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  1. I really feel bad for you. Sorry to hear ( read) that.
  2. BTW daffodils and crocus can take the cold and snow. Soooooo…no news here.
  3. Winter will prob bite us in the ass in March….
  4. If i am not wrong, if you lose your password, …..just send Tim an email and he will tell you what it is. Therefore…..
  5. He is correct Bernie…..relative matters. Like i said before, relative is relative.
  6. I apologize, and i don’t usually kiss ass as you know. But you are correct, except perhaps you did not xplain the relative thing clearly. Most of us are stuck in the old ways of thinking and what we have been taught.
  7. Yet Bernie i think you are a fraud. What you gonna do about it?
  8. Why did you delete my posts TimS. I agree 100% agree with you about relative. Jerk. If you are seating in a car doing 70, your speed is ZERO relative to the car…..and so on and so on. And Bernie is another JERK…..i mean just his avie makes him one.
  9. I think i understand TimS. If you are seating in a moving car at 70 mph, you speed relative to the car is basically ZERO. Very good TimS…. RELATIVE saves your ass. Yes Bernie , but all points on that blade relative to the blade…..see my example above.
  10. Bernie, could you please change your avie. It gives me a headache along with you.
  11. Who won? Gotcow, the jet engine grease monkey of course.
  12. Bigfish….i understand that…i was a mean hunter for many years. However, deer which have no help are scrawnny creatures in the spring. And, it is tough to kill an animal who trusts you…i mean, i come within feet of these animals. They are like pets. They can be a pain in the ass….and, if the chit hits the fan, kill i wil. Deer, turkeys etc.
  13. It is how speed has been defined. Perception is on the eye of the beholder.
  14. Soooo…the key word here is RELATIVE. Reality depends on who your relatives are.
  15. No wonder they call the drug out in the streets Speed. It is as confusing as hell.