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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. you are welcome M8. did you know that Omoto makes akios? they are fine reels as well. I have a wavecaster[rebranded by stingray tackle who was a sponsor here at one time]they are great to fish with as most other reels. heres a shot of mine. HH cheif 6000-csm
  2. if yours is anything like what JimmyZ and I got,you will be happy. got to their website,they have a few cool things there. HH
  3. I am sure it is as good as any of the ones you fish with mine too. I saw a solid platform inside with clean design and I esp like the placement of a bearing around the pinion gear which got a drop of 3-in-1 oil as well. for 50 clams a solid design with 7 Bb's that casts great fishes great with a nice drag is a great deal. also you can put it in free spool and let line out then flip the thumbar with your thumb up to engage the gears without cranking the handle. comes in handy whilst drifting some rubber or bucktails. all in all I really dig the reel. HH
  4. ps-I am going to put this in the other thread where it should be.
  5. very good,,how do they compare with each other in your eyes HH?
  6. man that sucks,as mentioned above,,,do that! HH
  7. I posted in the other thread asking you about how you made out with yours. good that you made out good with yours as well. mine has been fine and I love it. from what I hear they may be coming out with a larger one[chaos-60 type] by spring next year in a 7000size. HH
  8. yes,ty,correct on both points. that is a small rip-runner in two-tone yellow. HH
  9. I have a few and they have been used a lot,they are scarred,twisted off center a bit and such but,they do work. HH
  10. piscifun makes some cool stuff. we'll be hearing more from them for sure. HH
  11. yes they do. go check them out,,piscifun,,you know the rest. also check jimmyZ's thread about them. they are VERY well worth 50 bucks. there are 3 sizes. HH
  12. yep,it is. pulling that one in was like snagging a railroad tie going with the current. it was one hell of a battle with 17lb line,,and it was cold that night,I was sweating by the time I got it to land. HH
  13. a fattie,,
  14. I guess this one qualifys.