. Sorry was offline for a bit. Sold to Jameson for asking since he was to respond.
  12. Price drop to $185 plus shipping.
  13. Ajt - it yours for $70 shipped. PM coming.
  14. Not in jersey, PA. Not sure when I will be in NJ next.
  15. Bfishes - Thanks for the offer on the trade but need funds for the next purchase. lureman - you are correct, I forgot I did take a couple inches off the bottom to get in close to a 10'.