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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. ditto,,I use any cheap super glue and do as he says. HH
  2. I do plugging only,have not fished bait in 30+ years.' all of mine are levelwinds not Ct's. the lexa is more forgiving because of the mags. I think you'd have more fun with the lexa 400 IMO. the blue yonder is a cult reel with a cult following but,it is also old tech that can be upgraded,,not saying old is bad 'cause I like old cars but,the modern lexa is slicker from the factory. HH
  3. some action here now,,good deal! HH
  4. I'd throw it somewhat anyway,ya never know! HH
  5. I see,, it's almost time to hit it hard! HH
  6. very good. I do remember it now,you did send me a few pix. HH
  7. I agree,I always crank slow anyway. it seems to entice them to come and check it out. HH
  8. 3 of my fave adult bunker imitators. they have produced well for me. sling them out in the rips and slow roll it home. HH
  9. I am not a total expert but,I would say the lexa could hold it's own against an abu,although the bearings would have to be changed since they are a bit sluggish. with delubing and a very fine oil in the stock ones it does fly far. makes me wonder how it would fair in a casting competition. the lexa is a highly precision machine,very smooth and polished compared to the abu IMO. I love both of them and have both of them so I will not choose. since I don't soak bait maybe someone else could help you decide. HH
  10. ya know,I do just that,use a surface swimmer when the water is choppy and have gotten some smashing hits. you can see the wake a big swimmer makes as it interrupts the ripples on top. the fish cam see that too and I like it when it's rough. I put a large hound dog out there and let it work on top,it calls the fish to it esp in the dark!. HH
  11. I knew you were up to something. shoot me a few pix,I'd like to see them. HH
  12. I have a mackerel A-40 that I bent the eye up and fished the mudflats with,the smaller fish seem to like it more. it's on the light side and casts like a tater chip. HH
  13. you can use pinky in fast water,I guarantee it. how is she btw? HH
  14. exactly,thats what I wanted to know if you agreed with that. if I feel a plug buzz and it has a lip that's wide,it gets trimmed down so it will throb instead of buzz. what do you do in such a case? HH