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  1. When my son was only about 5 or 6 years old, we found a "mini rip" at low time in OBX. The water was only about 6" deep so we were able to stand there and watch the sea life. As the current pulled sand crabs through the cut, there were small pompano feeding on the back side of the bar. The entire process was there for us to watch! I couldn't have asked for a better teaching opportunity. I explained the entire system to him, and then said "just imagine everything much bigger". We've caught every species imaginable on the back side of a rip. It's like putting food on a conveyor belt for hungry fish. Just find the right tide and that spot WILL produce... ;-)
  2. That’s cool, always wondered what research was being done in Wachapreague. Tell us about the Drum Migration….
  3. That was one hell of a front, and it came on FAST. We were just south of LuckyOC and he was still fishing as we ran for our lives
  4. Just got my Hamburger’s rack mounted on my ‘18 Wrangler.
  5. Any updates on Sources for “fresh” this season? I usually catch my own once I get there, but it’s always nice to have a few good baits in the cooler to start off the trip.
  6. That’s a fish that you’ll see in your sleep for years.
  7. OSV area has been full before 8am the past 2 days. I’m assuming that most of the vehicles are overnighting in the bullpen. That just doesn’t seem right… No holiday visits for me…. See you in a couple of weeks.
  8. Long time Jeep owner, 1st time with a Wrangler. Just realized that my Surf Rack isn’t going to fit on the back of my Wrangler. Anyone out there have one mounted to the front of a JL? How did you do it? Front hitch with skid plate removed, or something else? Thanks
  9. Full by 7am on the 4th and 8 am on the 5th. I’m assuming that a lot of those were overnighted in the bullpen. Still…. That’s CRAZY. Looking forward to weekdays in October!
  10. The online reports of OSV numbers at AI MD have been all over the place lately. Are people reporting inflated numbers to keep other people away? 145 +10 today at 9am, but only 139 at 2pm. Seems fishy…. I’ll just go early am during the week to avoid the crowd….
  11. Hate when that happens....
  12. So the Owner SSW features “a slightly offset, 4° super-sharp hangnail point”. Are the banned because they are not an “inline circle”?
  13. Where do you Md guy get peelers?
  14. I'm hoping to get out for Black Drum this spring. I've been surf fishing for Stripers and Red Drum for years, but I've never targeted Black Drum. I tie all my own rigs (Hi-Lo, Cannonball, Teasers...), so I'm looking for recommendations on surf setups. What size hooks do you prefer, and type of rig do you use? I know that the Jersey guys use clams, but it seems like Sand Fleas are the preferred bait at Assateague. If nothing else, it's a good topic for a cold winter day... Thanks