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  1. is it still tight and smooth? I know you have fished it a lot and had it for a long time. HH
  2. oh,sry,now I think I remember the name,was it conquest? HH
  3. Sudsy,,a long while ago you had a scorpion,I think it was?//,,how is that reel doing? is it still smooth,tight or worn/loose? I ask because you have not mentioned it in a long while. HH
  4. I'm different,knowing what I know,I inform others that want to try something out. I shared that information because it is preventative maintenance just as I do on my own vehicles,reels whatever it is. obviously the guy who mentioned them was interested in them,I gave him a way to make it work and get a chance to enjoy something. some get an idea about something and never believe it will work,I am not thata way,if I'm interested and willing to try it out before hearing about sealing,I'll seal it and then fish it then decide if it's a part of my bag.\I never discourage I only encourage and inform. HH
  5. that's can be true like the tsunami timber swimmers. I don't own any of the tsunamis but,the creek chub giant pikies I love them and they def werk. sealing can be iffy so,I seal them by dipping them fully in polyurethane then hang them up for a week or so. after that they are good. someone in china does not know how to seal wood plugs,,,,I think. HH
  6. great point on the old spinning reels gearing,I never thought of that. also an old salt would be seasoned enough to adjust and work it out. HH
  7. yes they are although they don't have a surfster lip,they catch well!
  8. I have to attest to the tsunami timbers. 2 guys I know fish them in big waters and they catch fish. although they are inconsistent in their sealing they do work well regardless if they look cheap. if you are old enough to know that you should never judge a book by it's cover,then you know what I mean. they hammer fish on the dannies and the round nose swimmer. for 16 bucks they are well worth it. the first thing anyone should do with a tsunami timber plug is dip it fully in polyurethane to seal the inside then hang it to dry. after that you are solid. some people would not want to do it,they'd just go fish it and if it's not sealed well it cracks. I mean,if you buy a half a dozen of them,do what I mentioned you will be ahead of them game and ready. I fished a 6 inch plug I would do. HH
  9. all my Lp experience are with the lexa 400's,solid,and powerful. I do a maint on it once a year for both of mine and they are such a joy to fish with. now,there is what some will call a weakness on them and that's where the thumbar is. there is a space on both sides that will allow water to get in. I like that because when you get home and rinse them off,you can run water into these "drains" and then when you stand your rod in the corner it drains completely. if you ask me,I say daiwa put them there on purpose which is good in my book. so,a single drop of 3-in-1 oil on the bearings and go fishing. I wouldn't trade mine for any other large LP reel!! HH
  10. those plugs were made in Ct about 25 miles from where I live. L. Cooper was the guys name,he and his brother made them in the garage. very popular plug back in a 1978 and for years afterwards. HH
  11. yep they sure are,make mine wild turkey. Shaefer beer is still going just like PBR and Hull's has been resurrected which I tried and was good. been wanting to try some Rheingold but I don't think they make it anymore. HH
  12. I love that large mullet,I bet I have a spot to use it. very nice,glad you took the chance. hope we get to see some kind of video of them all waggling. HH
  13. good ole husky dude If I remember correctly. I have a few rudolphs just like it. I always fished the big daddy though,true fish catchers! I also bought a couple of gibbs goo-goo eyes big daddys.
  14. hey,hey,bite yer meatflapper M8,ballantine ale is not crap and shaefer is not either,,,don't make me put a hex on you! oh yeah,,there are never coincidences,**** just happens,,,,oh yeah,,it is me,I thought you would have figgered that out already!,,,,,mean person! HH
  15. that's what the HH stands for M8. HH
  16. of course you are confused,if you were not,you would not be you. HH
  17. dayum!,,deep fried with some jo-jo's and hushpuppies?,,,wash it all down with some ice cold Ballantine ales,,oh yeah,heaven on my table. HH
  18. just bending the wire eyelet down won't solve your problem,you have to take time and bend it in intervals they try it out. then you will find the swim you want. personally I never bend the lip,some do but,not I. I have always gotten a plug to work the way I wanted. when it comes to my wood they are not adjustable and they mostly erform the way I intended,if one does not,I simply use it in another app and pick one that will go deeper or shallow. also when you bend the eye up,you have to slow your roll because that will make the plug roll out or swim strange. slow it down and you'll see. HH
  19. I couldn't put it any other way,,, HH
  20. watter,what about confidence in yourself as a fisherman? do you have that? the lure is nothing without the man behind it. HH