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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. not a single thing and yes. HH
  2. ya know Valentine,I asked about a ming-yang casting reel here about 14 years ago or so. right away I was told that they were junk and don't waste my money. I like to find out things for my self,look for the whole truth so,I bought one on ebay for 26 bucks. it was a ming-yang CL-60,eqivalent to an abu 6500. going on what I was told here I didn't expect much at all. mounted the reel on a 9ft 3 inch daiwa firewolf planerboard rod I modified to casting and went fishing. tell ya what,I had a great night with several fish in the high teens and a bunch of 10lb'ers. that night showed me that words from others that have not tried/done it themselves make for empty information. that rig paid for itself it's first night out with the amount f fish it caught. total cost for that rig was 6 bucks and I had a great amount of fun fishing with it. the pic shows 2 of the 5 I own.[CL-70's] my point is we can use our superior intellect to make things work for us,knowledge is power. HH
  3. if it's a large danny type,you will wish you had the center hook on after the fish gets loose,,,,,,,,for the fifth time. HH
  4. the finish may not be the shiniest but,a good angler could fix that with a coat of epoxy/diamond dust and it's done. HH
  5. good man! HH
  6. not sure if someone already posted this but,I thought to share.
  7. is it still tight and smooth? I know you have fished it a lot and had it for a long time. HH
  8. oh,sry,now I think I remember the name,was it conquest? HH
  9. Sudsy,,a long while ago you had a scorpion,I think it was?//,,how is that reel doing? is it still smooth,tight or worn/loose? I ask because you have not mentioned it in a long while. HH
  10. I'm different,knowing what I know,I inform others that want to try something out. I shared that information because it is preventative maintenance just as I do on my own vehicles,reels whatever it is. obviously the guy who mentioned them was interested in them,I gave him a way to make it work and get a chance to enjoy something. some get an idea about something and never believe it will work,I am not thata way,if I'm interested and willing to try it out before hearing about sealing,I'll seal it and then fish it then decide if it's a part of my bag.\I never discourage I only encourage and inform. HH