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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. that was fast,,what are they aluminum? see,we told you so. HH ps,you never listen,,,,,,,
  2. yep,one as the primer,bend them back and then one to seal the deal on the job. HH
  3. put a square on it and see what side is off,then vise it,pipe it and bend it back gingerly,,,done. if it does not work you lost nothing. I did it to my 16 inch needlenoses and they are fine today. it is very easy to do M8. HH
  4. roundnoser,,,
  5. Tony Spina swimmer,,
  6. Winch inspired waggler,,,
  7. little wedgehead,,,,
  8. old build wedgehead design,,
  9. large hound dog swimmer in pink chocolate,,,,
  10. an mullet old build with a fresh epoxy coat,,,,
  11. large hound dog swimmer,not tested yet but,will be soon.
  12. large hound dog surface waggler,,,
  13. that one has seen some swing action. fix it and fish it. HH
  14. wow,you have some torque right there. maybe they would go back if you used them the opposite way. or,you could try a vice and pipe after finding out which side is bent,try checking with a square. I fixed a pair that way then lost them overboard. do they bind any? HH
  15. a hybrid combining my hound dog and my rip-runner designs,rip-runner head with hound dog body.