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    will sling a plug for an entire tide after the wonderful striped wizard,,gators too,,,,
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    Bass fishing/motorcycling,Deathmetal/blackmetal,guitars,firearms,sport shooting and RedHeads.
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  1. Wolverine triples size 6. H⚔️H
  2. I like vmc and triple splits. Neither have failed me yet H⚔️H
  3. I know, I was being funny. Anyhow,you know what the wise man said. H⚔️H
  4. you're welcome my friend,just don't get a big head K? H⚔️H
  5. Hound dog design modified,,old build (2010)
  6. Small troller,old build (2009) H⚔️H
  7. Fine looking torpedo. H⚔️H
  8. Custom giant pikie by Gillz,very nice piece,,,,,, H⚔️H
  9. I sure hope so. Mr.Belmar makes some great plugs,after all, I'm his teacher. HH
  10. Try the blow-dryer,that's what I would have done already,if that didn't do it it prolly needs repair. HH
  11. I do have a large darter that's purple with blue scale pattern that has done me well,as for redfins it would need to be 8-10 inches and 4 oz.,,tx,you reminded me of the purple darter. H⚔️H
  12. Here's the piece,a potbelly wedge head swimmer. I am placing it in the bag and will try it again,,,,,it must be me. The last shot is where a gator scraped it whilst it attacked,no hook but, sent it out of the water. H⚔️H
  13. Here's my new troller by Gillz,very nice work,,,, HH
  14. I just can't say that black or purple or the combination of both works better but I use the same color combinations I do with new moon or full moon and they work either way. Still in all I just can't imagine why so many say black works better I just can't saand have not found that. I even went as far as building a plug one of my pot belly wedge head swimmers and solid black with silver metal flakes and I threw that thing and I threw it and threw it and I got one little bluefish to come up and whack it and he didn't even get hooked and the rest of the night no touch every time I put it on now, my plug rotation then was only four plugs the other three were three that always produced all the time and those pieces produced that black one did not. the fog thing yeah I understand that and yes I do know about that cuz I have worked my wonders in those conditions myself. Note:I added more in the quote. HH ⚔️
  15. I don't assume that the fish are only using eyesight ,absolutely not ,they go by the vibrations that's what helps them track it down especially when it's out of eye shot, I would have to say that and clean water I say it takes over at the last instant they come into eyesight range. In any of the threads here about big plugs I say that. HH