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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,gators too,,,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. not really a color hound,do like to have a bunch of diff colors though. I like medium to large sizes. say 2-1/2 to 4 oz. HH
  2. I do not. I say make it the way you want. it can be done and easier than one thinks. if you do it custom and not rush it will be solid. HH
  3. I am positive that one can build their own bag from the ground up the way they want. just go to a serious fabric shop and buy the materials and then buy a leather sewing kit. it can't be so hard to do. one could even use another type of bag for the purpose and customize it for your tasks. not seeing much of this at all around here that's why I am posting this. HH
  4. the main gear can be cleaned up easily with some emery cloth. just lay some flat,add a drop of 3-in-1 oil and rub it back/forth on the emery cloth,thing will shine like a set of brand new false teeth! also clean the inside of the gear where the drag washers go to remove any surface corrosion,be subtle doing the inside of the gear,then wash it with warm,soapy water and BAYUM!,,you gots a clean gear! have done it quite a few times. when you reassemble,take a fine brush and give that bottom surface a coating of grease to prevent any more corrosion. HH ps-take that all apart and let it soak in some hot water/dawn dish soap overnight. then clean it all up as best you can then give the inner surfaces a very light coat of grease,that will prevent this from coming again. that's what I'd do. did this for my lexas per alan tanni's thread for pretrip. try looking for that and get the best advice you can find.
  5. personally,I could not bring myself to pay more than 150for a surf stick. I def would and have paid more than that for a reel since it is a machine but,a rod,,not gonna go there. rods are not very expensive to create in my eyes,I could be waay off but I still feel that way. all my surf rods are factory rods off the shelf and they have performed right for me. just not feeling paying 400 bucks for a piece of carbon that could snap like a wild assed ape at any time. HH
  6. def true on all points. I'm a OG,the latest thing defies not the "best" thing,,,most times. HH
  7. because he knew what the one was doing is wrong but,he would do nothing to stop the bad behavior. they do that. 10 will watch one doing illegal things then assist him. HH
  8. I don't understand. HH
  9. I get all you have said here. my thing is why the first thing they try to do is violate your rights? it has happened to me before but,as the cop tried to come close to me I stepped back and said I do not consent to ans searches or seizures of my property,my property is secure and my person is secure,then I said can you call your supervisor here. he said yes and went to his car. after about a 2 minute chat,he came back and said you're all set. I put my car in gear and drove away. mind you,I was not being an sweetheart to him I simply didn't want to be felt up and then have my weapon taken away based on a lie. he said I was doing 46 in a 30 zone and I was behind a bus doing 28 mph. when he followed me for about 2 miles I knew what he was doing,he profiled me. anyhow.my point is go to youtube and watch just a few cop encounter vids and you will see what they are really like even with first amendment audits. HH
  10. oh I understand what you typed. thing is in some states and that's most of them being a person of color forces you to prove you are innocent before guilty. we all have seen this in news and the cops get off with nothing but desk duty,it is the devaluement of human life. I know how it is and have seen what cops do when a guy tells them something they don't like. they call backup and when they get there and **** hits the fan the first cop deals with beating up the man and the other 3 stand there watching him do wrong/out of policy stuff to a guy that does not even know why he got stopped,,,,even though he knows why inside. I see cops,I hit reverse and go the other way,don't even want to talk to them,,because I know they are not my friend. HH
  11. the one I have does meat,FF and such very nice,it is not the toaster over looking type. it's the one that looks like buoy. love the way it does pork chops. can do 8 boneess on top with veggies underneath. cooks an entire meal in under an hour and in one session. dress the meat with some olive oil then season with abodo,set the timer and temp and it goes to work. did 2 on my 12 oz Godzilla burgers with a full amount of fresh pressed fries,boy was it wonderful. dump the fat out after,wipe down and you're done. HH
  12. def so. I know one thing,if it were some ones son[here] be him guilty or not they would not say some of the things I have read here. HH
  13. the name translates to "The second"feminine. wonder what was first? HH
  14. you have my very best m8. my mom battled ovarian cancer for 3 years and when she passed last December 29th,she was cancer free for 9 months before she went. the chemo did so much damage to her bodily systems that it could not recover. I wish you and yours the best,I miss my mom she fought long and hard and she smiled the last time she saw me walk in. it's a sad thing but,thats how it is. if you get any amount of time with her,do it,hold her hand and wish her well. HH
  15. try giving the tica UHEA a feel. they have a softer tp than you'd expect and they come in several actions. the models I have are 2 of the same 2-6 oz. you want a lighter one and I am sure they have something you'd like. also have a look at the triumph. mind you my 2 ticas are winch style not spinning but,they are the same blank prolly. HH