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  1. Patrick sees some of the truth.
  2. Just as i said, the guy had underlying health problems ———->>>>> heart problems etc.....dead. A lot of racism being shown here.
  3. god, not only are some of you people boring, you are really stupid. Yea, you go down pretty fast after climbing a hill....over 30 even, but it only lasts a few minutes while you were going (me) going up at 4 or 5 mph and it lasts like 6 times longer. 6x5 =30. Hence, you average speed in the end sucks balls. Sick and tired of people who can write anything being gjven the green light while most of my posts are erased. AND, HAPPY BD wife’s was 5/27. I guarantee that i will never forget your BD.
  4. Peddling a bicycle on my terrain as I did today for 28.47 miles is more than a workout lardo. There isn’t a road here which is flat. It is constantly climbing cheesy. Something you, and most people cannot do. Not a workout at all.....LAUGH. No wonder my mph is like 12, and not getting much better. Althought, i am starting to really feel good on the smaller hills after 620 miles.
  5. Well Bernie, as long as it was NOT you, you cares uhmn!
  6. ah ah slack...that was good. I think the north tower went down a few years ago cheese. I am 74 soon to be 75 and weight 163 lbs.....more or less what I always did. Oh yea my height has gone from 5 11 to 5 9 1/4... Bummer....but hey I still get a woody unlike you.
  7. The second wave is going to be interesting. I see people relaxing the rules all over the place.
  8. Yoo cheesie yaker you prick.... 30 days riding and today i reached 620 miles. I keep a log jackwagon....including how many climbs in each category. lardo.
  9. The guy prob died from a heart attack after being brutally held like that.
  10. Yoo slack....que passa man?
  11. What JO’s. Go out, bike, fish, whatever.....Most of you suck. 600 miles completed today.....yoo ringer....what are you at? I WILL beat ringer has a nice sound to it....even if it kills me. *******g guy is probably out biking past 750. You and chum are the only ones i would buy a beer for. Oops, i forgot Belmo.
  12. Stop being boring people and start LIVING. Do stuff, appreciate nature and be well.
  13. It is simple MarkG, peanut bunker loose sight of the shoreline (land) which they use to navigate south and they dive to deep water for safety when they loose sight of land. Simple really....they cannot see tne shoreline in the dark. Even if some fishers here have encountered schools of peanuts in the dark.... It means, they were NOT being harrased, therefore, they continued their journey following the shoreline. gods have been around since man was a little better than apes.
  14. Ah uhmn Bernie....sorry, I know a racoon when i see one. Stop with all this racist chit. We are all humans, and I hate every single one of them..