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  1. I could do her and her sister.....still. But, age is the problem....for her ...
  2. Truth be told... Never had a problem with my teeth....kept them out of dirty stuff...etc... etc. One cracked vertically while eating chicken not p.... and it has been a nightmare ever since....pulled..four visits to the dentist and the nightmare continues. $$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$
  3. I mean. it could turn that flat stuff into round very quickly.
  4. Sara Sampaio idiots.
  5. B beach bill they have skiing at Serra da Esfrela....6000 feet altitude but it is mostly miss with the snow. However, i could just hop over to France or Germany for some great skiing. Thinking about it but i have become too much of an american see.. I mean, i can ski 10 minutes or 20 minutes from where I live for FREE. Two places. I mean....IT IS A HARD THING TO GIVE UP. god help me. I need therapy. Someone help me please. BTW, how are you?
  6. Sure kenr and you are married to a beauty queen. Blah Check out Sara Sampaio you american idiot.
  7. You can go pleasure yourself Mokes since noenelse will.
  8. Hey Ditchbag if you wanna be led by a dictator.... I mean, not all dictators are bad. AND, YES, i am concerned about the U S of A. my country for 61 YEARS. The rich getting richer while the working class suffers and diminishes in numbers bothers me. Jerk.
  9. The Med is dead sea beach bill....DEAD. Warm water but dead in life. Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic and cold waters.....LIFE. The Med starts at Gibraltar....
  10. American ignorance ....showing... I mean, you yankees know everything....god bless you.
  11. No it is not BeachBill. Portugal has nothing on the Med. Close, but no cigar.
  12. Listen, do not reply to my posts.... I am sick and tired of deleting your notifications from my e mail account. I am always right....just like Trump. Please..
  13. I mean, kicking the Spanish arses has been our business for centuries and the hate continues. I mean, taking over the all so called spanish fiefdooms was a bit too much....don’tyou think? If you know the meaning of hatred.....Portugal vs Spain. It is is pure....HATRED. For Centuries.
  14. No, you missed your chance to grease it gotcow. A little more grease, and it would have been easy pease.
  15. dena, you are a typical american know nothing but you know everything cause you are an american...right. spain at the time was kind of like multiple fiefdoms....Our guy grabbed his opportunity and he went for it. Created the oldest country in Europe...1392. You people are IGNORANT m....feer americans who know NOTHING. I can hardly STAND YOU. Anyway...Spain today is still regions who want to breakway....Catalan, Andalucia, etc etc... Kind of like the states no?