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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,gators too,,,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. the thought of doing such has never crossed my mind. if it works for you then why not do it. HH
  2. haha,well,,umm yeah,got that nic from trying to stand them big gators on their head when they hit the plug. still and all,I would never fish with my drag at it's most intense setting,makes no sense to me at all. wouldn't even go half way. HH
  3. drag force means nothing,adjust your drag to your line strength and go fishing. just because you can go to 30lbs of drag does not mean you should use it. you'll prolly tear off any fish that gets on your line. no need to go extreme,doing that one too many times and something will suffer a failure,,,,,,sooner or later. HH
  4. we both know old is not less,it is better in tis case. the 400HD is a solid design and anyone who says no is not all there. they work and do what they are supposed to do. HH
  5. longtail porgy? [as my mom used to call them] HH
  6. ditto,,,, HH
  7. maybe something with the air intake? have heard a similar sound when my friend would shut off his KZ-1300,it would sound like a slight hoot ofair depressureizing. he found out it was from the air filter. HH
  8. oh I see. I fished for them on shore and in rivers. I guess you'd have to use maybe a LMB rig and add some weight. I would go where I saw them swimming. if you mean hickory shad then they like current,they also like to chase food like any other predator does. got to youtube and look for hickoy shad vids,you can bet they are on there. HH
  9. oh goodness yes. one of the supervisors at work and I used to go for the hicks after work. we used 5 foot trout rods with 4lb mono and small jigs,,we used to fish at the boat docks and even catch them til 9 pm. they would hit all night but we quit when we got sleepy. some of them would be nearly 20-24 inches,ripping line and jumping like fools. sometimes one of us would get one on and then get a blazing run and the dart and fish were gone. had a blast doing it. HH
  10. normal trout spinning gear is what I used to use. 4lb mono,small crappie jigs,shad darts and even the small silver/black rapalas. also you can watch the video and see what they are using. HH
  11. I would go lighter all the way around,lighter gear and lures,mostly small rubber. heck,even going with freshwater gear will make a difference,some 4-5 inch rapalas would have done the trick in plain silver/black. if the fish are that small,i personally don't fish for them,only in the late fall. that's when the big rigs get put back on the rack and the light gear shines. HH
  12. well,one thing you don't have to worry about is it becoming loose. HH
  13. yup,thats a tug on the line! HH
  14. the new one was not out when I bought my lexas,the other one was and the lexas felt more comfortable in my hands,so,i went with them,also the cost of the older tranx was not tasteful to me. I got both my lexas for less than the cost of the tranx. I love my lexas,,, HH
  15. it's still there? HH