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  1. You yaker, are a disgrace.....who bought out this dating chit, homo chit etc etc except you and the mannly XXXXXX ‘s here?
  2. I am not funny and I never meant to be funny gotcow. But you insist on showing your third grade education.
  3. Oh well, gotcow, and you are a waste of a sperm. You are the kind of a guy who is good with a wrench, but NOT so good understanding what a wrench is.
  4. Cute, Tom monkey knows Hugepile. Responding to what MORON? I simply said that American men are being emasculated and feminized by you and him are Proof of.....Before his comment about me paying for... Both of you are weak womanized creeps.
  5. Soooo, having won the night, our hero after finishing his Corona X is going to retire before his next battle ensues with the infidels. My work is never done....sheeesh
  6. No, I am NOT the only one, but good people least of all you are hard to find.
  7. Listen yaker, only people with HOMO tendencies would post emojis of homos. You relating your date here play by play shows that you have HOMO tendencies.
  8. Gotcow, I am the happiest person on the planet.....I just HATE humans like you.And there are like 7 billion pieces of chit like you....I am doomed. I have a problem....
  9. You mean like Tom Monkey was (is)? You send in a sperm, and out comes a monkey. Amazing.
  10. This is the Internet does not cut it with me HUGEPILE.. Yep, your left hand..... You better apologize big biceps.
  11. Listen widgeon, you coy lawyer, if you find that funny, I can write a few FUNNY things about your wife coy lawyer you IGNORAMUS. Just write another crappy idiotic statement like that, and your wife is mine.
  12. We? Who are we? Jackass.
  13. Screw you yaker.. Tell us about your next date weak dick.
  14. I have one offspring, and it is a son Hugepile.
  15. Weak Mr. Hugepile.