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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. not a problem BM,,,,, HH
  2. Lou,lemme know how that pink chocolate hound dog swims,I never tested it,I leave that to you. HH
  3. Hello BM, I have never sold any in a shop at all. I sell to guys I know locally and on the water. I have sold to some guys,traded with others whatever tickles my fancy. I have backed off building a bit since I have more than enough and I am doing replacements and adding designs where I only have 2 or 3 of. I do have 4 to test out at this moment and will get that done very soon. if I find that one does not tickle me I will sell or trade it off. when what I have cued gets finished I will share shots of them right on this thread! HH the original hound dog design,,,
  4. that's a fine piece,right up my alley. what kinda spex on it? nice fish too! HH
  5. Lou,in your case I always mean you well. hey,pink chocolate can be a killer under the right conditions. it may even lead to your lower back going out or yer arms getting stretched. a sharp eye and some sandpaper gets the finalities in order. and,YW! HH
  6. also,I still have a few to test out this season. HH
  7. well BM,I have not built any. stuff is all packed up,looking for a new condo/house. have 5 blanks shaped but not smoothed out,2 7 inch mullets,1 rip-runner/hound dog hybrid design,2 large hound dogs. they will get done soon,I hope. large hound dogs,, rip-runner/hound dog hybrid design,,, medium mullets,, HH ps-large hound dog,,
  8. I am sure you will,I have faith in ya Mike. when you do connect,yer arms are gonna get yanked from their sockets! HH
  9. actually it's a very old belt sander mounted to the floor,does a great job too. I only wanted to "nudge" you towards fixing them,they deserve to be waggling along the surface in your haunts. HH ps-thank you for the kind words and breaking in your large fatcats! large fatcat,,,
  10. I agree with you. some designs of wood could be thrown farther but,those would be the compact/heavier types. for other than meat fishing I'd say 12's are not needed for plugging. 10-11 works good. my likes are a 10ft 3-8 oz and 2-6 oz winch style. most of mine are 3-7 oz with some over 8,the monster jointeds I built. I also love the creek chub giant pikies,,,@ 4 oz and a subtle swing they will fly well but,with a try to the horizon,they tumble more. HH
  11. I have not casted either one but,thats a spread in weights,depends on what you'll need/be doing with it. HH
  12. Lou,did you fix the 2 fatcats? you know it's been like 3-4 years now. yes,I'm trying to make you feel guilty,,,,, HH
  13. wow,that sure sucks. I agree with you on those laws,keeping someone from defending themselves or being prepared?,,,that's just plain stupid. can't cut a radiator hose with a 2 inch knife. police can't help since they show up after the stuff has happened. I always have one of my knives on me at all times be it a 10 inch fixed blade or my 8 inch assisted folder,gotta be ready for anything,,,being a boy scout you know. I feel for ya. HH
  14. my strategy is to fish the channel edges adjacent to shallows. swimming medium to large wood low and slow kinda like always. if nothing is doing there I go shallow and throw plastic plugs,smaller wood and rubber to cover it all. almost always get into something with one being good. large mag darter,ss darter,my small swimmers and 5-8 inch rubber/bucktails up to an ounce. HH
  15. can't carry a knife in mass? HH