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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. Hmmmm,looks like you spilled some of that pink chocolate all over that piece,,steady hand too. so,you like the action?.low speed,faster speeds? a few I have are what icall "crankin' plugs". they don't swim a bunch at low speeds but,in new moon currents and a steady medium crank,they work very well. HH
  2. Hi Lou,,'bout time you chimed in. lets see it! HH
  3. yep,,,,slow waggling on top and in shallow[8-15 feet] water,unspookified and meandering along without a worry,,,thats what make the bigguns smash a large piece. reminds me of a night out during full moon in "Rocktober'. will never forget that night. fish were so nice I caught CFSR,,for about an hour. HH
  4. how tall are conventional guides? from what I am seeing spinning guides look to be taller or at least the same. the csx I have is stiff so the bend is nominal even when I am leaning on a fish. HH
  5. Grand move on your part! there is still honor around today. you will be rewarded! HH
  6. I was just looking at my okuma longitude casting rod 3-6 oz,the guides are just like 1/2 inch from the blank,,not much at all. HH
  7. Hmmm,not sure what that means and it sounds like you agree,,lol. when I use to drag eels at the north rip the boat rods did that and there was no problems with that mind you,it only did that near the top of when you pull up to wind down. I have no beefs with it and I see no reason why to. besides,we are busy fishing and not watching the guides. HH
  8. it may work,you'd have to go see. some of my heavy LMB rigs[flippin' sticks] I use for schoolies in fall will touch the blank with fish on and it's not problem,had them in service for 20 years now. what exactly is your concern? HH
  9. what rating?,,,,like 2-5 oz? you'd be good if so. HH
  10. that fish was only hooked by the middle hook,I got it off without heavy damage. just a bit of a tear in the lining of the mouth. HH
  11. not hearing or seeing anything. HH
  12. upgrade them anyway,,if you doubt them then new is you. HH
  13. super strike,,,,
  14. oh man,,where did you find those? they were banned many moons ago. a friend of mine has boxes of them. as soon as they were banned,he went to the shops and bought all they had in his caliber. I could not find one box so,it was federals for me. they were cheap then,now,,,wow. HH
  15. yep, plain, simple effective, with hydra shocks,,, VERY effective. HH