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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. that's what the HH stands for M8. HH
  2. of course you are confused,if you were not,you would not be you. HH
  3. dayum!,,deep fried with some jo-jo's and hushpuppies?,,,wash it all down with some ice cold Ballantine ales,,oh yeah,heaven on my table. HH
  4. just bending the wire eyelet down won't solve your problem,you have to take time and bend it in intervals they try it out. then you will find the swim you want. personally I never bend the lip,some do but,not I. I have always gotten a plug to work the way I wanted. when it comes to my wood they are not adjustable and they mostly erform the way I intended,if one does not,I simply use it in another app and pick one that will go deeper or shallow. also when you bend the eye up,you have to slow your roll because that will make the plug roll out or swim strange. slow it down and you'll see. HH
  5. I couldn't put it any other way,,, HH
  6. watter,what about confidence in yourself as a fisherman? do you have that? the lure is nothing without the man behind it. HH
  7. this I can agree with,your original post,nope. HH
  8. this is epic,many transitions,if you never heard it,I suggest doing the whole album!
  9. thrash from mexico,,,
  10. oh,,my bad,read it too quick and thought the price was 10 bucks HH
  11. ditto,the correct name for them is mummichog. they sure are tough,I used to keep them in a cardboard,rectangular box lined with[wet] newspaper and the grass that sandworms come in,they'd stay frisky too. I never had to keep them for more than 3 weeks bt,I am sure they could go longer if put into cold saltwater for a short while to feed them back into the box and bottom of the fridge. there is also another type sort of like them with crazy stripes on them,they are not as hardy. our local b&T called them mongrel killies. HH
  12. another metal brother of mine from the land of the dutch,Maurice Swinkels blasting his banshee wail,,,,,formerly know as Occult.