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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,gators too,,,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. good, whatever happens or whatever you find I'm sure you'll get there. HH
  2. If you still have the front and second swivels I would try it as you described, add a flag. HH
  3. if I am not mistaken they are made of brass or some kind of a mix, I never saw a rusted one. As long as the hardware is there, rig it and fish it. HH
  4. why can't you fix the tip and use that rod?. otherwise one rod comes to my mind that's tough, it's the Shakespeare tidewater or tide master, I forget, Walmart sells them. I have one I bought from a coworker and it is a beast of a rod, glass and what power it has. Mine was 12 foot so I cut it from the top grip, added corktape and a dps 24 reelseat with an abu 7000 on it, tough as nails. the come down to 9 feet. thing is finding them, Walmart is the only place I have seen them. for 40 bucks you can beat a man's ass with it then go fishing. MY other thought is a Penn prevail , tough and low cost so, if you break it, no pissed off. HH O
  5. YW, I just edited my reply, check it out. HH
  6. That is an Atom Jr! a great plug to have in yer bag for sure. that's a later one as it's made of cedarfoam, I think they called it. Yup, cannot remove the wire without ruining the plug, never do that too one of those, sucks that you did already. HH
  7. The Blockhead is done,,, def different from anything I have seen or created before. VID_20230924_153046.3gp VID_20230924_153115.3gp HH
  8. you are correct! scars tell all! HH
  9. scarred wood plugs prove they and you are proven. shiny new looking wood plugs say nothing and show nothing! HH
  10. I like your way, simple, quick and easy to do. HH
  11. AS long as the guides are not loose or falling off, why worry about chips, those are the trials of life and show that the rod is reliable and a veteran fishing tool!! if some are loose then a bottle of clear nail polish multiple coats to the affected areas will do the job well. HH
  12. new piece/design in the works, meet the Blockhead, a custom designed waggler designed to push lots of water aside, disrupt the surface film, wash water over the top. well, my description is def hopefully gleeful that it will do all I mentioned. 9 inches long and around 4-5 oz in weight. HH Pp VID_20230917_200400.3gp Ps-this was shaped with an air powered hand sander with the 5 or 6 inch disc (originally 50 grit but more like 180 worn) that was old and worn so it would not remove too much wood too fast, smoothed by hand to remove high spots with 220grit fresh DA paper. A bit of container ship inspiration as well.
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