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  1. The new Penn spinnfisher is what your looking for.I have several vs's and I will buying atleast 2 of these reels.Look them up online.The cost is like 159-179.Well worth it.
  2. Fish at night problem solved!!!
  3. Toothpaste/Toothbrush,Qtips,deodorant,soap and powder. Food wise I would bring lots of water,ice,chexmix,I bring cold cuts and bread,mustard.Soups that can be microwaved,I also am big on bringing yogurt for the morning with some granola.
  4. Sale pending to king ranch.
  5. It can be yours after inspection just let me know how you want to meet up.
  6. Check your moon phases and tides for Sept,Oct,Nov.Look for new moons, I stay in my truck,but when I need a bed or hot shower I got to the abatrose,I know that's spelled wrong. And try to fish Sunday night thru Thursday night to avoid all the weekend warriors.It's a little less crazy.Enjoy and be safe.
  7. I had or still have some of the bags mentioned. But my go to bag is always my Ebbpoint bag.
  8. Simple put that's awesome.
  9. Awesome Brian.And I would join you anyday out there.Shoot let's go for 50 miles off
  10. Bucktails have been my top producer,then Darters and needles. During the day poppers,tins,and bucktails. Depending in location,tide,moon phase,etc on which I will throw.
  11. Cooler rack sold.Vs 275 is still up for sale,I forgot to mention its filled with 50 lb sufix 832.500 firm.
  12. 2 inch receiver,38 inchs long 18 inches width.