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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. 3 of my fave adult bunker imitators. they have produced well for me. sling them out in the rips and slow roll it home. HH
  2. I am not a total expert but,I would say the lexa could hold it's own against an abu,although the bearings would have to be changed since they are a bit sluggish. with delubing and a very fine oil in the stock ones it does fly far. makes me wonder how it would fair in a casting competition. the lexa is a highly precision machine,very smooth and polished compared to the abu IMO. I love both of them and have both of them so I will not choose. since I don't soak bait maybe someone else could help you decide. HH
  3. ya know,I do just that,use a surface swimmer when the water is choppy and have gotten some smashing hits. you can see the wake a big swimmer makes as it interrupts the ripples on top. the fish cam see that too and I like it when it's rough. I put a large hound dog out there and let it work on top,it calls the fish to it esp in the dark!. HH
  4. I knew you were up to something. shoot me a few pix,I'd like to see them. HH
  5. I have a mackerel A-40 that I bent the eye up and fished the mudflats with,the smaller fish seem to like it more. it's on the light side and casts like a tater chip. HH
  6. you can use pinky in fast water,I guarantee it. how is she btw? HH
  7. exactly,thats what I wanted to know if you agreed with that. if I feel a plug buzz and it has a lip that's wide,it gets trimmed down so it will throb instead of buzz. what do you do in such a case? HH
  8. I use them along the edges of mudflats sort of along the channels that run alongside them do very well too. also any plug that can ride along the same lines in the groove produce too. big fischers mega darter is another one also creek chub giant pkies. HH
  9. oh yes,me too. what I mean is some plugs waggle too much for my taste anyway. I like them to have a solid throb not a fast buzz. plugs I have fished like that didn't catch much and got handed to someone else esp if they were smaller than I like to use. HH
  10. that one was actually white with a pink stripe originally,after the paint flaked off,I stripped it and repainted\finished it. it is in one of my bags now. ty,glad you like it. HH
  11. I love the bottle plug as well,have taken a lot of fish with it. HH
  12. TY Mike. just fmi,whats your take on it's castability and does it seem to cast as good or better than any other wood swimmer you have\know of? I ask because as you can see,I incorporated the wide middle,small lip into it to help it be smoother in the air. HH
  13. JZ,whats your take on swimmers that are too "busy" with their waggle? I know I dislike them and if it is a large enough plug that's my size I'll trim the lip to get it to slow down. a lot of plugs I see have lips that are waay too big IMO. so,what do you think?,,,,anyone else? HH
  14. yes indeed. I find that I build plugs to "fit" the types of water\areas I like to fish. so far so good! HH
  15. Ty frank5,,that one has a nice zig-zag waggle and if rolled slow it will swim on top. if cranked slow against current it might get down to 4-8 feet. I mostly fish LDP style so,it can get down to maybe 10-12 feet and that's against the current. as for weight,I don't know but,it has to be somewhere like 4-5 oz. fish hit that thing in all kinds of crazy angles like this gator I got on it a while back.