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  1. What blank did you use? I’ve been wanting to build a travel rod.
  2. Any information on why the end of the OSV is still closed? Turtles or Overwash? How is the "bait fishing" this week? I hate paying big $ for fresh, but I'm always worried that I'll end up high and dry if I rely upon catching bait while I'm on the beach... I'll be down tomorrow!!!!
  3. I’ll be there Thursday thru Sunday Just look for opinions
  4. Cold front coming in this weekend... Good or Bad?
  5. I agree completely with catching fresh bait. However my luck is pretty consistent, if I bring bait then the baitfish are biting, if I’m depending on catching my bait there, it’s the “Dead Sea”.
  6. Ok, sounds like it will be a detour to Kool I’ve unless there are any other recommendations out there. How about Lewes Ice House or Old Inlet B&T?
  7. Thanks John, I’ve heard about Cool Ice, but was trying to avoid the detour.
  8. Looking at options for Fresh Bunker or Spot when coming in from PA this Fall. Has anyone tried Master Baiters in New Castle, DE?
  9. I saw on another board that someone "lost" 10 rods on IBSP. I gotta ask... How do you loose 10 rods? Fall asleep during the incoming tide while bait fishing?
  10. I find that I get bored at night if the bite is not on. For me, it’s more about the total experience including the birds, sea life and scenery. However, there is a lot to be said for a clear star filled sky.
  11. ...and then they will be miserable SOB's, just like their Dads.
  12. Your kids will be working for them some day... If they can get jobs!
  13. At least they’re not sitting on the couch hoping that someone else will make their lives safer. You might not agree with them, but their opinions deserve the same respect that yours does. That’s where our society has gone wrong, people no longer respect opinions that are contrary to their own.