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    Teeth man
  1. Thanks RC no worries about it
  2. Sorry I can meet you in Bristol pa if it’s ok with you thanks for you interest
  3. Hi RC thanks for your interest just trying to recoup some funds to pay bills but if your interest I have couple old reel you can have just need service and it good as new pm m
  4. Penn spinfisher v5500,lamiglas insane surf with few starting lures and bag pick up buck county pa ty
  5. Ok I’ll take it please send pp info ty
  6. Hi would you consider $130 shipped no need box or paperwork pp ok ty 18974
  7. Hi would you take 40 on the darter lot ty
  8. Sorry I’m going to pass ty good luck in search
  9. No I lost the top half and had it replace the whole thing for $100
  10. $350 pick up just like to sell for what I’ve pay
  11. Hi still looking for 1084 I have brand new one replacement your location for pick up if not shipping is fine
  12. Second
  13. Payment sent ty