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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,gators too,,,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. Thank you sir. Those two smaller ones are actually not,The two that look small are actually like 7 -7 1/2 inches. HH
  2. Makes me want to bite on them like candy. HH
  3. I use conventional reels only and I usually put them in the shower either with me or by themselves and I just run warm water over them. you can also spray them down with a high quality spray bottle and adds pinch of dish soap in it to wish away any dirt that may be there. HH
  4. I forget right now where it was and I mentioned I'd make a video of me doing up a plug on the belt Sander. Was it here? HH
  5. That's a very nice looking piece nice & big! HH
  6. That's sharp right there, who doesn't love a pikie especially big one. Is this a show piece or is this one you fish with? HH
  7. Oh yeah cuz a week later is going to be rusted again. HH
  8. You can try glass beading them instead of sandblasting or if you just sandblasting just don't get close stay far away from it and it will come clean. HH
  9. Large rip runner. Got a bunch of fish on this one in dirty banana . HH
  10. A hound dog variation design. Her son was lost sadly. There are only two I ever did in this paint scheme. HH
  11. Daddy mack 9 inch,6 oz HH
  12. Large wedgehead design HH
  13. This piece is a hybrid design of sorts, it started out to be a variation of my original hound dog design but, I decided to get a little different on that and gave it a shaved head as a rip runner would have. So it is it's a hound dog rip runner hybrid. HH
  14. Super darter custom by Andy (Seed420). Going to get slung in a short while.
  15. Large wefgehead swimmer. HH